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SCP-855 before development of anomalous properties.

Item #: SCP-855

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Four (4) members of security are to be present outside SCP-855's location at all times. No staff are to enter SCP-855 during "Horror", "Surreal", "Action", "Science Fiction" or "Disaster" phases. Any entities attempting to leave SCP-855 during the "Horror" phase are to be dispatched by security staff.

Any personnel entering SCP-855 during its "Western" phase are to be monitored by security staff for signs of aggression. During all other phases, research staff are free to enter and monitor SCP-855.

Description: SCP-855 is the designation given to Lecture Hall ██, located at Site ██. SCP-855 is equipped to seat one hundred (100) personnel. One reinforced skylight is present on the ceiling to allow the entry of natural light.

Each month, SCP-855 will redecorate itself and temporarily develop anomalous properties, seemingly themed after genres of film. This continues for the entirety of the month, and has taken the form of:

  • Manifestation of entities
  • Mind-altering Effects
  • Hallucinations

Genre Log:

Month Presumed 'Genre' Effects
January Action Reports of explosions came from within SCP-855. Security was called in to investigate, at which point a sports car burst through the doors into SCP-855, running over one (1) member of security. Personnel later reported a man in a tuxedo firing at them with a pistol from within the vehicle. Vehicle vanished thirty (30) seconds later.
February Detective Noir Researchers within SCP-855 temporarily adopted a pessimistic attitude. Light spectrum appears to be affected, causing all researchers in SCP-855 to turn monochrome.
March Surreal All researchers sent into SCP-855 disappeared without a trace. Mobile Task Force Beta-23 ("Film Critics") was sent in for a retrieval mission. One member of Mobile Task Force Beta-23 was recovered twenty (20) days after entry, the rest were declared KIA. Survivor claims that SCP-855 contained a room that stretched on for miles, with 'things' in it. Survivor did not respond to further inquiry regarding the nature of said entities.
April Comedy Rate of research accidents surrounding SCP-855 increased by 50%. Multiple personnel reported disembodied laughter.
May Western Increased aggression noted in personnel inside SCP-855. Multiple fights break out. After researchers were evacuated, the doors leading into SCP-855 opened independently, at which point a single tumbleweed emerged.
June Disaster All personnel evacuated from SCP-855. Analysis of SCP-855 via camera drone shows dangerously high levels of radiation. Large, ratlike creature detected by camera drone.
July Gangster Footage camera drone used to monitor SCP-855 showed a large city similar to 1950's Chicago. Every individual on the street appeared to be dressed in the manner of a stereotypical gangster.
August Drama Upon entering SCP-855, researchers became highly aggressive and began insulting and arguing with those nearby.
September Science Fiction Entry to SCP-855 was strictly forbidden, as sensors indicated no oxygen was present within.
October War Sounds of conflict were audible from within SCP-855. Security were called in to prevent a repeat of the "Action" incident. A World War 2 era tank subsequently emerged from SCP-855 and fired upon security, killing three (3) of them. Said tank vanished thirty (30) seconds later.
November Historical Recording from camera drone sent into SCP-855 showed a portrayal of Rome at the height of the Roman Empire. Further analysis revealed several historical inaccuracies, as all individuals were observed to speak clear English, some with obvious accents.
December Horror A heavy-set man with a noose around his neck emerged from within SCP-855, wielding a large knife. ██ personnel killed during partial containment breach. Security later reported that bullets had little effect on the entity.
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