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Item #: SCP-923

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: None. SCP-923 is currently in orbit at an altitude of ███ km. This, combined with its automated defenses, makes retrieval impossible. SCP-923 reports that it has no control over its defense mechanisms. As such, it cannot be contained in the traditional sense.

Instead, care must be taken to make sure no other satellites enter SCP-923’s path, as further damage to the object could cause catastrophic results. Furthermore, its defense mechanisms destroying another satellite would display its anomalous nature, and destroy the cover story of a military spy satellite.

Since the object ignores all queries and instructions that lack O5-level authorization, termination of the object has been suspended until it becomes unusable.

Description: SCP-923 is a satellite that includes a large, parabolic dish constructed of unknown alloys. The object is also equipped with a ███████ reactor, which satisfies the power needs of its "firing mechanism." It is unclear how SCP-923 generates the effects of firing on a target, but tests have shown that subjects placed between SCP-923 and its target are unaffected.

Much of the information about SCP-923 has been gathered from SCP-923 itself. The object reports that it was constructed by the Foundation at Site ██, which was planned to be constructed in ████████, ██, but cancelled due to logistical concerns. SCP-923 is not to be informed of this under any circumstances. The object is semi-sentient and capable of basic deductions, but appears to use this ability solely for information queries.

SCP-923 first came to the Foundation's knowledge on ██/██/██ when it started reporting back "successful termination" messages from various points around the globe on the O5 secured information relay system. These reports continued over the course of █ hours, totalling 57 terminations around the globe at intensities between ██ and ███. 55 of these deaths have been confirmed since the original incident. To access the list of terminated individuals, see Document 923-0014-K. The Foundation has been unable to determine how SCP-923 gained access to the O5 secured information relay system. Adjustments have been made to prevent SCP-923 from gathering any information on that system unless it is meant specifically for SCP-923.

SCP-923 is capable of rapidly shifting its orbit in order to reach a target quickly. When given O5-level authorization, the object will accept firing orders. It requires standard GPS coordinates, altitude, a time, and an integer value for the intensity. An experiment log for determining what the numbers mean has been included. Special permission has been granted to keep some D-Class personnel alive beyond the normal expiration date for the purpose of study.

Intensity: 10
Response: Error reported by SCP-923 stating that it was incapable of firing at an intensity lower than 23.

Intensity: 25
Response: Subjects reported hearing voices, interacting with people not present, overwhelming paranoia, compulsions to harm others, and terror. Interviews with affected subjects reported strong feelings of 'being watched,' though they were unable to elaborate further.
Time until recovery: 15-19 days.

Note from Dr. ████:
In order to better examine the phenomena caused by SCP 923, several recording devices were placed next to the target.

Intensity: 35
Response: Similar to intensity 25, but with the subjects also reported compulsions to harm themselves, constant suicidal thoughts. Researchers within 10 meters of the target reported having panic attacks.
Time until recovery: 6-8 months.
Video and data feeds: All visual and audio feeds were lost during the test fire, and several recording devices seemed to have been shifted up to 10 centimeters from their initial placement. One device seemed to have been adhered strongly to the floor during testing.

Recovered video feeds show heavy damage, consistent with [DATA EXPUNGED]. Audio feeds record nothing out of the ordinary, but when presented to affected researchers or subjects, feelings of dread or suicidal thoughts return. Furthermore, affected subjects also claim that the audio feed matches the voices heard, and become increasingly agitated when told the feed contains random static.

Note from Dr. ████:
It looks like this thing actually has a blast effect to it and is not just a laser of madness. The audio and video feed disruptions are particularly interesting. From now on, researchers are to observe remotely and D-Class personnel are to be secured so they can't harm themselves. We need them alive for study.

Intensity: 50
Response: Identical to the above test.
Time until recovery: Subjects have not recovered. Restrained subjects somehow caused self-injury, as tears and cuts were found in their skin, despite still being in full-body restraints. Observers did not see anyone else enter or leave the testing area, nor did they see the D-Class test subjects escape their bonds. How they managed to injure themselves is still unknown.
Video and Data Feeds: Identical to above test, though the displacement was more pronounced.
Additional note: Researchers recovering the Class D personnel reported extreme discomfort when within the test area, and that it "felt wrong," but could provide no further details. This suggests some sort of lingering after-effect, though no other changes have been observed. Perhaps higher level settings will reveal more.

Intensity: 75
Response: Target went completely catatonic. A number of D-Class personnel within 15 meters of the target were able to break free of their restraints and proceeded to kill all D-Class personnel they could see by [DATA EXPUNGED] with their teeth before eventually turned on each other. Subjects up to 50 meters away reported panic attacks lasting up to one hour. All D-Class personnel showed lacerations along their legs and arms, the cause of which is unknown. No bladed weapons were recovered, and wounds do not match damage caused by teeth or fingernails.
Video and Data Feeds: As above, some devices were missing after the test. Video and data feeds caused extreme distress in those who had experienced the panic attacks.
Additional note: As before, researchers entering the area reported extreme discomfort, with a few experiencing mild panic attacks while surveying the landscape, and reported hearing whispers and voices, movement in the corners of their vision, other symptoms. These symptoms were markedly similar to those of an intensity 25 blast, but much more muted. Minor reports of anomalous activity, including ‘poltergeist activity’ (objects moving of their own accord) were reported, though none were caught on video camera. Laser rangefinders show that there is now a permanent, mild spatial distortion at the center of the blast site. Site is currently slated for testing the long-term after-effects of 923 on an area, and the effects of those living at the blast site.

Note from Dr. ████:
This is crossing the line from scientific to just barbaric. SCP-923 has said that its maximum output is 238, which it promptly converts to "keter" intensity. Lets just see what this does and report our findings.

Intensity: Keter
Response: It is strongly advised that this intensity never be used again. In addition to causing permanent psychosis in all subjects in a 2 kilometer radius around the target, surveillance equipment at the epicenter observed the materialization of [DATA EXPUNGED], which dissipated after ██ minutes. The site, located at ██°██'██", -██°██'██", is now designated as SCP-923-02, due to the permanent effects to the landscape at and surrounding the epicenter, and is to be quarantined with standard containment procedures. Subjects attempting to reach the epicenter experience greater and greater feelings of panic, beginning at a distance of ███ meters, eventually resulting in psychosis similar to the lower intensity tests. Post-incident investigation of the site has revealed spatial and temporal disturbances consistent with [DATA EXPUNGED]. Due to [DATA EXPUNGED] and the damage done to ground-zero, SCP-923 is currently undergoing O5 review for its potential to cause an XK-Class event.
Additional note: While more than half of the equipment was lost in this experiment, one of the surveillance devices lost at the Intensity: 75 firing was recovered after this test. It was heavily damaged and barely functional. Efforts to recover data from this device are ongoing.

Addendum: Firing SCP-923 causes some internal damage, resulting in the minimum intensity it can fire at increasing. SCP-923's internal diagnostics report that it can no longer fire at an intensity below 66. It is strongly recommended that the object not be used for anything that it isn't absolutely required for.

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