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SCP-7983 caught on Handycam (see 2005 Road Footage)

Item #: SCP-7983

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Effective containment of SCP-7983 is contingent on the separation of the 3 marking totems it uses to manifest— hereby referred to as SCP-7983-1, SCP-7983-2, and SCP-7983-3. SCPs-7983-1, 2, and 3 are to be kept under remote surveillance at separate, low-staff Foundation facilities away from major population centers. These facilities are as follows:

SCP-7983-1 | █-BLOCK in Res. Site-45, Indian Ocean
SCP-7983-2 | Site-120 Outpost-3, ███████, Poland
SCP-7983-3 | Observation Post Nemo at Point Nemo

SCPs are to be contained under a two-factor biometric lock and rotating staff. All other non-essential roles in containment should be highly automated, as outlined under TAK1 Procedures. If access to SCPs-7983-1, 2, and/or 3 is deemed necessary, the relevant Level 4 Personnel will arrange the delivery of a biological sample to arrive within 3-14 business days.2

SCP-7983 itself provides minor security risk. Radio Frequency (RF) Shielding should be used to prevent dissemination of SCP’s lure via fake radio advert while in containment. Should it manifest, SCP-7983 can be contained in any sealed room tall enough to house it. It is either unable or unwilling to break through even weak barriers, such as annealed or tempered glass.

Description: SCP-7983 is an entity resembling the cereal mascot “Clover” from popular kids cereal Magic Munchos. It stands 2.5 meters tall (8 foot 3 inches) when hunched, with misproportioned arms and legs and a tall, broad-brimmed top hat contributing to its height. Its leprechaun mimicry is not incidental, as an update to Clover’s design on Magic Munchos boxes in 2010 prompted a similar change in SCP-7983 in all subsequent manifestations3. The entity’s dress is in faded imitation of Clover’s, that being: a dirty green swallow-tailed evening coat, red and white striped stockings, and green curled-point poulaine shoes. Corroborating accounts from product developer John Holanah and character artist Maysa Jaziri at General Mills disprove the theory that Clover’s original design in 1964 was inspired by SCP-7983, and not vice versa.



Prior to manifestation, cursory tests suggest SCP-7983 occupies base reality in the form of high-compression radio waves4 (the complexity therein having given rise to some form of intelligence). Manifestation is triggered upon the collection of the 3 marking totems (the aforementioned SCPs-7983-1 through 3). SCPs-7983-1 through 3 are miniature plastic “leprechaun” figurines with no anomalous properties, save for their link to SCP-7983. Each figurine has distinctive headwear and facial hair, as well as a “Made in China” sticker on the base, despite no known manufacturer being found. Figurines first appeared in unlabeled Magic Muchos cereal boxes as part of SCP-7983’s “Wee Folk Challenge” radio lure in 2005 (see “Wee Folk Challenge” Radio Lure, 2005).

Upon manifestation, SCP-7983 will exhibit a hostile ontokinetic response (See Interview Log | LEVEL 0 PERSONNEL). Care should be taken to ensure distance is maintained at all times between the entity and essential Foundation personnel.

“Wee Folk Challenge” Radio Lure, 2005

Foundation involvement with SCP-7983 began in March 2005 following reports of an anomalous radio advert for Magic Munchos cereal, airing between the hours of 2:00 and 5:00 AM for 3 consecutive days in select states along the American east coast. The contents of the ad, later denounced by General Mills, are as follows:

Cartoon sound FX. Minor audio distortions throughout.

Nice try, leprechaun! No Magic Munchos for you! Magic Munchos! Part of a complete breakfast. And introducing the Wee Folk Challenge. Find all three of the leprechaun’s friends in boxes of Magic Munchos and win the biiiiiiig prize.

Shortly after airing, reports of SCPs-7983-1, 2, and 3 appearing in Magic Munchos cereal boxes were investigated with unusual interest by Foundation personnel5, considering the perceived threat level and lack of information present. These investigations later led to the recovery of footage documenting SCP-7983’s first known appearance.


The following footage was recovered outside a stalled vehicle on the side of the road in late March, two days after the 2005 lure was broadcast. Recorded on Sony Handycam, its final moments briefly depict SCP-7983 approaching the camera6. SCPs-7983-1, 2, and 3 were found in the vehicle’s glove compartment.

“Wee Folk Challenge” Radio Lure, 2020

In 2020, 15 years after the initial lure, a second string of fake radio adverts for Magic Munchos aired over the course of one week in March. The contents of the ad remained unchanged from the 2005 broadcast, again announcing the unsanctioned “Wee Folk Challenge” and a prize reward. Immediately prior to the 2020 broadcast, SCPs-7983-1 through 3 were removed from containment at Site-██ without the Foundation’s knowledge, in culmination of a series of unexplained security breaches undertaken by Foundation personnel (see Interview Log | MTFC FINN ELSHER). SCPs were recovered after the one-week broadcast period from the remains of a Foundation technician, after which TAK Procedures were put in place.


SCP-7983 looking at the camera during interview

Reports of SCP-7983 were made by several east coast residents throughout the broadcast week. Most encounters occurred in private residences and left no witnesses, however the actions of an employee at a 24-hour convenience store in ██████, New Jersey resulted in SCP-7983’s manifestation being caught on the in-store security cameras. Mobile Task Force Lambda-8 was deployed on a scrub mission, but faulty equipment left the security system’s backups intact, later causing footage of the incident to leak online. To contain the leak, the Foundation engaged in an extensive disinformation campaign. This in large part consisted of flooding the Internet with spurious firsthand accounts attesting to “evil leprechauns” and related folklore, as well as the dissemination of obviously doctored AIC-generated images. With such a vast quantity of related media, recognition of SCP-7983’s true appearance is unlikely7.

Interview Logs


A proposal submitted by Dr. Noah Bodin outlining plans for the destruction of SCPs-7983-1 through 3 has been summarily denied following the doctor’s insistence that he personally facilitate the destruction. Along with Dr. Bodin’s repeated requests for less structured interviews with SCP-7983, such insistence falls under his own negative criteria for assessing Foundation individuals who could prove a threat to the containment of SCPs-7983-1 through 3 (see “In The Event of My Ruin: Reflections & Suggestions Concerning the Compromise of Foundation Personnel”, 2006). Dr. Bodin has been put on watch and transferred to a research position on SCP-7037 prior to its installment in the Overseer Hall.


SCP-7983-2 was removed from containment at Site-120 Outpost-3 without Foundation approval in the early morning of February 26th, 2023. A search is ongoing. Dr. Bodin could not be reached for questioning.


On March 17th, 2023, a new string of fake Magic Munchos adverts began airing across the United States. These broadcasts again advertised the “Wee Folk Challenge”, and lasted for approximately 1 month.

Requests for the allocation of more resources to containing SCP-7983 have been denied, on account of all associated personnel insisting more studies of SCPs-7983-1 and 3 be conducted “in-person”.

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