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Council Vote #1379: Vote for project to resolve SCP-7996. Abstinence not accepted.

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Project CHANGE is the designation given to a project designed by the Pataphysics Department to resolve SCP-7996, and the decrease in Hume levels. Project CHANGE involved the transferring of the PTCM into a construct designated as the 'Conceptual Reality Observation Space Projector.' (CROSP).

The CROSP consists of a large rhombus structure, silver in coloration. Its construction commenced prior to Council Vote #1379, as an expression of demand from the Pataphysics Department. Construction of the CROSP was done under observation of pataphysical transmission sensors, to ensure a no pataphysical transmission interfered with its creation.

On 17/07/2061, the CROSP was deployed near the interuniversal window located near Earth. The only individuals within the CROSP were Dr. Michael Cygnus and O5-1. The final procedure for Project LUCK was recorded via camera, the log of which is below.


O5-1 moves about the interior of the CROSP. The interior visually resembles a casino, with slot machines lined against the walls, and tables located in the center. Several flower pots containing four-leaved clovers are situated on the tables. Several horseshoes are hung up on the walls. The carpet is embroidered with numbers and symbols commonly affiliated with luck.

Dr. Cygnus is seated at one of the tables, typing on a computer. O5-1 approaches Dr. Cygnus.

O5-1: How is that coming along Dr. Cygnus?

Dr. Cygnus: You're right on time for asking. The procedure is soon ready. The only shame we should have on ourselves right now is that we didn't think of this earlier.

O5-1: Well, it takes some serious brain power to invent something like this.

Dr. Cygnus: You think so? You're an overseer. You should know this!

O5-1: I've been around for over two-hundred years now. And no, the prevention of aging does not prevent ones mind from becoming numb…

Dr. Cygnus: No not that! As an O5 member, you should know that the Foundation has the brightest minds civilization has ever seen. Hell, weren't you one of us at some point?

O5-1: Honestly, I've been striding about this…conceptual room or whatever you called it, for too many months now. I hardly even remember if this is what I voted for.

Dr. Cygnus: What you voted for was something far better than your other two options. Those were never reliable.

O5-1: Why is that? Most of the O5s were skeptical over this.

Dr. Cygnus: Why? Because it's tempting to choose the seemingly better wrong than the confusing, doubt-inducing right.

O5-1: And why is this right?

Dr. Cygnus stands up.

Dr. Cygnus: The PTCM is still capturing pataphysical transmissions. We've successfully manipulated a portion of said transmissions to turn what I've been writing into a reality. That reality, is the room we are in now. All contained inside the CROSP.

O5-1: And why is it a room for gambling?

Dr. Cygnus: The casino serves no actual function. It's little more than a theme cosmetic.

O5-1: Theme? What do you mean?

Four seconds of silence occur.

Dr. Cygnus: Overseer. Do you know what is the primary driving force of events across all universes? What had driven us to this very point?

O5-1: Time?

Dr. Cygnus: Not quite. Time does feed it though.

O5-1: Please state. I don't like guessing games.

Dr. Cygnus: (sighs) Luck.

O5-1: Luck? What do you mean by luck?

Dr. Cygnus: Every day, the universes roll their dice to decide what happens, down to the subatomic world. Us discovering that our author was losing interest in us was because of luck. Our author bringing us into existence in the first place is because of luck. The fact that the author exists, is because of luck. The fact that life exists in all the universes to perceive their beauty is because of luck.

O5-1: But…you've always talked about probability theory. None of that should be news.

Dr. Cygnus: The difference here being that you've evaded destruction. I know the O5s had serious doubts that this would work out. The other two proposals were so much more comprehensible. What had pressured you was that we'd already started working on it. We were lucky that Project LUCK won the vote by one.

O5-1: What would have happened if it didn't?

Dr. Cygnus: Well, we don't live in an alternate timeline. But both I and most of the Pataphysics Department warned of the unreliability of the first two proposals. Sure, they seemed more reasonable, but were built on speculation. What we've done here, was free of speculation.

O5-1: But that still doesn't explain how this conceptual casino will help us. What even is this conceptual reality you've created?

Dr. Cygnus: As I said, luck is and has been our best friend. We need to get lucky in order for our author to think and write about us again. While it's been a headache for everyone who've worked on it, the script we've projected into the CROSP is about luck. How it has helped us, and how we need it for this project. Put simply, this conceptual reality is our luck in a tangible form.

O5-1 looks around the room for a few seconds, before looking back at Dr. Cygnus.

Dr. Cygnus: Once I release our luck into U7k through that interuniversal window, we're done.

O5-1: Well. I can only hope it works. Like I said, my mind has become too worn out to properly comprehend all this. Perhaps it is for the best I don't interact with our boxes anymore.

Dr. Cygnus: Well, there is only one way to find out. But hope won't be necessary, as this is going to work perfectly.

Dr. Cygnus nods his head.

Dr. Cygnus: Come O5-1. I think it's time. The procedure is ready.

O5-1 and Dr. Cygnus approaches a transparent section of the right wall from the camera. The interuniversal window comes into view outside. Within the window the view of a computer keyboard comes into view. A unidentified human figure can be seen typing at the keyboard.

O5-1: Is that the entity?

Dr. Cygnus: Yes.

O5-1: Who…who are they?

Dr. Cygnus: Who knows? But perhaps it's best for us as the characters to not know that. Now, let's save the universe.

Dr. Cygnus returns to his computer, and hits a key. The room begins distorting, and moves towards the transparent section of the wall. As it passes through the wall, it turns purple and unrecognizable from the original room. The purple flow can be seen entering into the interuniversal window. After two minutes, a black void emerges in place of the room. Only the transparent section of the wall, O5-1, Dr. Cygnus, and Dr. Cygnus's computer are visible.

Within the universal window, the figure opens a new tab on its computer. It opens up to a page with a black and red header with the SCP Foundation logo on the left. The reaction from the figure indicates that this action was accidental. The figure does not close the tab, and instead begins to browse the opened site.

Dr. Cygnus: That is us!

The figure creates another tab, and opens up a page containing what resembles a standard SCP document. The figure sits still at the computer for several minutes, before it nods its head. It soon begins typing at the document.

O5-1: Is that…

Dr. Cygnus: Hold on. Let me check the PTCM.

Dr. Cygnus types at his computer for a few seconds. He soon stands up out of excitement.

Dr. Cygnus: Oh my…EUREKA!

O5-1: Is it working?

Dr. Cygnus: The pataphysical transmissions are increasing in intensity! The Hume levels are rising!

O5-1: You can view all that from just the desktop?

Dr. Cygnus: Yes! It definitely puts strain on it, but that doesn't matter now! We've done it! The apocalypse…is averted.

O5-1: Well, I guess you were right.

Four seconds of silence occur.

O5-1: What do we do now?

Dr. Cygnus: I congratulate you.

O5-1: For what?

Dr. Cygnus: For choosing the happy ending.

On 18/10/2061, Dr. Cygnus and O5-1 safely returned to Earth. No further instances of SCP-7996 have occurred to date. Anomaly is pending reclassification to neutralized.

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