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Item#: 7986
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MTF Gamma-6 disguised as a cargo ship.


SCP-7986 is to be monitored by MTF Gamma-6 from a remote viewing station 1,000 kilometers off the coast of Grace Bay, Providenciales, and dissuade any persons or vessels from entering within a 500 kilometer radius of SCP-7986. A research team led by Dr. Azure Waters is to prioritize study of the “core” of SCP-7986’s anomalous effects, and ways to counteract it.


SCP-7986 is an underwater city, aesthetically similar to a modern town found in Greece when viewed with remote cameras, however details on its structure beyond the superficial appearance are unclear.

SCP-7986 appears to house several humanoid creatures; however, closer viewing is not achievable due to SCP-7986’s primary anomalous effect. When a human being comes within a 400 kilometer radius of SCP-7986, they will be overcome with the distinct urge to swim to SCP-7986, which will result in the subject drowning themselves in an attempt to reach it. At present, only one individual has been retrieved from this state, and was only able to remark that “humanity should have never left the sea,” even when pressed by researchers to disclose more information. This individual was subsequently amnesticized and released.

Information gathered from expeditions using remote viewing devices have revealed that the center of SCP-7986 holds a large temple-like structure. Hume readings around this area drop noticeably. The source of this appears to be a large, silver orb that spans approximately 20 feet in diameter, located inside of SCP-7986’s temple.

Based on several Hume readings taken throughout SCP-7986, it is theorized that this object, hereby known as SCP-7986-1, is the source of SCP-7986’s properties, including its dangerous cognitohazardous effects. It potentially holds the ability to grant the group that cares for it incredible “luck,” including the insurance of a safe travel through the ocean, and an increased likelihood for unlikely, positive outcomes.

Disturbingly, SCP-7986’s radius of effect seems to have increased in the past few years, prompting a reevaluation of containment procedures and overall approach.

Retrieval of SCP-7986-1 is to be considered a priority. Retrieval of SCP-7986-1 would not harm its current caretakers, and would potentially stop SCP-7986’s anomalous effect from spreading.


On 06/07/2025, Dr. Azure Waters led MTF Gamma-6 to SCP-7986 for retrieval of SCP-7986-1. Agents had undergone two weeks of cognitohazard resistance training in order to resist SCP-7986’s effects, and entered SCP-7986’s area of effect already equipped with specialized diving suits. However, once personnel dove into the water, an entity,1 seemingly composed of seafoam, manifested between MTF Gamma-6 and SCP-7986’s entrance. For archival purposes, a transcript taken from Agent Xavier’s body camera is below.

Agent Xavier: Alright, weapons concealed, you guys, try not to scare the locals.

Agent Briggs: Since when have you ever cared about the locals? If we spook ‘em too bad, we’ll just put some amnestics in the water, no big deal.

(Agent Briggs laughs and swims towards the entrance to SCP-7986, moving ahead of the group.)

Agent Xavier: Hold it—! Don’t move ahead of us. I don’t want you losing focus.

(Agent Briggs freezes. Xavier calls to him, but he does not respond. In front of him, a humanoid shape begins to form out of swirling water and seafoam. A beeping noise emits from Agent Xavier’s suit, indicating that his Kant counter has detected a severe change in surrounding Hume levels.)

Agent Xavier: Briggs, move!

(The entity stretches out an appendage, knocking Agent Briggs backwards. Agent Xavier calls for medical attention, and orders another agent to bring Agent Briggs back to the surface to be examined.)

Agent Xavier: Alright, screw it. Grab your weapons, guys— and you— what are you?

SCP-7986-3: Humans… hate… humans.

Agent Xavier: Join the club, a lot of things hate us.

(Agent Xavier gestures for his team to back up and retreat. Just as he turns, a dome of swirling water surrounds them. Agent Xavier attempts to swim through it, however he is unable to pass through, as though it is solid. Agent Xavier glances up, and sees Dr. Azure Waters swimming towards them. She approaches the dome, and places her hands onto it. Gills are visible on her neck, and her skin and hair have taken on a more greenish hue.)

Dr. Azure: Xavier! How much oxygen is left in your tank?

Agent Xavier: Enough. What is that thing?

(The sound of gunfire can be heard in the background. Dr. Azure glances upwards, and winces.)

Dr. Azure: That is the god of the sea. In days past, sailors used to pray to her to guide them through the waves. But as time passed, and man began to believe the ocean was theirs, she grew bitter. We in this town have managed to keep her appeased by caring for her broken heart.

Agent Xavier: Awesome, so this is one of those “mankind sucks” issues… Do bullets work?

Dr. Azure: No. Her spirit is the ocean. To kill her would be to kill the ocean. I will attempt to calm her. Her grievances are not with me.

(Dr. Azure swims around the dome, approaching the entrance to SCP-7986. She lowers herself to the seafloor, and pounds on the dome, yelling to SCP-7986-3. SCP-7986-3 continues to attack MTF personnel with its appendages.)

Dr. Azure: Ocean! I beg of you, please, stop!

(SCP-7986-3 lowers its appendages, and turns to look at Dr. Azure.)

SCP-7986-3: You… you… are with the humans?

Dr. Azure: To protect you. Do you not remember?

(Dr. Azure raises her left hand, pushing down her lab coat sleeve so that her bracelet is visible.)

Dr. Azure: You bestowed upon me the same luck you gave to the sailors.

(Agent Xavier orders MTF Gamma-6 to cease firing, and to remain silent. SCP-7986-3 does not appear to notice.)

Dr. Azure: You said you wanted revenge for what they’ve done to you. I understand. Many things want revenge for what the humans have done.

SCP-7986-3: Humans… hurt me…

Dr. Azure: I know. What will it take for you to forgive humans?

SCP-7986-3: I want… damage to… stop. I want… apologies for treachery.

(Dr. Azure looks over to Agent Xavier. Agent Xavier begins to shake his head, but he sighs, and slowly approaches SCP-7986-3.)

Agent Xavier: Ocean… on— uh— on behalf of all humans, we are sorry..? We are trying to be kind to you… Please forgive us for— uh— hurting you?

(SCP-7986-3 looks back at Agent Xavier, and stares at him. Agent Xavier noticeably shivers.)

SCP-7986-3: This is not… how things are meant to go. Should go. But… you are friendly to one of my people… and I can feel that your intentions are… kind. It is enough.

(The barrier trapping MTF Gamma-6 dissipates. SCP-7986-3 gestures upwards.)

SCP-7986-3: Will not… cut off the ocean from… humanity. Will not spread… my anger. But… you do not own the ocean. My heart… is not for you. It is for everyone. Do not forget that. I will make you remember.

Agent Xavier: Thank you. Come on, let's move out!

(MTF Gamma-6 begins to ascend to the surface. Agent Xavier follows, but briefly looks back down. SCP-7986-3 has disappeared. Dr. Azure Waters waves to him, and says something inaudible.)


Make no mistake, SCP-7986 was a spectacular disaster. The entire retrieval operation was hijacked by a third party, and Agent Xavier should probably be terminated for agreeing to go along with it when he knew the order was given by false personnel. “Dr. Azure” was a coward who had the gall to enter our ranks as nothing more than an average underwater citizen.

She’s since been fired, of course. We can’t reasonably contain her, unless we want the wrath of the sea upon our backs. However, Agent Xavier is still with us, and he’s to be placed under supervision for the next two months. Now, that’s a pretty soft punishment. I’m sure you all are looking at me like I’ve lost my reason. I’ll tell you, my reasoning is perfectly sound.

Simply put, Xavier did his job. He went against the grain, and somehow managed to defuse a situation that could have escalated into us being in conflict with yet another god— because he just so happened to be the kind of guy who would go against every bit of training we gave him, just to do a nice thing. The fact that we managed to send that kind of person, specifically for this mission, that did not initially call for such a gentle approach— that takes an incredible amount of luck, something we desperately need around.

My biggest take away from this entire thing?

We need to work on anti-luck technology. I mean, seriously— a woman named Dr. Azure Waters, being assigned to SCP-7986, an aquatic anomaly? I was the one who assigned her, and I didn’t even think twice about it! Whatever method she was using, it was strong.

Secure, Contain, Protect.

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