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Item #: SCP-9000.01-J

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-9000.01-J needs to be kept in a 10 m x 10 m x 10 m cell made of 5 m thick walls of pure diamond (cuz its even harder than titanium, ha!) but you can let him out of his cell to exercise and grab pizza and stuff because you dont want to make him mad. if he makes a containment breach get researcher James who will stick him back in his cell cuz only he can beat SCP-9000.01-J.

Description: SCP-9000.01-J is a 10 foot 3 m tall humanoid with vantablack skin and 4 arms. he always wears a vantablack trenchcoat and is super fast and wields 4 vorpal katanas +5 made of diamond titanium that can fire beams of any damage type. MTF Omega-7 tried to take his katanas away but he killed them all and now they're MTF Omega-nothing. He was caught by Researcher James and no one else can even get close without getting killed. The -J is for James.

by researcher james (age 11)

Addendum 9000.01-1: SCP-9000.01-A is also a 3m tall humanoid with 4 arms living in the containment cell across from SCP-9000.01-J. Her skin is pure glowing white with mystical patterns in seafoam all over her skin. Her cell is also made of diamond but also has rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. She wears a ballgown made completely out of jewels. Her long, perfectly white hair is always blowing in the wind and glowing. SCP-9000.01-J is in love with her and they are going to get married. She was found by Researcher Abigail. The -A is for Abigail.

by Researcher Abigail (age 10)

Addendum 9000.01-2: SCP-9000.01-J is a lone wolf with a mysterious past and doesnt want a girlfriend. thats stupid. he breaks into SCP-9000.01-As cell and torches all your stupid rubies and emeralds with lasers he fires from his katanas.

Addendum 9000.01-3: SCP-9000.01-A's gems all deflect all the lasers and she absorbs their power with her super healing magic. SCP-9000.01-J realizes this is mean and apologizes. Their children are going to be named Hermione and Jaxson and they will rule from a diamond castle they build on Site-19.

Addendum 9000.01-4: Nuh-uh. SCP-9000.01-J breaches containment and attacks everyone and burns all Site-19 down, so theres no building anymore. im not around to stop it because im on vacation at disney world. he also kills SCP-682 and captures SCP-458 and eats lava laser pizza with ghost peppers because he can and you cant.

Addendum 9000.01-5: Well, SCP-9000.01-A uses her building magic to restore all Site-19 and restores everyone to life even SCP-682 who's now really thankful and knows what death is like and doesn't want it anymore and agrees to be a force for good and becomes SCP-9000.01-A's pet. She regrows everything and now Site-19 is rebuilt as a crystal castle but it's not the diamond castle yet because they aren't married yet.

Addendum 9000.01-6: But SCP-9000.01-J grows 10 more arms all with extra katanas and then he poops out the lava laser pizza but he poops out an army of LAVA LASER BUTT GHOSTS who then destroy everything again and cant be stopped because they phase through everything like ghosts but ghosts made of laser so they burn through everything and everyone and theyre too strong for your gems and they all melt and then the ghosts get together and cast Protection From Abigail over all Site-19 so it cant be fixed.

Addendum 9000.01-7: Object Class: Cheater!

Addendum 9000.01-8: more like Object Class: Better.

Addendum 9000.01-9: I don't need stupid Site-19 anyway! SCP-9000.01-A builds her own site and a whole forest grows around it filled with faeries and dragons and SCP-682 becomes a faerie dragon and it all becomes immortal like SCP-682 and nothing can harm it and it all remains great and beautiful forever and SCP-9000.01-J can marry SCP-9000.01-A and live in the immortal kingdom of beauty when he apologizes to SCP-9000.01-A and SCP-682.

Addendum 9000.01-10: well if you love SCP-682 so much, why dont you marry him?

Addendum 9000.01-11: But I want to marry you!

Addendum 9000.01-12: you love me? HA! Abigail and 682 sitting in a tree, R-E-D-A-C-T-E-D.

Addendum 9000.01-13: IT'S NOT LIKE THAT!!!! *runs away*

Addendum 9000.01-14: SCP-9000.01-J kills SCP-682 again.

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