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Item#: 7996
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:


Image of an SCP-7996 reality distortion event. Light refraction and blurs are common occurences in such events.

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the unpredictable nature of SCP-7996 occurrences, no feasible containment methods have been devised. Any research inquiries providing potential ways of stopping or reducing SCP-7996 occurrences in the universe are open for consideration. At present, no temporary or permanent solution has been discovered. Currently, all research and matters related to SCP-7996 have been overtaken by the Pataphysics Department.

Description: SCP-7996 is the designation given to a series of anomalous occurrences resulting from an ongoing decrease of Hume levels within the universe. Currently, Hume levels have decreased by approximately 2.8% since 2059. This process appears to be accelerating, with Hume levels expected to be halved by 2067. SCP-7996 occurrences include the following.

  • Spontaneous destruction of objects within the universe. Only three such events have been observed, but it is theorized that these events will be more common as Hume levels continue to drop.
  • Events labeled as 'reality distortions.' These events occur randomly and cause the restructuring of matter within an area into unrecognizable forms. The matter within the affected area evaporates after a random number of days without leaving traces.

The first SCP-7996 occurrences were observed in September 2059, shortly before the discovery of decreasing Hume levels. The studies of said occurrences were followed by the discovery of pataphysical transmissions, which led to the creation of the Pataphysics Department. This department is currently in authority over all research and matters pertaining to SCP-7996.

Addendum-1: Context

The following is a briefing from Dr. Michael Cygnus regarding pataphysics and its relevance to SCP-7000. Dr. Cygnus is currently assigned as a lead researcher for SCP-7996, and is a significant entity within the Pataphysics Department.



by Dr. Michael Cygnus

I do not like summarized science. Not with the Foundation or anywhere else. It misleads one to think they know the complete picture of something when they only have a starting point to a vast and complicated network of knowledge. But I suppose 'vast and complex' is a good place to start with pataphysics, as our research has shown that relations between universes go far beyond anything we could have guessed.

We, yes me and anyone reading or hearing this, are creations of fiction—the fiction from a pataphysical universe. Someone or something in the universe we have designated as U7k is thinking up stories and scenarios in what they deem a fictional universe, that fictional universe being ours. These enter our universe in the form of pataphysical transmissions, via interuniversal windows.1 We've only ever observed one of these, which is located 1.5 million kilometers from Earth.

So what does all this mean for us? And what can it teach us about SCP-7996? For starters, we estimate that 85% of actions and events result both directly and indirectly2 from pataphysical transmissions. As for the other 15%, they result from the universe we thought we knew. From our studies, we've determined that the Foundation and its anomalies are the focus of these pataphysical transmissions; thus we can assume the same for SCP-7996. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to determine much else as of now. All I can say is that whatever entity is transmitting us is probably trying to draft the apocalypse.

It is in my and my team's best interest to find a solution for SCP-7996 and the ongoing decrease in Hume levels. What that solution will be, I don't know. But we need to try. It may seem hopeless given how little time we have to think of something before the public getting note of the SCP-7996. However, all that matters is that we haven't run out of time yet. So what we need to do is get to work and try to evade our demise.

Addendum-2: Initial message exchange

Addendum-3: Project REVERSE



by Dr. Michael Cygnus


Image of the PTCM's pataphysical transmission container.

Considering the nature of the situation at hand, it would be an understatement to say that we need to get creative. After working our magic at the Pataphysics Department, we constructed a more reliable version of our prototype devices, designed to capture pataphysical transmissions. The Pataphysical Transmission Concentrator and Manipulator, or the PTCM. With the PTCM, we can capture pataphysical transmissions. From there, we can manipulate and use the transmissions to our will, which will be needed for Project REVERSE.

Our plan is to create stories about authors hindering themselves from writing about SCP-7996 and apocalyptic scenarios. Or something of that sort. Through its manipulation systems, we convert our stories into pataphysical transmissions via the PTCM, and beam said transmissions into U7k. The hope is that this will prevent the entity from continuing to write and think about us in their current manner. Essentially, we the characters, tell the author what to create.

Admittedly, this project is complicated and arouses doubt. However, as I've reiterated, we must try anything. We cannot let complications or doubts hinder us. The more we try, the greater the chance is of us finding a solution.

The following is a documentation of stories used for Project REVERSE.

Creator Summary Comments
Dr. Cygnus Story consisted of an author creating a scenario in which humanity experiences a universe becoming unsustainable for life, due to reality disintegrating. The author becomes uninterested in writing about destructive consequences, and redirects the plot to rehabilitate the universe. Simple, sums us up well, and should be encouraging for whoever is our creator. ~Dr. Cygnus.
Dr. Bright Story consisted of an author specializing in writing stories without satisfactory endings. The author decides to make an exception for the story they are currently writing, and finishes the story with a desirable ending. There are countless apocalypses to draft up. Just make an exception for us please. And hope that our universe isn't the only one they're controlling. ~Dr. Bright.
Dr. Robert Scranton3 A series of science-fiction tales, describing a universe which has evaded cessation. Civilizations within the universe are seeking to improve living conditions and societal cooperation, which are described as being poor prior to the evaded cessation. If we can overcome this, perhaps we could learn to settle our differences, and seek to become a better society. ~Scranton

On 17/04/2060, all three of these stories were transmitted into U7k. Analysis indicates that the transmissions successfully entered U7k.

On 14/05/2060, a SCP-7996 reality distortion event occurred near Namangan, Uzbekistan. This occurred in close proximity with civilian housing, and became the most difficult SCP-7000 occurrence to cover-up. The following note was provided by Dr. Cygnus, nine hours after the occurrence.

Addendum-4: Project OGLE



by Dr. Michael Cygnus

The decision to observe other pocket dimensions to see if they were affected by SCP-7996 was a suggestion by Dr. Tilda Moose, following her reports about the Serpent's Hand leaving our universe for the library. These pocket dimensions are products of pataphysical transmissions, since they are under Foundation interest. Project OGLE focuses on traveling to pocket dimensions attached to our universe to observe the effects of decreasing Hume levels there. Perhaps if we are lucky, someone from one of them may provide insight on a solution.

The following is a collection of logs acquired from the two most significant Project OGLE explorations.

Land of the unnameable folk


Image of SCP-7000 occurrences within the forest beyond worlds.

A single team was dispatched into the woods without monikers per protocol for a standard exploration. Large numbers of SCP-7000 occurrences had distorted sections of the the grove beyond the well, with some causing difficulties in exploration, as they overlapped the the only path of the nameless realm. The exploration team noted the absence of native entities during the exploration.

The following is a journal page recovered from the exploration, previously owned by a native entity. It is noted that the journal denotes a name to the trees which cannot be worded, which have been expunged per protocol. Currently, all safety protocols for referring to the wilderness which shall not be named remain essential.

I thought the war was the last trouble we'd ever see, but all these unexplained events are worse than anything we could ever imagine. Countless of my people are dead, including most of my family. People are attempting to leave, but I don't see any chance of safety in this. I feel like my body is barely intact and is falling apart. It feels as if a weak hit would disintegrate me. I am beyond hopeless.

I remembered the first time I was told about our absence of names. How we could not designate this forest by name. However, here I am doing so. I only noticed when someone tried putting it to the test yesterday. Something's not right. Whatever is causing this may be giving us our names back. But what good are those if we're all dying?

I recall my family telling me about how one should hold onto something they enjoyed, even if they lost interest in it. They said everything I used to enjoy still had treasure in it, and losing it causes regret and disaster. I don't know what they meant by that, but the only thing I enjoy are these woods. And will not lose interest in them, no matter how ruined they get. Not until I'm next to die. They are my only home after all.


Six members of MTF-Omega-16 were dispatched into SCP-2922-C. Communication with the team remained unstable throughout their exploration, indicating an error with SCP-2922. MTF member Ω-16 Dune maintained communication throughout the exploration, with communication exchanges being logged below.


Ω-16 Dune: Director, hello? We're here, in the desert.

Director: I read you Dune. What does the area look like?

Ω-16 Dune: How it usually does. Green sky, dim light, cold wind. Although the moons in the sky appear…off. They have swirls and twists on them.

Director: Understood. Please get to The Valley of Striders. Call me when you reach it.

Ω-16 Dune: Understood director (static) and we'll (static).


Ω-16 Dune: Director, we've arrived at the valley. And in case you're wondering, we don't feel starved or dehydrated.

Director: Copy that. What do you see?

Ω-16 Dune: The valley is…looks like the faces of the moons. All twisted and distorted. The slopes of mountains too. And there's not a soul in any direction we're looking.

Director: Okay. Can you see Bogal Mountain? I need you to ascend the mountain next to it.

Ω-16 Dune: The one with the three-faced tree?

Director: Yes. Get to the top of it. Call back when you summit it, or encounter anything noteworthy.

Ω-16 Dune: Roger. But-(call terminates abruptly)


Ω-16 Dune: Director, we encountered the tree, but only one of its faces appeared alive however. The other two were gone.

Director: Understood. Did you ask it anything?

Ω-16 Dune: Yes. We asked it if it knew about the anomalies. It told us it hadn't been visited for a long time, and that it had forgotten much. It claimed that the land was being forgotten. I…don't know what that meant.

Director: Understood. Well, assuming that face was the truthful one, we're at least getting something. On a different note, our communication with you is rather unreliable.

Ω-16 Dune: We've noticed ourselves. My last call ended before I hung up. I figured you'd order us to ask the tree about the anomalies, so that is what we did.

Director: At least I can still rely on you.

Ω-16 Dune: (static) what's next?

Director: We need to see if the Initiative is still active. Please explore until you encounter anything relevant to them. Your connection is getting choppy again.


Ω-16 Dune: Director? You read me?

Director: I read you Dune.

Ω-16 Dune: We passed the Marble Hall and…it was surprisingly calm. No chaos like there is usually, just a lot of destruction.

Director: Have you found anything related to the Three Moons like we told you to?

Ω-16 Dune: Yes. Or what's left of them. Saw a couple figures walking down the coast of the sea, and talked with them.

Director: And what did they tell you?

Ω-16 Dune: I think (static) them to tell. (Call terminates abruptly)

The following is a voice message received from Janet Spiegel's4 SCP-2922 channel on 10/07/2060.

Hello, SCP Foundation. Remember me? I'm the person who helped you discover this place. I still have not overcome what you did to me, you cowards. But it doesn't matter now, does it? We know what is happening as much as you do. Since it is the result of the pataphysical, not even the afterlife will survive.

We tried reaching the alternate universe, after we started collapsing because of the occurrences. None of our drones ever returned, nor ever transmitted anything. Our people continued to suffer, as the occurrences destroyed our cities and environments, and we burned more resources trying to stop it. You cannot rely on us to save you as we've tried, because we're just as helpless as you.

All the entities we've communicated with claim that the land is being forgotten. I don't know what it means, but I don't see any sign of the destruction stopping. All I can say is this. We who've reached the final test, are all set to die again.

On 15/07/2060, the O5 Council agreed to organize a meeting with Groups of Interest willing to attend. The meeting was held on 25/07/2060, at Site-14. The day before the meeting, the following note was found in Dr. Cygnus's office.

Oh no.

Addendum-5: GoI meeting 438



Meeting summary: Meeting held between the Foundation, the Global Occult Coalition, the Horizon Initiative, and the Church of the Broken God regarding SCP-7000

Representatives: O5-13, Dr. Michael Cyguns (Foundation); Agent Fredrik Karlheinz (GOC); Katherine Fitzrovia (Church of the Broken God); Tariq Dwokin (Horizon Initiative)

Karlheinz: Look at this! The Foundation who takes pride off containing the destructive has failed, and now asks us for help!

O5-13: We did not bring you here to bicker. Our situation is serious, and we need to remain competent. What is your input, Fitzrovia?

Fitzrovia: I'm afraid I have to concur with the GOC. We've tried to bring humanity together for centuries, to bring civilization to levels never imagined before, and all the Foundation has done is hindered our efforts, for the sake of preserving this pity thing called normalcy!

Karlheinz: And directing their research towards containing the bizarre, instead of researching methods of preventing the apocalypse countless times over!

Dwokin: Stop! Recognize the situation! We need to settle our differences for now, and find a solution! That is what the Foundation told us.

O5-13: Thank you, Dwokin! Now everyone, please sit down.

Fitzrovia: Can I be sure this guy won't shoot me the first chance he gets, given our relations?

Fitzrovia points at Dwokin.

O5-13: This meeting is secure, no one here has weapons. Now, let's get to business.

O5-13 looks through her papers.

O5-13: Reality is becoming less real. I'm sure you're all aware of that. The consequences are already troublesome, and are set to become more severe. And it is all because of our story. We bring you here to share each other's perspectives, and come up with potential solutions for the issue.

Fitzrovia: Well our solution is to put more pressure on us to rebuild Mekhane. Our progress with collecting parts has been increasing in the past few decades. Mekhane will…

O5-13: I apologize for cutting you off, but I wouldn't focus on gods for this. Their extent is only within our universe and its dimensions, and pataphysical has authority over all that.

Fitzrovia: Are you sure about that? Think about the technological advantages Mekhane will gift us.

O5-13: We don't know if we can get advantages over the entity creating us. Besides, we already tried technological solutions without success.

Fitzrovia: Maybe you didn't try hard enough.

Karlheinz: How about destroying the entity?

O5-13: Actually, we are working on a project to send a probe into the pataphysical universe to get observations on this entity. But as far as we're concerned, creating all the nuclear bombs and mass-destruction weapons we can is dumb and short-sighted.

Karlheinz: That's not us! I know that's how the Foundation views the GOC but—

Dwokin: Let me throw in the Horizon Initiative's two cents. We concur with Fitzrovia, in that our faith is what we're relying on to get through this.

Karlheinz: I thought we made it clear that our gods won't be useful, and that they are within the boundaries of pataphysical creation.

Dwokin: Faith isn't something with borders, and we are staying on our path. We'll agree with whatever plan is decided on.

O5-13: The problem is that we don't have a plan right now. May I ask now…what efforts have you made in attempts to stop the destruction of reality?

A five second period of silence occurs.

Karlheinz: We tried removing the distortions. It didn't work. Not to—

Fitzrovia: Well of course not! They dissolve by themselves after some time!

Karlheinz: At least we tried! And what have you done? Tried rebuilding your god like you have for centuries?

Fitzrovia: Which is a better course of action than doing something that is essentially nothing!

Karlheinz: Nothing?! You're the one who has wasted time rebuilding a useless deity!

Fitzrovia: How dare you blasphemy Mekhane! You—

O5-13: Stop! We cannot continue this behavior! By the sounds of it, no one here has put enough serious effort into hindering the loss of reality, or SCP-7996. We at the Foundation have done research into the pataphysical transmissions, gathered information on the situation, and made attempts to stop all this!

Karlheinz: And what have you found?

O5-13: Intriguing discoveries. Among others, we have noticed that the transmissions have become less intensive—

Karlheinz: We already know how that works! What about fixing?

Dr. Cygnus emerges from his seat in the right corner of the room.

Dr. Cygnus: Mind if I…say something?

O5-13: I thought I told you I would do the talking.

Dr. Cygnus: But you don't know everything. And I have something that needs addressing.

Dr. Cygnus lays a set of papers on the table.

Dr. Cygnus: Our ideas for preventing a total reality collapse have all been based on one assumption. That we are in a story, and our author is writing the apocalypse. This apocalypse comes in the form of Hume levels dropping, and the occurrences of SCP-7996 as a result. Our most recent studies of the transmissions and data gathered from Project OGLE, suggest a concerning new reality.

Karlheinz: What's that?

Dr. Cygnus: We are fading away from the entity, as it thinks less and less about us.

O5-13: What are you talking about Cygnus?

Dr. Cygnus: Most of us can only hold onto interests for limited periods of time. This also looks to be the case for the entity.

Fitzrovia: Could you describe what your most recent studies are?

Dr. Cygnus: The data gathered from the anomalies within pocket dimensions visited during Project OGLE follow the theme of forgetting or losing interest. While it may not be our most reliable data, considering how little we trust those anomalies, something I can confirm is that pataphysical transmissions are getting less intensive. The percentage of reality they contribute to is…decreasing.

Fitzrovia: And what does that mean for us?

Dr. Cygnus: [sighs] Nothing good.

Fitzrovia: What exactly?

Dr. Cygnus: We are not living in an apocalyptic story. We are living at the end of our story's timeline. We're on the last chapter, without the author even knowing or caring.

Five seconds of silence occur.

Fitzrovia: What do you mean?

Dr. Cygnus: The author is losing interest in our universe. The author is forgetting about our story, and is moving on from us. Within a few years, as the interest in the anomalous and the Foundation grows weaker, our universe will continue to become less real.

Fitzrovia: But…you said the pataphysical transmissions are contributing less to reality. What if the small part of the universe controlled by…itself will replace the fewer transmissions?

Dr. Cygnus shakes his head.

Dr. Cygnus: I wish it were that way. But judging by our situation, it appears that the replacement for the missing transmissions is…nothing. Just…a void. And 15% of reality which won't be able to sustain us.

Six seconds of silence occurs.

Fitzrovia: Well. Fuck.

Addendum-6: PTCM Update

Addendum-7: Final O5-ruling



by Dr. Michael Cygnus

After more time and effort and use of the knowledge we've gathered over the past year, the Foundation has pushed forward three proposals for fixing SCP-7996 and the loss of our reality. It's now up to the O5s to vote on what is best. Despite me being initially hesitant to have input from them, I'd say they've followed our developments for enough time to make crucial decisions. They still govern the Foundation's decision-making after all.

All three of the proposals involve the PTCM, and I wish I could say they are all carefully planned out. In actuality, they fall more into the category of 'so absurd they might just work.'

  • Project SETFREE: This project intends to close the window to U7k and cut off pataphysical transmissions altogether, via the use of still existing ontokinetic anomalies. This, in theory, will separate our universe from the pataphysical universe. This goes off the assumption that the pataphysical transmissions came to our universe after it was created, and began dictating occurrences within it. It is uncertain if that is the case, but what isn't at this point.
  • Project ACTION: This is a rework of Project REVERSE. It uses a similar method but on a larger scale. The intention is to motivate our author to write and think about us again. As the Foundation and the anomalous have been the primary focus of our story, we need to go beyond an organization that locks objects into boxes, writes a few documents about them, and prevents others from getting to them. This is again going off an assumption, which is that author began losing interest in us because of our monotonous ways.
  • Project CHANGE: Finally, there is the plan I've been the head of developing, Project CHANGE. We've only shared its details with the O5s, and this is by far the one they are the most skeptical about. One of them even called it completely nonsensical. Never thought I'd hear the O5s dis our work like that. And while I do understand their skepticism, in that it seems to be a dead end, I'm proud of the accomplishment. With regard to my bias, this is the one I vouch for.

Regardless of my bias, it is for the O5s to decide, and they have to decide soon. The SCP-7996 occurrences are becoming more frequent by the month and harder to cover up. There are already drafts for a BM "Broken Masquerade" scenario, where we lift the veil and expose ourselves.

As tired and burnt out as I am, which is expected given how straining conducting research at the Department is, I have not lost myself. I am both confident and hopeful in our organization. This is more true than ever now, considering we have these three projects; and maybe, just maybe if we're lucky, we choose the happy ending.


Project SETFREE Project ACTION Project CHANGE
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