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Two men in the act.

Item #: SCP-7K-J

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Flip a coin. Call it. If you were right, vote up; if not, vote down.

Description: SCP-7K-J is this page. Theoretically, SCP-7K-J should have a mean score, over time, of +0, ensuring its indefinite survival.

Addendum 7K-J:

Dr. Sturmatem: There's a flaw in your logic. It only remains at +0 if everyone complies with the experiment. What if people downvote because they find the article unfunny?

Dr. Groop: Please don't assume bad faith, doctor.

Dr. Sturmatem: Bad faith would be people upvoting without flipping.

Dr. Solstice: If people downvote the article for being unfunny, people will also upvote it for being funny, thus bringing the rating back to +0, yes?

Dr. Groop: That defeats the whole point!

Dr. Deville: I think we're missing something crucial. What if the reader has no coin to flip? Wouldn't they downvote the article for being unfinished?

Dr. Fisch: We ought to add a link or something.

Dr. Funderburk: Is that cc-compliant?

Dr. Rex: Wait, wait, wait. Let's assume, here, that everyone follows the rules. Coin, boom, vote. What if the article naturally trends towards -20?

Dr. Funderburk:

Dr. Solstice:

Dr. Deville:

Dr. Sturmatem:

Dr. Fisch:

Dr. Groop: I did say "theoretically".

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Dr. Groop: Well.

Dr. Sturmatem: Better luck next time.

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