SCP-884: Original Collection
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Information on the remaining, lost pieces of SCP-884 is fairly sketchy in many places. Due to the Civil War in the Foundation that resulted in the formation of the Chaos Insurgency, many of the original documents and pieces were lost. However, some data has been recovered, collected, and observed in the intervening time about the additional units which were originally included in the collected SCP.

This information is open for the free review of any people assigned to SCP-884's containment; however, this information should not be shared with people who are not members of the containment team.

— Agent L█████

SCP-884-1: The Bag

SCP-884-1 was the leather bag which contained the pieces at recovery. Photographs of the bag show that it seems to be equipped with a zipper, the style of which places its construction at 1910-1912 at the earliest.

It was initially regarded as lacking any anomalous qualities of its own. However, after approximately ten years of analysis on the objects consisting of SCP-884 (the actual time frame has been lost entirely), it was noted to have retained its original suppleness and softness. The original hypothesis that the objects consisting of SCP-884 were immune to the passage of time was amended when it was discovered that objects placed in SCP-884-1 seemed to be placed in a form of stasis. Tests with fruits and vegetables verified this.

SCP-884-1 was lost during the Foundation Civil War when several of the SCP-884 objects were stolen. Testing was in progress at the time of the loss, but data has not been recovered.

Original Classification: Safe

Current Location: Believed to still be in the possession of the Chaos Insurgency. Recovery is a Class-4 Priority.

SCP-884-2: The Razor

With the exception of SCP-884-4 and SCP-884-6 (both of which were or are in the Foundation's possession), more information on SCP-884-2 exists than any other object in the collection. SCP-884-2 was a straight-edge folding razor, with what appeared to be a silver blade and an ivory handle.

When opened, then razor blade could be drawn through the air, forming a kind of nanoscopic event. Original documents referenced this event as a "cut in the surface of the universe", which comes across as more dramatic than strictly necessary, but typical for documents written at the time. The event itself was not able to be properly studied at the time due to a lack of necessary instruments, but the size was estimated by analyzing the damage caused by it.

The event created was capable of slicing through any object which passed through the space it occupied, regardless of speed or approach to the event. Tested materials which were severed included steel, iron, lead, wood, gold, diamond, aluminum, and the skin and flesh of various living creatures. Tests with heavier elements were forbidden following the death of three researchers in an event which was, unfortunately, expunged from the original documents.

The event itself degrades over time, becoming "duller as the universe heals." This will lead to objects passing through it encountering slight resistance (while still being cut), then a firmer location which does not cut, then "a sensation of thicker air". A correlation was found between the sharpness of the razor and the duration of the event.

Original Classification: Euclid

Current Location: Known to have been in the possession of the Chaos Insurgency as recently as 1984 according to obtained documents. Recovery is a Class-2 Priority.

SCP-884-3: The Shaving Cup and Brush

SCP-884-3 was the only "paired object", which required both halves of the object to function. The cup was carved from ivory with a small painting of a horse on the side. The brush was ivory with horse hair bristles.

There is no information on the exact means or function of SCP-884-3, and documents originating from the time which reference it make mention of three "unfortunate instances" of it being activated, the last of which:

"…left a massive hole in the center of Site-6's containment sector, allowing for the escape of three other objects, two of which were recovered by the [INFORMATION DELETED]."

The document goes on to make note of "damaging particles", "several related deaths", and "incalculable loss of material" due to each of these events. There is no information on where these events happened (other than Site-6, which was entirely demolished and reconstructed in 1977) or further information on the activation method or specific effect of SCP-884-3. It is known that at least one of these events required a "Class-L Restructuring," but there is no information on what exactly that event entailed either.

Original Classification: Keter

Current Location: While many documents following the Foundation Civil War make note of the Insurgency possibly having possession of SCP-884-3, no definitive proof has been found. The last reference to it before the war makes note that it was placed in "deep storage" at a redacted location. No further information is available.

SCP-884-4: The Shaving Mirror

Check the current documentation of SCP-884 for complete information on the object, as it is the last remaining piece in Foundation custody.

SCP-884-5: The Scissors

SCP-884-5 was the first of the objects to be completely understood by the Foundation. SCP-884-5 was a pair of silver scissors with an etched design (undescribed in existing documents) which were used to "open" and "close" things. Initial data noted in the personal records of the supervising doctor at the time recorded the basic effect:

"When pointed at a closed door with the blades closed, the door could be opened by simply opening the blades. When pointed at a door which was open with the blades open, then closing them, then door would close. The effect works on boxes, locks, crates, drawers, and most other objects. There is no effect on an "open" object if the blades start closed, and there is no effect on a "closed" object if the blades start open. The effect functions normally if they're turned to the side, though, and opened at the floor or other object which can't be opened or closed. A quaint, largely useless item."

The full extent of SCP-884-5's effect was not understood until a few weeks later, when it was accidentally used on a living person, and "opened" them. The subjects "organs, bones, and viscera" were "ripped out of their orifices" and deposited on the ground before their skin turned itself inside out. "Closing" the pile of body parts resulted in the messy, inefficient, incomplete reassembly of the subject, who sometimes continued to live for minutes after the event.

Furthermore, the original testing chamber later became more and more dangerous as the full ramifications of "opening" and "closing" the scissors was discovered. Surfaces which were "opened" slowly lost strength, became more and more brittle, and eventually crumbled. The inverse effect was seen in surfaces which were closed. Some samples still remain, but their study showed no definitive reason for the cause of the effect.

Original Classification: Originally Euclid, then moved to Keter. Under today's standard, it would probably be listed as Safe.

Current Location: While originally stolen by the Chaos Insurgency during the Foundation Civil War, this object was known to be in the possession of Marshall, Carter, and Dark as early as the 1940's. Offers to purchase the item have been "politely but firmly declined" as recently as the 1980's. Recovery is a Class-3 Priority.

SCP-884-6: The Comb

SCP-884-6 was an ivory comb with a carved design (again, undescribed) in the body above the teeth. SCP-884-6 was one of the pieces of SCP-884 which was retained by the Foundation after the Civil War, and it was considered to be the premier piece of the collection.

For approximately three hours after use of the comb, a time dilation effect occurred around the object, causing time to slow down the closer one came to SCP-884-6. After the duration ended, time would immediately resume at normal speed. SCP-884-6 was invaluable in the re-containment of over a dozen SCPs following breaches that would otherwise be considered disastrous.

Research into the nature of the effect was ongoing until the destruction of SCP-884-6 in 1958. For unknown reasons, SCP-884-6 was removed from containment and activated several times by an unknown party over the course of several hours. Seven corpses were discovered in quick succession, leading Foundation Officials to conclude that someone was "projecting SCP-884-6's effect at a location." The target was discovered and neutralized via gunfire over the course of several hours, due to the dilation effect. The target was never identified, and SCP-884-6 was rendered neutralized in the crossfire.

Original Classification: Thaumiel

Current Location: Remains are available for study at Site-18's deep storage facility, as well as the remains of the corpse. Please note that only long distance observation may be used, as the dilation effect is still ongoing.

SCP-884-7: The Tweezers

SCP-884-7 was a set of silver tweezers, and it was referred to in documentation as "the very example of why the Foundation exists" by the researcher who uncovered its effect.

When pointed at an object and "used" (presumably squeezed, but specifics unknown), SCP-884-7 would "grip" an object and allow it to be manipulated. The object could then be lifted, moved, rotated, spun, etc. with no regard of the weight, size, or mass of the object in question. Surviving testing records indicate that, among other things lifted, an "anvil, train car, and battle ship" all showed no difference in the effect.

SCP-884-7 was utilized as a potent weapon during the Foundation Civil War, and it was considered one of the more dangerous objects in the collection, as the full range of its effect was unknown. One researcher at the time was known to have remarked that "we could bring the very moon down on our heads."

SCP-884-7 was confirmed to have been used against a number of Global Occult Coalition forces during a raid on a Chaos Insurgency base in Cairo, Egypt in 1961. The object was recovered and destroyed by the GOC following this raid.

Original Classification: Euclid, though requests of an upgrade to Keter are still on file. No response to these requests has been discovered.

Current Location: No remains of the object have ever been produced, and we only have the word of the GOC that they successfully destroyed it. Careful monitoring for similar effects is ongoing but considered a low priority.

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