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Council Vote #1379: Vote for project to resolve SCP-7996. Abstinence not accepted.

Project SETFREE Project ACTION Project CHANGE
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Project ACTION











Addendum-8: Project ACTION

On 01/05/2061, a major SCP-7996 reality distortion event occurred in central Medellín, Colombia. The event destroyed nearly fifty buildings and resulted in the death of 647 individuals. Within hours, news of the occurrence reached a global scale, despite Foundation efforts to impede the spread. With this veil failure, a Broken Masquerade scenario was initiated, giving the public general knowledge of the Foundation.

Following the passing of Vote 1379, the Foundation initiated Project ACTION. The initiative proved difficult however, as it was accompanied by surges in panic and chaos on a global scale, following the lifting of the veil. Foundation efforts to impede the situation proved unsuccessful.



Meeting summary: Meeting held between O5-13 and Dr. Cygnus.

Dr. Cygnus: I saw the poll for your last vote. You voted for this course of action. And what has it done? Only sparked chaos!

O5-13: Please remain civil if you wish to converse.

Dr. Cygnus: You expect someone to be civil in these circumstances!?

O5-13: Things take time. If anything, this is good, as chaos is what encourages creativity.

Dr. Cygnus: Are you…have you gone insane!? Our objective should be to protect the people, and now we're harming them. The stocks are tanking because people don't want to work for what they think are corrupt governments. Violent riots are taking lives as we speak. We're falling into complete anarchy! We needed a solution that considered the welfare of people. Not this!

O5-13: It's for the greater good. While yes, this may not have accorded to our initial plan, and we have tried to mitigate these effects, perhaps it's not necessary.

Dr. Cygnus: And we encourage the entity to think about chaos? Next thing you know they'll draft up the next global conflict. Is that a greater good?

Four seconds of silence occur.

O5-13: (sighs) Those…events are a better outcome than a loss of reality though.

Dr. Cygnus: Fictional conflicts are usually not resolved through diplomacy. I know I've reiterated time and time again that we don't know this entity's preferred fiction, but it does not make a difference when the world is ending!

O5-13: You…look. We've yet to see if this works. The Pataphysics Department is still tasked with observing the transmissions. We can draw better conclusions with those.

Dr. Cygnus: All while violating our ethos. Wasn't the objective of the Foundation to make the public feel safe? Telling them that there are entities and objects that could end the world if one thing goes wrong isn't exactly comforting. The O5s even addressed that the veil would never be broken unless it failed, or we became desperate.

O5-13: Isn't that our situation?

Four seconds of silence occur.

Dr. Cygnus: Well… (sighs) I still don't think we needed to be so drastic.

On 31/05/2061, a measurement of pataphysical transmission intensity was taken. The final measurements indicated that the pataphysical transmissions were regaining strength. Further research indicated that Hume levels were increasing, which ultimately led to less SCP-7996 occurrences.



by Dr. Michael Cygnus

I've read several novels where the world they're set in is saved, but it ends badly for the characters. I'm now concerned this is how this story ends. We may have solved the issue with losing reality. The Hume levels are increasing again, and the SCP-7996 occurrences are becoming less frequent. We may have regained the interest of the entity, but not in the right way.

Geopolitical tensions are increasing everywhere. The economy is headed for an all-time low. Trade has halted, as people refuse to work for nations they don't trust. Governments are trying to pin the economic crisis on each other, despite being completely aware of the once hidden Foundation.

This reaction to the Foundation going public was far worse than I could have imagined. The disruption among people is still getting worse, and everyone feels insecure. I'd be lying if I said I didn't agree. With all this chaos, the world feels like a pile of dry wood and lighter fluid, just waiting for a spark; and if I had to guess, the author is getting ready to strike a match.

During the rest of 2061, several wars broke out between nations following diplomatic failures. The casualties resulting from this war exceeded that of any previous conflicts, resulting in the deaths of over 70 million people between June and December. As the conflicts continued into 2062, desperation grew on all fronts due to resource scarcities. Belligerents with access to nuclear weapons began considering the usage of such weaponry.

File Update: 19/12/2074

Hello. I'm Michael Cygnus. This is my first time using our terminals in over ten years. The world has warmed up, and is at least safer for exploration. Civilization is mostly destroyed, only being held up by people like us. It's…actually somewhat peaceful. My group decided we should venture to the place where the PTCM was, and here we are. And luckily for us, the facility's backup power generator was still intact and ready to activate.

Since there says nothing on this file about what came of Project ACTION, I'll summarize. In March of 2062, the North American Federation had depleted up to 97% of all their military resources in their fight on both the Pacific and European fronts. What little was left of the government decided there was no other option, and launched nuclear strikes on several cities belonging or occupied by other global superpowers. The next day, Helsinki, Ankara, Tehran, Taipei, and countless other cities were incinerated. A day later however, the Federation was no more. But neither were most other nations.

Me and the group I've made have been trying to locate the Overseers, who had their own plan if civilization went to shit. Don't know what the plan was, but I don't think it involved getting into space shuttles, so they're out there somewhere. I would say it's odd that we're alive, but I already know why. When we activated the sensors to view the pataphysical transmissions, I saw them on the monitor. We were covered in them, like rain falling onto and running off us.

I wish we had applied harder pressure on them to choose our proposal. I know I don't like seeing myself as superior, but I had repeatedly warned for the potential consequences of the first two proposals. And unfortunately, I was right. We may have evaded the loss of reality, and regained the interest of the author. However, it came at the price of billions of lives. Lives that didn't need to be ended. There is no doubt that those I still held close were part of that price. And all because the council thought that the easier wrong seemed better than the harder right.

I think this will be the last log for now. But now you, if anyone is reading this, know we're still here. In a world controlled by an author who is content with writing about people trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

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