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Note: This article was first published on 11/08/1999. It has been edited over the course of two decades with updates on the experimentation of SCP-7977. Please refer to the archived description, containment procedures, and interviews for information.

Item #: SCP-7977

Object Class: Neutralized (Formerly Keter)


Special Containment Procedures: See archived containment procedures.

Description: SCP-7977 is a 20-year-old human female of European descent with the given name Valerie Ynomes. SCP-7977's anomalous abilities manifest upon perceiving an individual for a long enough period of time. Once it does so, the individual is removed from baseline reality and appears as a character in one of the many fictional works SCP-7977 writes. To prevent this, SCP-7977 must be under the genuine belief that an individual no longer exists once it has perceived someone. It has been concluded that this includes believing that the individual is deceased. Individuals that have already been erased cannot be restored. The only way to keep note of the erased individuals is through SCP-7977's writings, thus why it is allowed to have them. How long an individual has to be perceived to be affected is currently unknown. At the time of initial containment, SCP-7977 is 20 weeks pregnant with twins, one male, one female.

Update as of 17/01/2000:

SCP-7977-1 and SCP-7977-2 refer to two humanoid infant children, birthed from SCP-7977. It is unknown if SCP-7977-1 and SCP-7977-2 are anomalous, so they are to remain under Foundation custody until further notice for observation to ensure they do not share or spread the anomalous qualities of SCP-7977.

Update as of 20/09/2016: SCP-7977 was a 36-year-old woman named Valerie Ynomes of Caucasian descent. See previous description for anomalous abilities.


SCP-7977 was brought to the Foundation's attention when a popular author began to frantically claim the existence of people who never existed. Most of these people she claimed to know were said to be family members or friends of hers. Foundation specialists were brought onto the case, and these claims were investigated. It was found the people claimed to have exist were characters in SCP-7977's novel, and SCP-7977 was brought into Foundation custody shortly after.


SCP-7977 was initially contained on 9/08/1999. An introductory interview was conducted shortly after. Following containment, experimentation regarding SCP-7977 began. All testing was conducted using D-class personnel.


After several days of testing, it was concluded that SCP-7977 needs to be under the genuine belief that an individual it has interacted with no longer exists. The only way to do this in a viable way is to tell it the person has been killed. This was discovered due to a family member of SCP-7977 encountering a fatal car accident, and they were not a victim of SCP-7977's anomaly. SCP-7977 was told anyone who interacted with it will be euthanized. In actuality, no one who interacts with SCP-7977 has been euthanized. As the amount of time SCP-7977's anomaly takes to take effect is inconsistent.



For the remainder of its pregnancy, SCP-7977 remained physically normal. However, SCP-7977's mental health steadily declined with each interaction, whereupon it was decided that interaction is to be minimized with SCP-7977. To ease the stress of delivery, SCP-7977 was sedated. Before sedation, SCP-7977 asked if it was allowed to name its children, which was granted. SCP-7977 chose the name 'Valentine' for SCP-7977-1, and 'George' for SCP-7977-2. SCP-7977-1 and SCP-7977-2 were delivered via C-Section. After their birth, they were brought to the Foundation infirmary where nursing and observation began.

As of 17/01/2000, testing switched focus from SCP-7977 to SCP-7977-1 and SCP-7977-2. SCP-7977-1 and SCP-7977-2 were born healthy with no immediately observable health issues.


The following addendum takes place over the course of several decades. Several years of logs have been removed for brevity. A full list is available on request.

Documentation of SCP-7977-1 and SCP-7977-2 are to be noted under this file.


After much discussion between researchers and Foundation staff, on 30/01/2019, it was decided that it would be too dangerous to release SCP-7977-1 and SCP-7977-2 due to the risk of them becoming anomalous later in life. Due to SCP-7977-1’s artistic interests, and SCP-7977-2’s academic expertise, it was determined that SCP-7977-1 and SCP-7977-2 would be delivered amnestics and mnestics and taken on as Foundation agents, starting as Junior Researchers. SCP-7977-1 would take on the identity of Nora Flates, while SCP-7977-2 would take on the identity of Zack Flates. SCP-7977-1 and SCP-7977-2 will remain under Foundation supervision.


On 13/05/2022, SCP-7977-1 and SCP-7977-2, under the identities of Nora and Zack Flates, were asked to write letters to their past selves under the guise of a Junior Researcher assignment. The real reason was to see if the false memories were working as intended. The following is SCP-7977-1's letter.

Dear Past Nora,

If you were really reading this, you wouldn't believe me, but it's me! Future you! Can you believe they allowed us to do this as an assignment? I know, it didn't make much sense to me either. It's crazy life has led up to this point. When you were younger, you were more of a math whiz. Or well, you are. But now that's Zack's thing. Mom and Dad always told you you'd amount to something great. And you did. You may not feel like it now, but you're going to make it. You feel sad a lot. Because while you have a lot of friends, it's empty somehow. You're unsure how, it just is. But you have Zack. And now you're doing this together. He always thought he'd amount to nothing. Please tell him he's wrong. He needs to know he's wrong. So today, you get to work on writing SCP files. Or, I do. I did great on my last one. You always wanted to write when you were younger.

Why… Why do I keep talking about all this? I'm not sure. I think I'd rather focus on now. So um… you focus on the past, and I'll focus on my life now. Sound good?

-Future Nora

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