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Item #: SCP-834

Object Class: Anomalous Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-834 is to be kept in a basic containment locker at Site 31. SCP-834 has been moved into an unnamed safe containment locker by order of O5-13. SCP-834 is to remain locked in containment locker Alpha-12. When being tested, D-class upon which SCP-834 is used are to be kept in a standard containment cell for the duration of testing, and are exempt from monthly terminations until effects can be ascertained.

Description: SCP-834 is a set of four markers (black, red, yellow and blue.) Each marker bears only a 'The Factory' logo, and no other distinguishing characteristics. The only effect of these markers is that they write permanently on human skin, resulting in tattoo-like markings. Testing has proven the ink sinks below the surface of the skin, and is only removable via laser dermabrasion, or similar tattoo removal procedures. See Addendum.

Addendum 1: On 2/██/20██ Junior Staff Researchers L██████ and C███████ appropriated SCP-834 under the pretense of testing it further, but in actuality to use it on themselves. When discovered, a decision was made by O5-13 to have the item removed to a more secure area, as well as to demote the Researchers to janitorial staff for three weeks. Dr. L██████ had been given a band of barbed wire around his wrist, while Researcher C███████ opted for a depiction of reptilian scales on his chest, to, in his words, 'reveal my inner dragon.' Both researchers are currently denied access to casual testing of any SCPs.

Note: Even if they are only Anomalous, SCPs are not toys. -Site Supervisor Nacht

Addendum 2: On 8/██/20██ screams were heard from Dr. L██████'s office. Security investigating found Dr. L██████ on the floor of his office, bleeding heavily from self inflicted wounds at his wrist. Dr. L██████ claimed the wounds were inflicted when he tried to remove the tattoo, after it began constricting upon his wrist. Medical investigation showed the only damage was that inflicted by Dr. L██████ digging at his skin with his own fingers. There was no sign of his tattoo.

Shortly after, acting on orders of the Site Director, a security team broke down the door of Researcher C███████'s living quarters, after he failed to answer his personal phone, and site pages. Researcher C███████'s corpse was found in his bathroom, his chest burst open from the inside as if by a great pressure. Further medical investigation revealed all the major organs of his chest were missing, but no other damage. A trail of bloody claw prints led to the shower drain, which had been ripped away.

A full exploration and cleaning of the Site's drainage and sewer system turned up nothing unusual.

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