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Item#: 7975
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Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
Site-78 Leah Richter Reginald Whitlock Gamma-4 ("Green Stags")


A Boreal Chorus Frog, a species closely resembling SCP-7975.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7975 is to be kept within a temperature-controlled containment chamber designed after a reptilian/amphibian habitat. SCP-7975's daily diet shall consist of three Stouffers TV dinners and a pound of fried flies. In addition, they are allowed one pack of menthol cigarettes per week.

One lawn chair and one 4K Smart TV with cable access are to be given for recreational purposes.

Foundation webcrawlers are to respond to postings of pictures and videos of SCP-7975 to discredit them as hoaxes, men in costumes, or iguanas. Any direct witnesses to SCP-7975's activity are to be questioned and amnesticized.

Description: SCP-7975 is the designation given to an amphibious biped resembling a member of Pseudacris maculata1. SCP-7975 stands 1.7 meters tall and weighs 55kg. Its appearance resembles that of a frog with limb proportions similar to that of a human being. SCP-7975's internal biology resembles a non-anomalous frog but scaled up to match its current size.

Unlike its amphibian cousins, SCP-7975 displays an intense desire for frozen human foods such as TV Dinners and Pizzas, often resorting to theft from local supermarkets to satisfy this craving. SCP-7975 also displays a propensity for speech, speaking in a midwestern accent despite it not having the proper vocal apparatus to do so.

SCP-7975 is believed to be responsible for the myth of the "Chugwater Frogman", a creature designated as a "Cryptid" by Wyoming inhabitants and forming a part of the local folklore. SCP-7975 claims to be only 26 years old contradicting the earliest sighting. At this time it is unknown if there are multiple instances of SCP-7975 or if SCP-7975 is simply misremembering its own age.

History: The Chugwater Frogman was first believed to have been spotted in 1970 by a man named Chuck Winchester on a road leading out of Chugwater, Wyoming. Chuck claims to have spoken with the Frogman, who was trying to catch insects by a lamp post, and offered them a cigarette before leaving them be.

Chuck's story quickly spread throughout the small town and became a local legend, prompting businesses and tourism industries to take advantage and sell merchandise and offer a chance to potentially see the mysterious frogman. Despite attention from "Cryptid hunters" in state and out of state, sightings were very rare with only three per year, low enough to the point where Foundation Cryptozoologists deemed the sightings to be nothing more than a hoax.

Discovery: In 2022, Foundation Site-78 had developed a hypothesis that the world was experiencing a surge of activity in it's Cryptobiome2, believed to be connected to a greater anomalous event. This increase in activity was marked by a growth in populations of Parafauna and more discoveries of new species in the past ten years. In addition, sightings of SCP-7975 became more frequent and increasingly public

Site-78's newly established Cryptozoology Department3 under Dr. Whitlock began investigating these new sightings. From pictures and videos being posted online, Dr. Whitlock theorized that SCP-7975 was not a hoax or a myth, but rather a new species of parafauna.

A list of documented sightings can be found below.

Date Details
12/01/2022 At 1:00am, Kimberly Montoya (35) owner of a local CVS came out from her office to find SCP-7975 stealing Menthol Cigarettes and gum from behind the register. Montoya proceeded to call the authorities and chase SCP-7975 from the store. SCP-7975 had left the premises by the time the police arrived and subsequent inventory of the store had shown that SCP-7975 had stolen several TV dinners as well. The incident was caught on the security cameras but Foundation personnel in the area were able to scrub the footage and Montoya was subsequently amnesticized.
19/02/2022 SCP-7975 was recorded at Chugwater Strip club with at least 4,000 dollars in US singles. When questioned SCP-7975 answered that it had obtained the money from "A suitcase that had floated downriver". SCP-7975 then proceeded to order as many dances as possible and was recorded on phone video by several customers. The female dancers interviewed by Foundation personnel stated that SCP-7975 was their best customer and noted that he kept requesting that they "Throw that ass back, froggy style." They didn't quite understand this request but proceeded to act like frogs for them as long as he would pay. SCP-7975 left the establishment after spending all of the money. All patrons were later amnesticized.
28/04/2022 SCP-7975 appeared on a Snapchat video taken by Andrew Kino (21) in the breakroom of a Weed dispensary. SCP-7975 was visibly inebriated and talking philosophically about his anomalous nature as a Frogman. Foundation webcrawlers subsequently had the story taken down and the workers of the dispensary were amnesticized.

On June 8th 2022, Cryptozoological investigators were able to triangulate the location of SCP-7975's home by cross referencing previous sightings with large sources of water and caves where he could potentially be hiding. MTF Gamma-4 was deployed with tranquilizers and net guns to (5) different cave systems, eventually finding one with a lake inside of it and several amenities nearby. These included a generator, minifridge, microwave, television, cigarettes, and a lawn chair.

SCP-7975 came up from the water moments after MTF Gamma-4's arrival and was verbally hostile to the MTF who attempted to reason with the anomaly to come with them. SCP-7975 refused and brandished a Glock-17 at the MTF who subsequently tranquilized and netted it after SCP-7975's Glock misfired.

SCP-7975 was then detained in the Cryptozoological Department's Amphibian wing with amenities provided after SCP-7975 showed a willingness to cooperate with research staff.

Addendum 7975.01: Interview with SCP-7975

The following interview was performed by Dr. Whitlock and supervised by Researcher Maria Johnston of Parabiological Sciences. As this was Dr. Whitlock's first anomaly contained at Site-78, Site Director Richter requested an observer be present to see how he handled sentient anomalies.

Johnston: Stating my name for the record, Maria Johnston head of Parabiological Sciences and Arms + Equipment. With me today is the head of Cryptozoology, Dr. Reginald-

Whitlock: Excuse me, Ms. Johnston. I'd like to be referred on the record as Reggie.

Johnston: Wh-what? Standard Site-78 protocol for video logs is that you have to say your… preferred name. Alright I guess that's okay.

Reggie: Thank you for the respect, young lady. Now, SCP-7975. I'm sure this has been a bit of a harrowing experience for you being ripped from your home.

SCP-7975: You kiddin'? This place is so much better than that dank cave. If I knew this was a hotel, I wouldn't've pulled a gun on ya!

Johnston: 7975, this isn't a hotel. You are in containment, like a zoo but without the people. You aren't allowed to leave.

SCP-7975: Well, you're going to keep me fed and taken care of, right? You know I think you're right, not a hotel - more like my own palace…

Johnston: That's not-

Reggie: What Johnston was trying to say, my friend, is that if you would like us to enrich your habitat that there needs to be a bit of give and take. You answer our questions and we'll see if we can get you some TV dinners. I understand that the usual frog food isn't enough.

SCP-7975: Yeah, do you know how hard it is to maintain a physique like this without any big protein? What do you want to know?

[SCP-7975 attempts to flex its abs but nothing shows through it's blubbery gut.]

Reggie: How old are you?

SCP-7975: 26… I think. That might be in frog years, not sure.

Reggie: According to our records, you've been around for 46 years. There's about a 20 year gap there.

SCP-7975: 46! Do I look 46? You might have the wrong guy.

Johnston: Are there more like you? Where are your parents? Do you have siblings?

SCP-7975: Nope, no family. I'm the only one of me there is.

Reggie: But someone had to lay your egg, were you ever a tadpole?

SCP-7975: Not that I remember, I've always just been a guy. They call me the Chugwater Frogman but you can call me Gary.

Reggie: Gary… hmmm. Moving on, did you perhaps fall into a temporal sink between now and 1970? Perhaps there was a reality shift or… a cosmic realignment. Why did your activity seem to increase now?

Johnston: Doctor-

Reggie: Reggie. No titles.

Johnston: Reggie, what does any of that have to do with-

SCP-7975: What the hell are you talking about doc? Time sink? Next, you're gonna start talking about bigfoot hemorrhoids!4 But to tell ya the truth, I used to hibernate a lot. Then suddenly… it just became "in season" for me. I just felt the need to start coming out of the cave more recently.

Reggie: Hmm, that does confirm your theory, Johnston. I wonder if Jersey Devils follow a similar behavior… I'm also inclined to ask 7975, where did you acquire a gun?

SCP-7975: Where every American gets one.

[There is a moment of silence.]

Reggie: Are you going to answer?

SCP-7975: … The dumpster. Don't you get your firearms from the local dumpster?

Johnston: No, that's actually quite concerning.

Reggie: I personally want to know more about that briefcase you mentioned. It wouldn't happen to belong to D.B. Cooper… would it?

SCP-7975: D.B! My pal! Yeah, I pulled him out of the river and he gave me some money for my trouble. I kept it stashed for a special occasion.

Reggie: I knew it! I knew he was out there somewhere! SCP-7975, you have to tell us about anything that the government might be hiding from us. Is there anything else strange happening in Chugwater?

SCP-7975: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

[SCP-7975 pauses for a moment.]

SCP-7975: Did you guys know that the local Wendy's is run by alligators?

[End Recording]

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