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This is not Researcher Harrison. This is SCP-7992. This is a gorilla.

Item #: SCP-7992

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7992 is to be kept in an otherwise empty humanoid containment cell at Site-41. A sign with the following statement is to be displayed outside of SCP-7992's cell:


A Scranton Reality Anchor (SRA) deployed beneath SCP-7992's cell is to be monitored by the Research Lead and serviced when necessary. SCP-7992 does not need to be fed. Personnel are forbidden to enter SCP-7992's cell without the expressed permission of the Research Lead. If permission is granted, entry must be accompanied by an armed guard and a trained animal handler.1

In the event that SCP-7992 breaches containment, staff are not to engage in the anomaly, but evacuate the area and wait for further instruction. Any perceived communication attempts made by SCP-7992 should be disregarded.

Discussions regarding the perpetuation of containment are ongoing.

Description: SCP-7992 is an entity resembling a silverback gorilla. The entity has three primary anomalous traits:

1) The entity is seemingly immortal, having demonstrated no need for sustenance and an imperviousness to all damage. As the anomaly has demonstrated no need for sustenance, it is hypothesised that the stalking and killing of prey is conducted purely for recreational purposes.

2) SCP-7992 has the ability to transform into any other mammal it observes. The anomaly has full control over this ability, and utilises it for hunting; in all forms SCP-7992 retains the strength of its natural form. Whilst the anomaly has full control over this ability when uncontained, the deployment of an SRA has been found to fully inhibit this anomalous property. This confines SCP-7992 to its currently presented façade.

3) SCP-7992 has a strong memetic effect. Any vocalisations or other forms of communication will be perceived as in-line with the species it is masquerading as. When appearing as human, communication will be perceived as coherent sentences in the observer's native language.

Discovery: The mechanism and origin behind SCP-7992's abilities is unknown. SCP-7992 was discovered on 02/01/1971, following an investigation by the former Biogerontology Department.2

During initial containment, SCP-7992 attacked and killed Researcher James Rupert Harrison, Head of the Biogerontology Department, and took on his appearance. SCP-7992 displayed a high level of sadism and aggression during this attack. Upon discovery of Harrison's corpse, he had been decapitated and had all four limbs ripped from his torso.

Harrison was awarded posthumous Foundation honours for his services to containing the anomalous. The Biogerontology Department was closed shortly after the incident, due to a lack of personnel and viable research leads.

To this day, SCP-7992 still maintains the appearance of Researcher Harrison and has demonstrated a reluctance to leave this form. It is hypothesised that this is an attempt by SCP-7992 to escape. Due to this, its prior violent behaviour and a lack of research potential, all interaction with the anomaly is prohibited indefinitely.

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