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SCP-8112 (sleeves folded.)

Item #: SCP-8112

Object Class: Safe Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-8112 is contained in a containment locker at Site-17. Containment of PoI-1881 is deemed unnecessary at this time.

SCP-8112 is held in a containment cell at Site-17. SCP-8112 is adorned on a mannequin and monitored for any deviations in its behavior. Personnel possessing information in regards towards more reliable containment measures are to report to Dr. Kirby immediately.1

Description: SCP-8112 is a black T-shirt with the phrase "I'M WITH STUPID ➜'' printed in yellow HTV.2

SCP-8112 rotates in a manner similar to a compass, with the arrow continuously tracking PoI-1881's location. PoI-1881 is Bobby Dune, a college student residing in █████, Florida, United States of America. PoI-1881 is a baseline human and is unaware of the anomalous. SCP-8112's and PoI-1881's relationship is largely one-sided, as any physical interaction performed on the former will not affect the latter.

Addendum-01: SCP-8112 was originally recovered from a local thrift shop. It was revealed that neither PoI-1881 and SCP-8112 share commonality with each other except from their city of origin. Dissatisfied with the investigation's results, Dr. Kirby personally conducted tests with the object to establish the extent of its properties. (To access the unabridged version, contact Dr. Kirby.)

Addendum-02: SCP-8112's behavior would again deviate; the anomaly would regularly and momentarily direct its arrow away from SCP-8112-A to a multitude of miscellaneous objects (including Dr. Kirby) and images, then revert back to course. In all cases, SCP-8112's phrasing changed to "I'M WITH SOMETHING THAT COULD TOTALLY NEUTRALIZE ME."

Though skeptical of this supposed divulgement of weakness, Dr. Kirby decided to explore the possibility fervently in light of the deadline he set for himself fast approaching. Dr. Kirby introduced as many objects to SCP-8112's arrow. Those that elicited a response were further incorporated into his experiments. This led to the culmination of Incident 8112-Charlie.

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