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The following document is dated July 22nd, 1955. There are newer versions available.

Item#: 7993
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: Radio and television broadcasts across North America are monitored regularly by the Telecommunications Department, headquartered in Site-84. All reports of SCP-7993 are to be properly documented, and an appropriate number of agents shall be dispatched to all broadcast locations under the guise of necessary telecommunications-related maintenance. In addition, non-Foundation personnel who view or listen to an SCP-7993 broadcast are to be informed that all SCP-7993 broadcasts are a satirical advertisement campaign.

Description: SCP-7993 is an anomalous radio broadcast emitting from the current center of population in the United States1. SCP-7993 possesses the ability to hijack radio and television receivers. SCP-7993 tends to hijack receivers that were previously relaying media discussing the United States, the USSR, NATO, and military operations relating to these subjects.

SCP-7993-A is the designation given to any individual under the influence of an SCP-7993 broadcast. All individuals are susceptible to SCP-7993's anomalous effects, regardless of cognitohazard resistance. SCP-7993-A instances maintain an anti-war, anti-militarization stance, regardless of prior opinions. SCP-7993-A instances maintain a normal lifestyle, with the exception of occasional protests2.

SCP-7993 contents are often outlandish, frequently featuring both urban and non-urban combat footage,3 recordings of nuclear weapon tests, audio of incoherent speeches, and unidentified symbols4.

Several traits are common in SCP-7993-A instances, listed below:

  • Age range of sixteen to thirty years on average
  • Low interest in politics
  • Rarely votes in United States elections
  • Lives alone or is distant from people they live with
  • Low income
  • Fear of death and the end of the world

Discovery: SCP-7993 was discovered on December 12th, 1949, when reports of unusual protests near White Sands Proving Ground5, New Mexico. It was later discovered that between the times of 1630 and 1730, all thirteen SCP-7993-A individuals involved were driving to their residences after work6 and were all listening to their car radios before they all were subject to an SCP-7993 broadcast. Due to the spontaneous nature of SCP-7993 and the technical limitations of the dispatching field office, only one interview was recorded on tape at the time.


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