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Item#: 7970
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Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
Site-78 Leah Richter Greg Chudley & Maria Johnston N/A

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation Personnel are not to interfere with SCP-7970's primary operations. Employees of Site-78 are encouraged to use SCP-7970's services to purchase gas and groceries, as it is the only place to do so within the city limits of Chugwater, Wyoming. Due to the importance of SCP-7970 in maintaining the local economy, a cover story is to be run downplaying SCP-7970's anomalous capabilities. Any incoming traffic from other locales will be given amnestics by instances of SCP-7970-1 as per the Foundation's agreement with SCP-7970-2.


A location of SCP-7970.

Description: SCP-7970 is the gas station/grocery store claiming to be Horton's Corner, an establishment destroyed in 2012. SCP-7970 manifests within the city limits of Chugwater, Wyoming for a twenty-four-hour period before de-manifesting for forty-eight hours. SCP-7970 displays no outwardly anomalous properties outside of its ability to teleport between locations and otherwise functions as a regular gas station. How SCP-7970 maintains its supply of food, water, and gasoline is currently undetermined.

SCP-7970-1 instances are the attendants and employees of SCP-7970. Foundation records have made note of twenty (20) instances of SCP-7970-1, which are rotated out between manifestations of SCP-7970. These instances appear as human males and females between the ages of 18-26 with generally cheerful dispositions. SCP-7970-1 instances share names and appearances with deceased members of the local community, a connection that is still under investigation. SCP-7970-1's express joy at working for SCP-7970 and consistently advertise Horton's products and services along with reciting company catchphrases.

SCP-7970-2 is the current owner of Horton's Corner, referred to by employees as "Horton". The properties of SCP-7970-2 are unknown as "Horton" has never made any public appearances. Investigation into SCP-7970-2 is currently the focus of SCP-7970 research.

Discovery: On December 30th, 2012 an SUV crashed into Horton's Corner, Chugwater's only gas station, and started a fire that destroyed the business. The accident left Chugwater residents with no option but to drive to nearby cities to buy basic necessities and gasoline. Five years later, on March 18th, 2017, GPS devices began picking up a new Horton's Corner location within the Chugwater area which led to the establishment that would become known as SCP-7970.

SCP-7970's anomalous properties became known twenty-four hours after its first appearance. At this time the SCP-7970-1 instances told customers that they were only a pop-up location and would return in two days' time after restocking. SCP-7970 then proceeded to vanish into the thin air nearly instantaneously, leaving no trace of its existence. The subsequent disappearance of SCP-7970 was promptly covered up by Foundation agents, who ensured that the event was not covered by any media sources and outgoing travelers did not bring word of a "disappearing gas station".

Amnesticization protocols were considered, but due to the repeated appearances of SCP-7970 and the importance of the anomaly to Chugwater's infrastructure, such protocols were deemed unnecessary. In addition to these factors, Site-78 had previously documented that Chugwater residents displayed a 75% higher acceptance of anomalous activity as being a part of baseline normalcy compared to the average US citizen.1 The cause of this phenomenon is not yet known, and several interviews with Chugwater Residents who had used SCP-7970's services corroborated this statistic.

Addendum 7970.01: Interview with John Milsboro

On March 27th, 2017, one week after the appearance of SCP-7970, Foundation agents brought the original owner of Horton's Corner in for questioning.

Interviewer: Junior Researcher Greg Chudley

Interviewee: John Milsboro

[Begin Recording]

Chudley: Hello, Mr. Milsboro. I'm Inspector Chudley with the BBB. Do you mind if I ask you some questions regarding your time using Horton's Corner? The new one, not the business that you once owned.

Milsboro: Aint'cha a little young to be a business inspector? You hardly look out of school, boy.

Chudley: Good eye, I'm not out of school yet. I'm working on my bachelor's at the moment and this is just a work-study job for me.

Milsboro: Ah, good on ya! Glad to see such a good work ethic in the youth. What kinda questions didja have?

Chudley: First, I wanted to ask whether you were contacted about the use of the name of your former business. You never had the name copyrighted, but I wanted to hear your thoughts about them taking the name.

Milsboro: I’ll admit, I was a little hesitant about hearing that name again. I lost a worker in that fire, but if anything I'm flattered! It's not like that fuckin' Obama came to bail us out in our time of need!

Chudley: Uh um, sorry for your loss. I can imagine it must've been hard revisiting Horton's after a tragedy like that.

Milsboro: It was a mighty fine establishment, no complaint for me. I hate to admit it but it's a major improvement over the original location. It's bigger, got a better selection of fixins and the bathrooms are pristine! Dunno who's running it but they gotta have a lot of cash, it's comparable to one of them city joints.

Chudley: Hmm, I would have thought you'd be a bit angry. Did you meet with the owner?

Milsboro: I tried! The girl at the counter said he ain't doing appointments, but he 'appreciates my long years of service to the community'.The only way he'd meet with me is if I became some fuckin tier of their "rewards program" or some nonsense. Fuckin' millennial bullshit I tell ya.

Chudley: Hmmm, certainly a predatory practice. We'll have to look into that. Lastly, I have to ask about the… strange incidents regarding the store. Specifically the disappearances.

Milsboro: What you mean, boy? There ain't nothin' strange about that new Horton's Corner. It's just smoke and mirrors, they are trying to be showy to keep people talking about it.

Chudley: There is also the fact that we haven't seen any crews to supply or build this supposed gas station. That doesn't bother you in the slightest?

[Milsboro laughs.]

Milsboro: Kid you don't understand basic marketing. They don't want you to know who is supplying them. It adds to the charm and mystique.

Chudley: So I've been told. Thank you for your time, Mr. Milsboro. That'll be all for now.

[End Recording]

Addendum 7970.02: Expedition Log #1

Following the interview with Mr. Milsboro, Site-78 Director Leah Richter authorized an investigation into Horton's Corner to ascertain the identity of SCP-7970-2. Due to Site-78's lack of available Mobile Task Forces and short staffing, Junior Researchers Greg Chudley and Maria Johnston were chosen to go on an expedition into SCP-7970.

[Begin Recording]

[Researcher Johnston is seen down against the dashboard fiddling with the camcorder]

Chudley: So… Do you think they have Mozzarella sticks?


[Johnston leans back into her car seat.]

Chudley: Mozzarella sticks. I've heard this Horton's place is similar to a Sheetz. So I'm hoping they have Mozzarella sticks and they're as good if not better.

Johnston: What the hell is a Sheetz?

Chudley: Only the best gas station slash restaurant in the midwest! Are you telling me they don't have Sheetz where you come from?

Johnston: I'm from California.

Chudley: Oh, I'm sorry.

Johnston: Like Ohio is any better.

[Johnston scoffs.]

Johnston: Anyways. Stating our names for the record, Maria Johnston here with Gregory Chudley. This is Log 1 of the SCP-7970 expeditions. The date is the 20th of March 2017 and SCP-7970 has been manifested for approximately two hours. We are currently en route to SCP-7970 and should be there in five minutes.

Chudley: Do you have to be so formal? We're sitting and driving, I doubt Richter's going to give us an infraction for having a chat.

Johnston: This is going on the record and we're on the clock. We have to be professional.

Chudley: Professional? In my fucking mini cooper? It's my car, my rules. Remember that our cover is being ourselves. Just Greg and his friend Maria filling up on gas.

Johnston: (sighs) I guess you're right. I just want to do well on my first field assignment.

Chudley: Relax, you'll do fine. I mean, you're only here to babysit me, right?

Johnston: Babysit you? Don't be absurd.

Chudley: You don't need two people to investigate a freaking gas station. Richter doesn't trust me, that's why she had you tag along.

Johnston: Well you've been consistently late to meetings, and you broke a shipment of glassware you were supposed to bring to my lab- fuck!

[Johnston turns to look out the window and then faces the camera.]

Johnston: You just ran a red light!

Chudley: Did I? I think that's subjective.

Johnston: I literally watched you do it.

Chudley: Wasn't on video. No evidence. plus we're here. Get switched over to the body cams.

[The feed goes dark for a moment but the audio is still picked up.]

Chudley: I'll get the car filled up with gas. You go interview some of the other customers. Once I'm filled up, I'm going to go order my Mozzarella sticks as an excuse to chat up one of the -1s.

[The feed returns now showing footage from Chudley's body cam.]

Johnston: Wait… you're telling me the Mozzarella sticks bit had a purpose?

Chudley: Twofold, my dear Johnston. Gets our job done and fills my stomach. Did you expect me to not have a plan ready?

Johnston: Yes?

Chudley: For shame. Let's go.

[Chudley pops the gas cap and leaves the car. He reaches into his pocket for his credit card and placed it into the pump before selecting his gas type.]

Chudley: 2.20! That's a steal!

Female Voice: Of course it is! Here at Horton's Corner, we strive for the best prices in the country!

[The camera swings to the left as Chudley is heard making a surprised exclamation. There is a female instance of SCP-7970-1 standing there in a red Horton's Corner uniform holding a tablet.]

Chudley: D-don't sneak up on me like that. Miss-

Shelly: Shelly Porter! Pleased to meetcha! What brings you to Horton's Corner?

[Chudley is seen placing the pump into his vehicle]

Chudley: Me and my friend are here for some cheap gas and some good food.

Shelly: Well we gots plenty! As we say at Horton's Corner, Whereever you are, Horton hears you! Wouldja also like to join our rewards program?

Chudley: I would, actually. Could you tell me about that?

Shelly: Sure thing! Our rewards program gives 10 points for every dollar that'cha spend. Once you hit certain thresholds you go up in tier. Bronze tier is at 1000, Silver Tier is at 5000, and Gold tier is at 10,000.

Our Bronze tier customers get 5% off all products, Silver gets ya 10% and one free gallon of gas per fill up, and Gold Tier gets you 15% off and one free fill up per month. Plus you get to meet the big man himself, Horton.

[The sound of the pump stopping is heard and Chudley hangs it back up.]

Chudley: That all sounds pretty good. You can sign my friend and I up.

[The instance starts typing on their tablet.]

Shelly: Super! I'll just need your name and contact info.

Chudley: Alright, that's [EMPLOYEE INFORMATION EXPUNGED] for me. And for my friend Maria, it's [EMPLOYEE INFORMATION EXPUNGED].

Shelly: Alrighty, here are your cards.

[The SCP-7970-1 instance pulls two cards from their tablet and hands them to Researcher Chudley.]

Chudley: Thank you, have a good day now.

Shelly: You too!

[The instance walks away as Researcher Johnston moves to the front of the car. Chudley hands her a rewards card and the pair begin moving towards the store.]

Chudley: Any luck?

Johnston: Nothing of note from the other customers filling up. They're just happy to have Horton's back and, as expected, none of them seem to bat an eye about this place disappearing every two days.

Chudley: Not even creeped out by the -1s?

Johnston: Someone said one of the workers reminded them of a person they used to know. Speaking of which, did you get a name off that one you were talking to? We never confirmed if any of the -1s were former residents.

[The sliding doors to the store open. The inside of Horton's is sparkling and pristine. Rows and rows of foods, drinks, and personal products are visible. Chudley and Johnston walk into the snack aisle and stop. Johnston pulls out her SCiPhone and begins fiddling with it.]

Chudley: (quietly) Can you find a Shelly Porter in the registry?

Johnston: I'll look, give me a second to run her name.

[There is a 30-second pause while they wait.]

Johnston: Zero matches.

Chudley: Maybe they are just creations of the anomaly then? Regardless, we have a way to get to Horton.

Johnston: Right. The rewards program. How much is that gonna cost us?

Chudley: We need 10,000 points to get the highest tier. It's 10 points per dollar, so we’ll have to spend 1000 dollars each… do you,think we can get the funding for that?

Johnston: Ugh, the Site’s been low on funds and staffing. I’m barely able to get enough Agar for all of the culturing that Richter wanted done of the local microbiota.

Chudley: So, we're broke.

Johnston: Pretty much yeah. Well, I’m gonna get started on racking up some points with what I can spend.

Chudley: And I’m getting my Mozz. We'll meet back up at the food court.

[Johnston nods and Chudley walks into SCP-7970's dining area. He approaches the instance working the counter.]

Chudley: How's it going, my man? Can I get two orders of… wait. Is that a chicken sandwich WITH MOZZARELLA STICKS ON IT? I'll take that.

SCP-7970-1 Food Worker: Can do, sir. That'll be $4.99

[Chudley hands the instance the card and the camera turns slightly to the nearby wall behind the counter. An employee schedule is seen.]

SCP-7970-1 Food Worker: Okay, your order number is 25. Let me go run this to the back.

[As the instance leaves, Chudley reaches over the counter and grabs the schedule off of the wall.]

Chudley: Thanks man. When did you start working here?

[Chudley folds the schedule and places it into his pants pocket.]

SCP-7970-1 Food Worker: Oh I've been working since the grand opening. Old Man Horton gave me a new lease on life with this job, I'd do anything to pay him back.

[A shattering sound is heard.]

Chudley: Hold that thought. I'll be right back.

[Chudley moves towards the direction of the sound which leads him to the registers. A woman is seen berating a Female SCP-7970-1 instance behind the counter.]

Woman: What do you mean I gotta pay for this! You bumped into me!

SCP-7970-1: Ma’am I was nowhere near you. I saw you knock it over and I’m going to kindly request that you pay what you owe. That was a $750 dollar decoration and my boss is going to need you to pay for it.

Woman: Listen here, missy! I don’t know where you get expecting money out of me but I know the original Horton’s would never hire such terrible employees. DO. YOU. UNDER. STAND. MY ENGLISH?

[Chudley is heard muttering "white woman moment" in response but the instance appears unaffected by her remarks.]

SCP-7970-1: Ma’am if you won’t pay for it then we’ll have to negotiate your terms of payment. We here at Horton’s Corner don’t take kindly to rude remarks being made toward our staff.

[Two SCP-7970-1 instances come from behind the woman, placing their hands on her shoulders. They tell her to come into the back with them. She refuses and pushes them off of her. The woman then begins yelling at them which prompts several more instances to surround the woman and drag her off kicking and screaming towards a door in the back.]

[The instance that had been yelled at walks off. As the commotion subsides, Johnston is seen across the way looking visibly distressed.]

[Footage removed for brevity.]

[The camera feed has switched back to the camcorder. Johnston and Chudley are sitting quietly in the car. Chudley reaches into his Horton’s bag and takes a bite of his sandwich while Johnston cracks open a Mountain Dew Kickstart and took a sip.]

Chudley: Wh- what do we do? I-I that woman is gone. She was a total "I'd like to speak to your manager type" and probably had something coming to her but the way they just dragged her off…

Johnston: Cover story. We make up a cover story. If she has a family, we let them know she’s going to be gone for work… or maybe amnestics?

Chudley: Jesus Johnston! I’m not going to be responsible if we make kids forget their own mother!

Johnston: That's just a part of the job Chudley! God, give me a second, I’m trying to think.

[Johnston is breathing heavily.]

Johnston: Let’s just drive back to Site-78. We’ll explain everything to Director Richter. I’m sure she’ll know what to do.

Chudley: Yeah… yeah, that sounds good. I also snagged the employee list while I was in there.

[Chudley holds up the list where Johnston can see it. Johnston laughs nervously.]

Johnston: Aren't you a bag full of surprises? You're alright, Chudley. I think you're alright.

[End Recording]

Following this expedition, the woman was identified as Mallory Manson, a local school teacher with a husband and two children. A cover story was developed to explain her absence to her family and any witnesses of the incident were amnesticized.

Due to the possibility of SCP-7970-1 instances abducting local civilians, Director Richter approved seven hundred dollars worth of funds each for Researchers Johnston and Chudley to move forward in SCP-7970’s rewards program. Once they had achieved the necessary requirements an appointment was set to meet with SCP-7970-2 at the SCP-7970 location.

Addendum 7970.03: Expedition Log #2

[Begin Recording. Time Stamp: 2/4/17 15:00]

[Researcher Johnston enters the car on the driver's side and buckles her seatbelt. Researcher Chudley is already seated in the passenger's seat with a folder in hand.]

Johnston: Keys.

[Chudley tosses Johnston the car keys.]

Johnston: So, how long before Director Richter finds out you went six hundred dollars over budget to get us both Gold tier?

Chudley: Ah, I'd give it… Mmmm, forty-eight hours? That's at least when these tapes will get uploaded to I'm sure it'll be fine though. We'll have cracked the anomaly by then and she'll be patting us on the back. I mean, she wasn't seriously expecting us to just come up with 300 dollars ourselves in such a short timespan. Not on our wages.

Johnston: Wait, how much do you make?

Chudley: Fifteen an hour. You?

Johnston: I make twenty an hour.

Chudley: Wait what the hell? You make more than me? What kind of wage gap bullshit is this?

[Johnston starts the car.]

Johnston: I think it makes sense, Pataphysics isn't even real science.

Chudley: Yes it is!

Johnston: No it's not, how do you quantify something like "Headcanon energy" or "meme particles"? Neither of those words is in the bible.

Chudley: Well, that's because an unseen hand of a writer is guiding you to believe so… or at least theoretically.

Johnston: Those theories are nonsense. Next you're gonna tell me the Noosphere exists. Now shut your goofy ass up and get me a Mountain Dew.

[Chudley reaches into the backseat, which is filled with a variety of snack items. He procures a Mountain Dew for Johnston, who opens it and takes a sip before placing it in the cupholder. She puts the car in reverse and leaves from the Site-78 Parking lot.]

Chudley: Someone's a little cranky without their caffeine.

Johnston: God knows I need it. Anyway, you said you had something to tell me?

Chudley: I think I found out where Horton is getting all of his employees. We were looking in the wrong place.

Johnston: Hmm? Site-78 has pretty detailed records of Chugwater's populace from Richter's anthropological studies. I wouldn't think that she missed anyone in this tiny town.

Chudley: Well that's because Richter was only looking at LIVING people. Anyone who died before Site-78's founding wouldn't have been documented. Or travelers for that matter.

Johnston: So, they're Spectral Entities then? Is that what you're getting at?

Chudley: Or clones? I went over the whole employee list I stole and every one of them came back with a news headline of their death or an obituary. The kid who died in the original Horton's fire is working at the new one. The girl who helped me fill up- Shelly- died in a car accident in 2005. The main throughline seems to be that all of them died in transportation-related accidents.

Johnston: That's terrible… but it would explain the passing familiarity some of the customers had with the employees. Especially if their deaths were long ago. Your first thought isn't usually, 'Is X back from the dead?'

Chudley: But the same names though? I'm surprised there haven't been any incidents involving that.

Johnston: A couple more questions to ask then.


[The feed has switched to Chudley's body cam. The car is parked in front of SCP-7970 and Chudley proceeds to get out of the car. He heads inside with Johnston and the pair approach the register where an SCP-7970-1 instance resembling Mallory Manson was working the counter.]

SCP-7970-1: Hello! Weclome to Hortons! Wherever you are, we hear you! How my I help you?

Chudley: Uhhh, Mallory?

SCP-7970-1: That's my name! Do I know you?

Chudley: You don't but… you teach my cousin over at Chugwater Elementary. What are you doing working here?

SCP-7970-1: Well, silly old me went and broke something in the store. Plus, I said some very unkind things to an employee. Horton was not very happy with me so he gave me a job and told me to work it off!

Johnston: But you have kids! Surely they want to see their mom again.

SCP-7970-1: If they want to see their momma they can come to Horton's anytime and buy some of our lovely snacks. Now is there anything I can help you with?

Chudley: …Yeah. We have a meeting with Horton. We're Gold-tier members.

SCP-7970-1: Oh, super valuable customers! You can go through those doors just over there. Be sure to knock before entering!

Johnston: Thank you ma'am, we'll be on our way.

[Johnston and Chudley walk away from the counter and towards the doors they were directed to.]

Johnston: Hey, nice little bit of quick thinking with that little cover story about the cousin. You're getting pretty good at this.

Chudley: Would it surprise you if I said lying comes easy to me?

Johnston: Nope.

[Johnston holds the door open for Chudley and the pair went down a hallway to a set of mahogany doors. Johnston knocks on the door and a voice is heard saying: "Come in!". Inside of the office, a man sits behind a desk. He is wearing a large tophat and holding a lit cigar. He appears to be in his mid-40s with gray hair and a long handlebar mustache.]

Horton: Howdy! I'm Horton, owner of Horton's Corner! Wherever you are, I hear requests! Sit down and take a load off.

[Johnston and Chudley take a seat in front of his desk.]

Johnston: Mr. Horton, I'm glad you could meet with us. We represent a company that's very interested in your business.

Horton: Ah. I figured you two weren't just mozzarella stick connoisseurs! Well, I'm all ears. It's the best I can do to pay back all your support.

Chudley: You were watching us?

Horton: 'Course I was! I keep track of all my customers. I listen to all the woes and gripes of the men and women of Chugwater and try to make this a better place for them to live.

Johnston: I think that gets to the crux of my first question: what exactly are you Mr. Horton?

Horton: Ain't it obvious? I'm the soul of Horton's Corner!

Johnston: I know that but-

Chudley: I think he means literally, think about what we know about the workers.

Johnston: But- wh- gas stations aren't living. They can't have souls.

Horton: You are partially right. Big franchise gas stations like BP and Exxon gave up their souls a long time ago. But us small-town gas stations do have soul! Now, mine was released when the old Horton's went tits up five years ago but I came back!

Chudley: Why come back though? What does a gas station want?

Horton: I saw big business eyeing up Chugwater. They were ready to price gouge you on gas by monopolizing this here town and I couldn't just stand by and let it happen! I had to bring Horton's back to do what I was put on this earth to do, provide people with gas and groceries!

Johnston: What about your staff? How did you convince their souls to work for you?

Horton: With excellent benefits and good pay of course! I felt bad all of them met such a terrible end in various automotive accidents, so I offered them a chance to give back to the community they once lived in.

Chudley: That's great and all but what about Mallory?

Horton: What about Mallory?

Chudley: You're forcing her to work for you against her will. You can't just manipulate her like that. She has kids.

Horton: She should have thought about that before breaking one of my displays and making rude remarks toward my staff. Ghosts are hard to come by for hiring opportunities. It's easier to get some of the community's worst off the street and make them give back to it instead.

Johnston: Neither of us is going to argue that Mallory was unpleasant and a little racist. But we can't have you abducting people off the street. Our organization works to make sure that the public doesn't know about things outside the realm of normalcy. This town needs gas. We need gas, so we want to keep you operating. However, it's hard to make people think you're a normal gas station if you keep abducting people.

Horton: Well I'm sorry miss, but with all the business I gotta keep a full staff. Unless you have a solution for me, I'm gonna keep doing what I'm doing to keep profits flowin'.

Chudley: Just one second, sir. I need to discuss something with my partner here.

[Chudley and Johnston get up and move to the corner of the room.]

Chudley: (Whispering) Johnston, what if we gave him Level IV Class-D2 instead? It's better than him taking innocent civilians.

Johnston: (Whispering) I'll have to ask Director Richter. Neither of us has clearance to make that call.

[The pair return to their seats.]

Johnston: I'll need a moment to confirm something with our boss. Mind if I call?

Horton: Go ahead! I got all day when it comes to business.

[The room is quiet as Johnston is heard taking out her SCiP phone, dialing and speaking with Director Richter.]

Johnston: Chudley. She knows you went over budget and you are being assigned to a week's shift in Acroamatic Abatement3.

Chudley: Tell her that I will give her a bag of Chili Cheese Fritos if that would make up for it.

[There is indecipherable whispering heard.]

Johnston: She will take the Fritos but you're still on Abatement duty.

Chudley: Fuck.

Johnston: Back on topic, she says that she would be willing to provide you with new staff. In return, you are to stop making your store disappear in front of civilians and all Foundation Personnel are to be given Bronze Tier status at your establishment.

Horton: I can modify closing procedures if you think it'll help protect the business but I can't just give out free rewards like that. It defeats the purpose of the system!

[More indecipherable phone talk is heard.]

Johnston: We'll buy rations from you if you can get them and you can cater any staff events we have. Sound like a deal?

Horton: Field rations? That I can acquire. You're speaking my language now. I think I can take that deal. And as a gesture of friendship, perhaps I could let you know if any strange persons come on my property.

[Johnston is heard hanging up her SCiP phone.]

Johnston: Excellent. Our Foundation thanks you for being able to come to an agreement. If you would release Mallory from her employment we can get you a replacement in the next 24 hours.

Horton: Sounds like a plan to me. If that is all, good day to both of you. Something tells me your Foundation and my business will be good partners moving forward.

[End Recording.]

Addendum 7970.04: Correspondence between Site-78 Director Richter and SCPF Midwest Oversight Committee

To: Site-78 Director Leah Richter
From: Secretary Kaibert Samson

Hello, Director Richter.

We've received your recent filing of SCP-7970 and an associated agreement you've made with this anomaly.

O5-11 has expressed concern with the Conscientia Class designation as well as the containment procedures associated with it. It appears to us that this anomaly could have been contained via the use of SRAs, sufficient barricading, and jamming of its GPS Signal.

We expect a justification for your actions in a week's time.

To: Secretary Kaibert Samson
From: Site-78 Director Leah Richter

As I may remind the Midwest committee that this godforsaken town only has one Gas Station and Grocery store and it's SCP-7970. Asking us to contain it simply is a waste of resources and a damper on our only lifeline. You've read my studies. You should know that Chugwater is a little different compared to other locales, and thus a different approach is required. We'll lose a couple of troublesome D-Class for a few months but eh, such is the business.

I hope that is a sufficient explanation for O5-11. If they don't believe me they are free to come down to Chugwater to see themselves. I'd recommend the Mozzarella sticks, they are quite good.

Director Leah Richter
For The Betterment of Humanity

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