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Item#: 7988
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures:
Containment of SCP-7988 is not feasible at this time, and if attained, would be potentially cataclysmic for humanity. SCP-7988 has become deeply ingrained and commonly associated with a mundane human concept. Attempts to utilize SCP-7988 to benefit foundation operations are strictly forbidden. Tests on SCP-7988 are no longer permitted. Personal attempting unauthorized experimentation with SCP-7988 are to be reassigned to a different project and amnestisized.

SCP-7988 is the designation given to the manipulation of probability in accordance to individual mood. SCP-7988 acts based on a variety of human emotions and outside factors, primarily hope and expectation. If expected to act in a certain way, SCP-7988 will either not activate or redirect RCE1 manipulation to another related facet. Hope has a similar effect, delaying SCP-7988 when present.

It is noted that SCP-7988 is inevitable, as expectation/hope only results in a delayed result and not complete dissolution of RCE potential. SCP-7988 does not have a physical form and is not understood as of now to be sentient, and should be considered as a force of nature (I.e as gravity brings objects together, SCP-7988 stabilizes individual mood). Redirection of anomalous RCE potential is unpredictable and thus carries an inherent danger.


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