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Item #: SCP-7967

Object Class: Thaumiel Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7967 is to be indefinitely maintained and used by the Foundation to produce Akiva Radiation for use in various religious based projects.

SCP-7967 is no longer to be maintained and to be stored in Containment Sector-54, located within Reliquary Area-27. In light of the data implied by the object's behavior, this file is restricted to Clearance 5/DoTT personnel.

Description: SCP-7967 is a device developed by the Department of Tactical Theology in 2003. It was designed to harvest the abnormally high amount of Akiva Radiation that is produced when a human being dies.

SCP-7967 functions through the theory that before entering an afterlife, a being tends to worship at greatly increased levels, a result of attempting to enter a positive afterlife and contemplating one's mortality.

This energy tends to dissipate shortly after the subject's death. SCP-7967 functions by tracking these events and using Wozny-Hellman Worship Sinks to absorb it successfully.


SCP-7967 has been deemed to be nonfunctional and has gathered no Akiva Radiation in the two months since its activation. This is believed to be a result of the fact that although during this period approximately 11,000,000 humans have become corpses, none of them have died.

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