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A Portion of SCP-911

Item #: SCP-911

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-911 is to be stored in a locked High-Value-Item Containment Box. It is not to be handled with bare skin unless being used in an experiment. Researchers are warned to take extreme caution when dealing with subjects created by SCP-911, due to the possibility of contamination by [DATA EXPUNGED]. See Addendum 911-2 (below).

Description: SCP-911 is a papyrus scroll of The Egyptian Book of the Dead, dating from approximately 1375 BCE. Analysis has not shown any anomalous composition of materials. When a living human makes skin contact with SCP-911, in 90% of cases, their personality, memory, and higher brain functions - "consciousness", for lack of a better term - are drawn into the scroll, leaving a body with no higher brain function. Unless kept on life support, affected subjects die of dehydration in approximately 3 days.

There is a 10% chance that contact with SCP-911 will exchange the mind and personality of the subject making contact with that of one previously stored in the scroll. Personnel recovered from SCP-911 are described in Addendum 911-1, and these subjects must be kept in Foundation custody, both for study and for their own safety.

Only D-Class Personnel should be used in experiments with SCP-911, due to the low probability of ever recovering the consciousness of the original subject. Due to the interview with Subject 911-4, no further experimentation is to take place without O5 approval.

Addendum 911-1: Recovered Subjects from SCP-911:

  • Subject 911-1: Inhabiting the body of Agent █████████, who discovered SCP-911 at ███ ███████ in ████, Subject 911-1 claims to be a librarian from the Royal Library of Alexandria, captured by SCP-911 circa 180 BCE. Subject retains no memory of his captivity. After recovering from the shock of being transported over 2000 years into the future, subject has been quite cooperative and provided a considerable amount of useful historical background on his era. Researchers speaking the appropriate dialect of Greek are welcome to interview him.
  • Subject 911-2: Formerly D-16173, Subject 911-2 claims to be King ██████ ██ of ███████, a noted collector of ancient manuscripts who suffered a mysterious fate in 1327. Whether or not he is lying about his identity is currently under dispute by several of his interviewers.
  • Subject 911-3: Formerly D-16292, Subject 911-3 has provided no useful information as to his identity or origin. Subject is apparently insane due to long-term dissociation and sensory deprivation, and screams incoherently in Medieval French if the environment darkens below approximately 1000 lumens.
  • Subject 911-4: Formerly D-16544, Subject 911-4 is Professor █████ ████████, documented as having been found dead while doing research on ancient languages on December 5, 1931. Professor ████████ claims to have been sentient during his entire captivity, and to have maintained his sanity through meditation and strength of will.

Addendum 911-2: Interview with Subject 911-4, Professor █████ ████████, on 3/12/2010:

Dr. ████: How were you captured by the object?

Subject 911-4: I was researching the usage of some hieroglyphs, and touched the manuscript. The next thing I knew, I was floating in an endless void.1

Dr. ████: What was it like where you were?

Subject 911-4: Empty. Featureless. Nothing to do but float. There were others, but most of them are drifting, forever asleep. Occasionally a portal opened, and some new soul drifted in.

Dr. ████: If you were awake, why couldn't you leave before you did?

Subject 911-4: The portal would only open for a few seconds. Sometimes one of the sleepers would drift out by chance. They were always near it, and only one could go through. We'd have to fight through the crowd, and I guess it took years for me to make it in time. Besides, we had to avoid Him.

Dr. ████: Him?

Subject 911-4: The █████████. The one who made that place. He would merge with anyone he could capture. All they knew would be part of him, and lost to the world. He is mad. Screaming for thousands of years… nothing but screaming. He screams about the Collective. He thinks it will make him God, but it will be nothing but madness. All that he learns, he screams into the void.

Dr. ████: The █████████. Why hasn't he left?

Subject 911-4: He is waiting. Waiting for the right time, the right body. He knows of you. He merged with one of your "agents". He screams about "SCPs" now, and how he must merge with SCP-███ and SCP-███. The Foundation will save him. It made no sense at the time, but I understand now — they are people or things in your possession. They will make him [DATA EXPUNGED]. Don't let him out. Never let him out.

<Interview ended> Subject 911-4 began crying.

Addendum 911-3: Interviews with Subject 911-2 have described an entirely different environment "inside" the scroll. However, 911-2 also speaks of a malevolent, insane entity; in light of this, the Foundation has taken measures to [DATA EXPUNGED]. O5 Command ordered experimentation on SCP-911 to cease without clearance from 2 or more O5 level personnel, upon reading a transcript of this interview.

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