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Item #: SCP-7961
Object Class: Standard


Archive photograph, date unknown.

Special Containment Procedures: A surveillance camera has been installed at SCP-7961’s location. Recorded footage is automatically uploaded to gestalt intelligence "ARK”.

Direct inspection of SCP-7961 is to be performed via an examination drone bi-weekly.

Description: SCP-7961 is a lamp post located at the site of a dilapidated pathway in the South East of England.

SCP-7961 continues to function as normal, despite no local AC mains nor central power providers remaining intact. SCP-7961 emits light only when suitable levels of darkness are met in the surrounding area, as standard for non-anomalous lamp posts. The lightbulb has shown no signs of burnout since discovery.

Plant-life surrounds SCP-7961, growing only within the lamplight’s radius. This vegetation and the soil it grows from remains healthy and vibrant, unaffected by the corrosive properties of the global atmosphere. This plant-life consists of grass and several brightly coloured flowers that were previously present over ~90% of the planet’s viable surface.

Addendum: The cultivation of seed pods collected from SCP-7961's location is hindered by the present atmosphere's corrosive properties. Estimates have determined that toxicity levels will be reduced to a suitable amount for growth in exactly 4,672,946 years.

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