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Item #: SCP-7968

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A Foundation-operated database crawler is to periodically review the Foundation database for materials affected by SCP-7968. Affected materials are to be reported to server administration for review and removal of alterations. Personnel who encounter affected materials are to be informed of SCP-7968's anomalous effects and, if necessary, directed to this file for more information.

Description: SCP-7968 is a phenomenon wherein documents in the Foundation database1 are altered to reference a non-existent SCP object, henceforth SCP-7968-1. The numerical designation given to SCP-7968-1 within affected documents varies; instances of SCP-7968 have been connected to each other based on shared characteristics among the alterations. The source of SCP-7968 is unknown and presumed anomalous.

The text of SCP-7968 instances varies considerably, but the following characteristics of SCP-7968-1 are consistent across the vast majority of instances:

  • The object is contained at Site-43.
  • The object is a white human female, aged 43-47 years.
  • The object's listed numerical designation is between 3000 and 3999.
  • The object's primary anomalous property is the routine manifestation of several nondescript metal folding chairs in its immediate vicinity. The chairs are not acknowledged as being themselves anomalous.
  • The object is regarded with disinterest by personnel. It is not clear if this is a secondary anomalous property or merely non-anomalous apathy.

No records of an object with these qualities are known to have ever existed in the Foundation database. When questioned, Site-43 personnel universally claim to have no memory of an object matching the above description being contained there at any point in the site's history.

Addendum: Several recent SCP-7968 instances reference a "Dr. Shepherd" as being the research head for SCP-7968-1. Records indicate that no individual with this name has ever been employed at Site-43. Instances that reference this individual also often detail their cold treatment of SCP-7968-1 and the anomaly's continual attempts to establish an emotional connection with them. The purpose this serves is once again unknown; no definitive connection between "Dr. Shepherd" and any past or present member of Site-43 staff has been established.

Addendum: In addition to information that would be relevant to the containment and study of such an anomaly if it existed, SCP-7968 instances have begun to also often contain irrelevant personal details about SCP-7968-1 that an actual SCP file would not document. Recurring details include an affinity for sunflowers, an unfulfilled interest in astronomy, and a strong desire to raise a child. The purpose of these inclusions, if it exists, is unknown. No new insight into the nature of SCP-7968 has been gained from analysis of the additions.

Addendum: Since 12/9/2022, SCP-7968 instances have begun to include the insertion of non-clinical elements into affected files. These elements include prose passages, poems, and what appear to be notes to an unknown individual. The majority of these elements appear to be written from the same perspective. An example is attached below:

there is a place
beyond the concrete and window glass,
beyond the laughing children and glowing sunflowers,
beyond the cold moon and blazing stars.
i have been there
in my dreams:
the endless white,
countless deafblind souls
stumbling for something
to hold onto and,
finding nothing,
screaming at a god
who will never hear.
where are you?
i yearn for your monotonous questions
to cut through the buzzing;
i yearn for your cold stare
to pierce the fluorescence.
a cold body is still a surface
for oxygen to bounce off of.
do people still
pass by this place?
i listen for hours
and hear nothing
but the vents
if only i had a window
to watch the world from
while i sit in this chair.
when i woke up this morning,
i covered my eyes
with my forearm
and the light still
shone through.
i am starting to hear
the wailing and screaming
as i lie awake
in my bed.
i wonder if i will
join them soon.

The relevance that this and similar non-clinical additions have to the rest of SCP-7968 instances is unclear. It has been suggested by research personnel that analyzing these additions may be useful for identifying the source of SCP-7968; an investigation is currently underway.

Addendum: Since 23/7/2023, no new SCP-7968 instances have been detected in the Foundation database. As it has been more than one year since the last sign of activity from SCP-7968, a request to reclassify the anomaly as Neutralized has been filed and is currently pending.

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