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SCP-7980, as photographed upon discovery.

Item Number: SCP-7980

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7980 is to be contained on-site, owing to both physical dimensions and possible effects of deconstruction and reconstruction necessary for transportation. Continuous observation of inner sections is to be maintained at all times. Outer sections are to be monitored under standard large scale site protocols (LSS-A4), and are to be escalated to active protocols (LSS-A1) during all testing and exploration events. No staff are to remain within SCP-7980 for a period of longer than twenty-four hours. All events or structures outside the standard configuration and cycles are to be logged, with direct action taken only after site oversight review and approval. Any anomalous broadcasts or communication anomalies determined to be outside standard cycles are to trigger an immediate twelve hour lockdown. Anomalies extending beyond this time frame will necessitate an evacuation and cycling of staff, if possible, and extension of lockdown.

A security perimeter of no less than five miles is to be maintained around SCP-7980 containment site. Any individuals or groups crossing this line are to be monitored. Any groups or individuals approaching within three miles of the site are to be intercepted and redirected, or incarcerated if resisting. Any individuals or groups approaching within one mile are to be terminated.

Structural damage or decay is to be repaired only under site oversite approval. Any non-vital damage or decay is to be logged immediately upon discovery. Wounds, bleeding, infection, or aggressive growth of SCP-7980 organics are to be logged immediately, and any present staff cleared from the area until evaluation is rendered. Any increase of pulse rate or pressures beyond standard (see document PUL-NUM 190) for a period of longer than one hour are to trigger a evacuation of all staff from inner sections, to be maintained until rates return to standard levels for at minimum two hours.

No biological female is allowed into the inner sections of SCP-7980 for a period of longer than one hour, and only with a minimum of six security personnel present at all times. Any attempt by SCP-7980 to interact with or capture female staff will trigger an immediate evacuation of said staff from the site, and a forty-eight hour period of quarantine. Female staff exhibiting symptoms of infestation by SCP-7980 are to be terminated. Any functional tissues, organisms, or structures growing from, entering, exiting, or otherwise interacting with infested staff, living or dead, are to be immediately terminated, with remains if possible recovered for investigation and incineration. No samples are to be held for a period of longer than forty-eight hours.

Any male staff exhibiting erratic and/or aggressive behavior are to be removed and quarantined. Male staff exhibiting physical infestation by SCP-7980 are to be terminated.

Description: SCP-7980 is a structure outwardly appearing to be a ziggurat, the style of which directly matches no known civilization, but has similarities to very early Mesopotamian works. While the upper internal structures appear to be related to religious ceremony, the bulk of the facility is a network of mechanical and organic structures. These structures extend for a significant distance, with over 32 kilometers of area so far mapped, however due to the variable and at times hostile nature of some sections, consistent data is difficult to collect or estimate. Dating of the facility is similarly difficult, however the outer sections have been tentatively dated at between 10,000 and 8,000 B.C. Internal and lower areas vary wildly from this, particularly the organic sections, and it is theorized that SCP-7980 has undergone various periods of discovery, habitation, and disuse over the centuries.

The ziggurat of SCP-7980 is currently located in an underground cave, accessible from a secondary, smaller cave system in the country of [DATA EXPUNGED] with the lower sections extending in a roughly spherical network below. Geological data from the area indicates that SCP-7980 may have at one point been located on the surface, but seismic events and shifting climate patterns may have partially buried SCP-7980. There is additional evidence indicating that SCP-7980 may have been excavated and re-buried several times. Local information gathered from nearby population centers reveal the whole area as being considered “cursed”, and a resting place of various monster and demons. Probing for information about the SCP-7980 site was met with resistance, and at times hostility, however there is no indication beyond rumor and local legend that these populations have any knowledge of SCP-7980 or its purpose.

The lower sections of SCP-7980 appear to be some form of partially mechanical, partially organic facility, showing remarkably advanced construction and detail for the presumed age. Some areas appear to have been devoted to rituals or various rites, while others are purely functional and industrial. Many of these areas are still active, though many of their purposes are as of yet unknown. This is further complicated due to the “encroachment” of materials in to one another, with organics and mechanics appearing to grow, damage, and convert the other constantly. In rough overview, the facilities mimic various biological and industrial systems, such as circulatory, respiratory, digestive, and reproductive systems, as well as heating, cooling, forging, assembly, and numerous others. Many of these systems also appear to have varying levels of damage or disruption, and attempts to repair them have met with very limited success. It is also unclear how materials and energy fuel these systems, though aspects of hydraulics, kinetic force, electricity, and temperature cycling have been noted.

SCP-7980 is generally passive, especially in the upper levels, provided intruding subjects do not directly interact with SCP-7980, and are male. Females, and those interacting with SCP-7980 structures begin to trigger increasingly hostile reactions, at times leading to construct formation in extreme cases. SCP-7980 does not appear to be possessed of will or thought, despite various neurological and processing structures found, and has not as of yet communicated SCP-7980. Data recovered from various locations [SEE DOC ARC-269-AC TABLET TRANSCRIPTION] [SEE DOC ARC-334-BH COLLATED PICTOGRAMS] indicate that SCP-7980 may be or have been capable of direct communication at one point, though the means are as of yet unknown. Reactions follow a pattern not unlike immune response, with more rapid and more aggressive reactions occurring in more sensitive and deeper sections.

Though much of SCP-7980 and its purpose remain obscure, it appears one of the major functions of SCP-7980 is the creation and assembly of various forms of life. These take on an apparently limitless number of forms, with some identical to currently documented forms of life, such as dogs, cattle, bats, snakes, rats, fish, and others. Some may superficially appear to be common life forms, but are made wholly or entirely of non-organic parts, or with random and seemingly nonsensical arrangement of internal and external organics, or various combinations. Some bear no documented analogs, and appear to function outside known laws and functions of both biology and physics. These constructs are almost invariably hostile, sometimes even to one another, and do not communicate in any meaningful fashion. Typically, constructs will violently attack intruders, then recover bodies, living or dead, to transport to the deepest “Core” areas. Constructs are routinely broken down, reabsorbed, and repurposed by SCP-7980 when not actively defending SCP-7980.

SCP-7980 will often attempt to capture intruders. Subjects will then typically be integrated with the overall structure of SCP-7980, or altered by mechanical or biological means into constructs. This behavior is most commonly exhibited with captured male subjects, or those involved in “intrusion” events while within SCP-7980. Female subjects are almost invariably drawn to the Core sections, and integrated, acting as assembly and birthing mediums for various constructs and systems until physical degradation. This typically lasts for a period of several months, up to five years, however documented cases lasting decades have been observed. Expended female subjects are then “processed” by SCP-7980, the remains of which are drawn in to as-yet undocumented sections of the Core area. Interestingly, purely mechanical systems, such as observation robots, monitoring systems and similar, are treated in identical fashion as female subjects by SCP-7980.

The deepest sections are known as the Core, or Womb area. This is the most active area of SCP-7980, with the majority of the rest of the facility appearing to be devoted to its function. The most apparently important area of this section are two massive globular structures of both organic and mechanical material, one showing significant physical damage. Due to the extreme hostile response of SCP-7980 to intruders to this area, testing and data is limited, however it is theorized these objects act as gestational and/or assembly structures. It is unclear what is intended to be produced by these structures, and the damaged unit appears to have failed, or already released whatever was contained within. This is an ongoing area of concern, as the unit is capable of holding several megatons worth of overall mass, and the second, undamaged unit appears to still be functional. Attempts to determine the composition or nature of what is inside have met with the most extreme and hostile reactions of SCP-7980, but a form of pulse and oscillating electrical charge have been briefly documented. Attempts to determine what, if anything may have emerged from the second structure have [DATA EXPUNGED]

Information control in regards to SCP-7980 is considered to be of paramount importance. The isolated nature of SCP-7980 limits most casual observation and contact, but any information leaks are to be treated as immediate high priority. In addition, info leaks found to have connected to groups of interest, most importantly [GOI – 01] and [GOI – 07] are to be treated as absolute priority, with full contact liquidation at all levels if necessary.


Note- Document is in an as-yet undocumented, early form of what is presumed to be Sumerian, also showing elements of extremely early Minoan and Archaic Chinese script. Translation is still ongoing, and transcription represents the best-estimate translation. Tablet itself is a large, rectangular slab 1.8 meters long, .9 meters wide, and .3 meters thick. Material appears to be a black, dull metal of unknown composition, with no evidence of tool marks anywhere on the surface. Glyphs appear to have been etched into the surface over a prolonged period, appearing as a dull orange-red in color. Testing has determined them to have been rusted into the surface over a period of several hundred years, utilizing human blood

Long and far from here, before the beginning
The builder of the father of old gods
The womb-forge of the unstruck spark
life was made

Soft and hard, wet and dry
it was made in the way of clay and stone
it pleased the beginner-of-beginnings
for a time

in the way of woman and man, of sun and moon
anger bled and rusted into the world
Soon great eyes and thunder rolled, and hate
ate the world

Seas of blood and death, skies of smoke and poison
death bloomed and swallowed all
stillness ruled all the land and sky and water
yet life endured

we speak to you now, the children that will be far and away
know there is no truth, and the gods lie
all that is, was, or will ever be is but maggots upon
the dead God

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