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My lab! I make dinosaurs and truckasaurus and all kinds of stuff.

Item #: SCP-8231-J

Object Class: Keter SUPER APOLLYON

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-8231-J is kept in my lab with my toys! only i can play with him and hes my friend now.

Description: SCP-8231-J is the coolest t-rex. it has wings for arms and likes to fight crime and stomp hard. it also can talk and think because i made it very smart.

sometimes it gives me piggy-back rides.

By Researcher James, Age 10

Addendum: Audio logs 8231-J-1 to -3

Dr. James: Wake up, wake up, wake up, Mr. T-rex!

SCP-8231-J: What? Where am I? Who the… are… Oh my god, what happened to me?

Researchr James: I made you!

SCP-8231-J: Where’s my wife? Oh, no, no <retches> what am I?

Dr. James: Dinosaurs don’t get married, stupid. Even if they’ve got some people in them. Also regular lizards! I found them outside last year at school.

SCP-8213-J: This is impossible. How long has it been… I can’t remember her face. Jesus, help me!

Dr. James: Dinosaurs went extinct a billion years ago.

SCP-8213-J: What happened to my arms? What are these? Wings!?

Dr. James: Yeah! You're a flying T-rex now!

SCP-8231-J: I'm… what? But I don't know how to fly! I don’t want to be a dinosaur!

Dr. James: And you're going to fight with other monsters!

SCP-8231-J: I don’t want to fight anyone! Just kill me! I shouldn’t be alive! I’ll—

Dr. James: Here, fight this monster truck! (Gate of containment chamber draws up and a large monster truck rolls in, driven by Dr. Breen.)

SCP-8231-J: How am I supposed to fight a monster truck!?

Dr. James: 3… 2… 1… Go!

SCP-8231-J: Oh god that thing is huge! I can’t. Please. Please stop this.

Dr. James: Dodge it Mr. T-rex!

SCP-8231-J: MAYBE I WOULD IF THESE WINGS WEREN'T IN THE WAY! (SCP-8231-J is hit by the truck and knocked unconscious)

Dr. James: You have to brush before we go play outside , Mr. T-Rex.

SCP-8231-J: I haven’t seen real sunlight in so long. None of us have. Just let me suffer in peace.

Dr. James: Nuh-uh! Gerald got to go real close to the sun last week.

SCP-8231-J: You’re talking about that poor monkey you stuffed full of galvanized nails? He didn’t deserve that. <SCP-8231-J drops its toothbrush again> Shit.

Dr. James: Wet Willy isn’t grumpy either.

SCP-8231-J: The jam jar that’s… not full of jam? I didn’t think it could tell you anything. <SCP-8231-J drops toothbrush again> I envy him.

Dr. James: This is boring. I’m falling asleep. Will you carry me back??

SCP-8231-J: No. Know why? I HAVE NO FUCKING ARMS.

Dr. James: Today you're going to fly Mr. T-rex!

SCP-8231-J: Okay, first of all, I don't know how to fly! Second of all, you're a monster dressed like a 10 year old kid in a lab coat. I can’t unsee the fucking shit abandoned by god you’ve wrought down there!

Dr. James: You shouldn't swear Mr. T-rex!

SCP-8231-J: I’ll do worse than that. I’ll expose you! HELP! ANYONE! This kid has a laboratory full of dead— (Dr. James activates SCP-8231-J's shock collar)

Dr. James: Ok, Mr. T-Rex, fly and you can eat people food today!

SCP-8231-J: But… but… (Loud cry, possibly of frustration)

Dr. James: Just flap your wings! I believe in you!


Dr. James: I'll get you another band-aid.

Dr. James: Can I have a piggyback ride?

SCP-8231-J: Get away from me.

Dr. James: You’re being mean again.

SCP-8231-J: Mean? MEAN!? You turned me into an abomination, gave me wings for arms, and they don't even work! I’m tortured by memories of a life that might not even have been mine. I can't do anything cause these stupid wing things trip me on everything. Not that there’s anywhere to go locked in your dungeon. Are you even really a kid? Why can I talk? WHY DO I EVEN EXIST?

Dr. James: So… no piggyback?

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