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Item #: SCP-922-ARC

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-922-ARC is to be placed in a 2.5 m x 2.5 m room and placed on a clean, sterile surface. No unusual containment procedures or equipment are necessary, but it is recommended that test subjects be monitored for extreme emotional distress to mitigate any possible damage to SCP-922-ARC.

Description: SCP-922-ARC is a small blue lunchbox with a thin black handle and two metal latches. Spectroscopic analysis indicates that the metal is iron, albeit slightly oxidized. It can be safely handled and transported.

SCP-922-ARC produces some sort of psychic effect which generates a strong emotional response within a subject upon the consumption of food. A subject's response is usually based on past memories or experiences which had a significant impact on a person, relative to their psychological norm. Subsequent effects range from mild nostalgia or guilt to extreme panic or depression and will dissipate within a few days after initial exposure. Subjects who ingest foods in the presence of the field produced by SCP-922-ARC show a slight addiction to the feelings of happiness or anxiety. They also report a strong longing to return to a lost place or memory and will often attempt to correct or relive the moment in time, despite being unable to.

The effects seem to result from a correlation between the type of food consumed and the emotional and/or physical responses effected on a subject, as detailed below:

I) Sweets usually result in a reliving of a positive or "happy" moment, though it can occasionally produce extreme depression or fear when it was associated with a lost child or friend or an attempted kidnapping.

II) Salty or savory foods such as packaged chips or sandwiches tend to precipitate a period of increased stress, pressure, or anxiety. Responses could be either positive  - such as those that result from asking a significant other to marry them - or negative - as in a war zone where soldiers are pinned under enemy fire.

III) Sour foods often result in depression, where a subject tends to dwell on past experiences. There is a direct correlation between the level of sourness and the severity of depression. Most responses allude to the depression as being caused by a regret or grudge the subject has held.

IV) Bitter foods elicit the most negative - and often the most aggressive - responses. These range from a violent family incident or altercation to the act of murder or rape.

Following further testing, it seems that the experiences a subject goes through are not always from their past. One subject reported an intense fear from a memory of an artillery barrage, when he had never served in any armed force or lived in a war-torn region. Another subject reported a sense of bliss following a visit to an aunt in the French countryside for tea and madeleines, despite having never visited France or a neighboring region. Whether this suggests that SCP-922-ARC has some sort of "stored memory" is inconclusive as of right now. More testing is required. -Dr. Kensington

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