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Item #: SCP-8357

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-8357 is to remain stored within Site-357 indefinitely.


SCP-8357, in storage

Description: SCP-8357 is the head of a terracotta figurine measuring 36x35x20mm. It is heart-shaped. Trace remnants of pigment remain on the object's face, with dry streaks trailing down from the eyes. Forehead markings indicate the absence of a headdress. A fractured collar and earspool remain.

At time of discovery, accession records matching object's appearance were present within 73% of all museums in the global north. Anomalous interference presumed due to timeline improbabilities. All records erased without issue.

Discovery: Acquisition records lost or nonexistent. See up to date provenance below.

Mexico. Date unknown. It was broken off by the neck; Now we have it.

Last Updated: 2nd January 1998

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