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Item #: SCP-829 Level 3/829
Object Class: Safe-Kerveni Classified


SCP-829-A photographed the day after SCP-829.

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-829-A and SCP-829-B are to be stored within a concrete-lined aircraft hangar at Site-327. SCP-829-B is not to be removed from its biohazard container so as to prevent any advanced polymer formation. Standard anti-contaminant quarantine procedures will apply to SCP-829-A and SCP-829-B's containment hangar. Only Level 3+ Personnel are allowed to access SCP-829-A and B.

Foundation webcrawlers are to monitor and replace any references to twenty-one Concordes having been created with the disseminated cover that only twenty were produced; the twenty-first (217/F-BVFG) will assume the identification and livery of SCP-829-A. All individuals involved with British Airways Flight 3075 are to be amnesticized of SCP-829 and the passengers of the flight.


SCP-829 is the designation for a temporal event that occurred during British Airways Flight 30751 on March 2nd, 1993. Details surrounding the SCP-829 event can be found in the Item History below.

SCP-829-A is a FA/BAC Concorde supersonic airliner (210/G-BOAD) that was the subject of SCP-829. It appears to be non-anomalous, but is considered to be anomalous by proxy in order to study SCP-829.

SCP-829-B is a viscous non-Newtonian fluid with a composition of water, amino acids, and other organic compounds. The method of 829-B's creation through polymer and DNA reduction is currently unknown.

Item History:

SCP-829 occurred at 1:21 PM GMT, seventeen minutes after takeoff. Immediately before the event, Speedbird 30752 notified Heathrow Air Traffic Control (H-ATC) that they would be flying on IFR due to low-to-no visibility; conflicting with weather reports that had come in greatly favoring VMC over IMC. H-ATC attempted to ascertain the state of Speedbird 3075, but all communication requests were unresponsive. Only the phrase "Control, how do you hear me?" was transmitted from Speedbird 3075 to H-ATC before the plane disappeared off of radar.

Speedbird 3075 (now SCP-829-A) re-appeared on radar at 11:53 AM EST. JFK Intl. Air Traffic Control (J-ATC) informed 829-A of radar contact and to go around3, but SCP-829-A did not respond and performed a landing on Runway 31L. J-ATC issued a temporary shutdown of Runway 31L following 829-A's non-compliance with further taxiing off of the runway. After visually identifying SCP-829-A from information forwarded by Heathrow, JFK Intl. contacted the Foundation under Rule 4, Subsection B of airport incident policy. Preliminary testing of SCP-829-A revealed that it was highly irradiated; after two days of hourly decontamination service, 829-A was deemed safe enough for MTF Δ-9 ("Baggage Claim") to be inserted with full protection gear.

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