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Item Description: A hollow iron meteorite with a nearly perfectly spherical inner core. Two cylinders extend from core to the surface. Exposing one cylinder to an electrical current results in the other one generating a low-strength electric current with a rapidly fluctuating voltage seemingly entirely unrelated to the initial current.
Date of Recovery: 03/06/1923
Location of Recovery: Recovered from a field in ███████, Denmark shortly after impact.
Current Status: Kept in a standard containment locker at Site-62.

Research Request

By Junior Researcher Dr. Guillaume, Level 2

Request: To transfer Anomalous Item R-26673 to Site-21.

Reason: The anomalous behavior exhibited by Anomalous Item R-26673 seem to indicate the presence of certain properties that may be of use to the Foundation, specifically for the purpose of storing and processing data. I would like to conduct a more comprehensive analysis of the object that goes beyond standard Anomalous Item testing protocol.

APPROVED - Site-62 Site Director, Claas van der Beek

Request approved. You can expect the item to arrive on 23/05/1984, barring any unexpected delays.

Update 18/06/1984: Anomalous Item R-26673 has been reclassified as SCP-7982.

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