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Item #: SCP-7971



Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Location 7971 has been purchased by the Foundation and closed indefinitely. Surveillance cameras have been installed on-premises to monitor SCP-7971 activity. Surveillance tapes and residue samples are to be collected for further study. A safety barrier is placed at Location 7971’s entrance to dissuade public access. The store's window blinds are to be remain drawn.

Due to their positive standing with SCP-7971 instances, PoI-7971 has been employed to maintain the gas station as they did prior to its closing. The location’s convenience store should be solely operated by PoI-7971 during the hours of 00:00 and 05:00 local time. No other lifeforms are permitted inside during this time, as to maintain continued patronage from SCP-7971.

Description: SCP-7971 collectively refers to the various entities regularly manifesting at Location 7971, a gas station located on the [REDACTED] freeway, outside the town of Lambar, Kansas, United States. Location 7971 is constructed on a crossroad-point in space time, granting entities that are capable of dimensional travel access to and from baseline reality.

Instances of SCP-7971 vary significantly from each other in appearance and biology. All recorded instances have so-far appeared sized for traversing the gas station’s convenience store without damaging the property or its contents. Residue samples taken from instance’s manifestation points show to be extra-dimensional in nature (This residue has proven harmless, and may be cleaned up by PoI-7971). Instances react negatively to the presence of other lifeforms (Barring PoI-7971), by either exiting baseline reality or responding with hostility when threatened.

SCP-7971 instances manifest in-store between the hours of 00:00 and 04:30. Instances will traverse the aisles, before eventually de-manifesting through the surface which they first emerged (Floor, wall, or ceiling). Instances may purchase items in-store, taking such products with them when leaving. It is reported that instances used to attempt purchasing items using currency forged from various unidentified metals. Instances later switched to mundane United States currency.

Location 7971’s sole nightshift employee was Riley Kenton, a twenty-five year old university graduate1 who had been employed at the gas station for four years. Ms. Kenton began noticing SCP-7971 instances manifesting in-store three months into her employment, however this did not concern her in any significant way. Ms. Kenton remained employed at the store until its shutdown, resulting from an increase in SCP-7971 activity witnessed by locals.

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