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Item #: SCP-7955

Object Class: Neutralized (formerly Euclid)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7955's liquid remains have been sealed in a 200-litre hazardous waste drum and transferred to a mundane treatment facility. With no anomalous traits having been detected as of 23/11/2020, these remains can be disposed of without risk of potential contamination.

Description: Prior to 13/10/2020, SCP-7955 was a 38-year-old male humanoid, biologically human to all mundane tests. In its default form, it exhibited a total height of 170 cm and a below-average weight of 45 kilograms1, along with olive skin, lobeless ears, and a bald head. Pre and postmortem attempts to trace its origins were stymied by the fact that the only name it could remember (Brother Lebbaeus) was a pseudonym.

SCP-7955 possessed polymorphic traits that allowed it to assume a wide variety of forms, including humanoids, animals, and inanimate objects. However, it could not become liquids or gasses during its time in containment, nor could it mimic clothing in its humanoid form, and due to its neurodegenerative condition, most of SCP-7955's shapes exhibited noticeable errors.2

SCP-7955 was afflicted with a unique and rapidly advancing form of dementia, the symptoms of which included progressive memory loss, disorientation, emotional disturbance, and general cognitive decay. MRI scans and SCP-7955's testimony confirmed that its neurological health was inversely proportional to the strength of its polymorphic traits: advancing mutations in its brain allowed it a greater range of ability, but also degraded healthy brain tissue, resulting in progressively more advanced symptoms of dementia.

At the time of its discovery, SCP-7955 was in the early-to-middle stages of the condition, but it rapidly declined over the course of the following weeks, eventually leading to its neutralization.

Discovery Log: SCP-7955 was first encountered on 10/03/2020, in a remote coastal region of Caithness, Scotland, where it was observed emerging from the ocean in mid-transformation by local fishermen (who then contacted the authorities). Once mass hysteria was eliminated as a possible cause, the Foundation was contacted in order to avert any potential danger to the public. Foundation agents arrived in the area on 15/03/2020, amnesticized witnesses, and began attempts to capture the entity.

Within twenty-four hours, agents discovered a distinctive trail of footprints leading across a deserted beach, each print clearly belonging to a different animal. Following the trail eventually led agents to a crude burrow dug under one of the neighbouring cliffs, where SCP-7955 was found in human form, naked and without possessions except for a few stolen scraps of food. Initially attempting to flee the area in various forms, SCP-7955 was pinned to the ground with a net thrown by Agent Lothson, and exhausted itself while shapeshifting in a panicked attempt to escape. It was easily restrained soon after.

Following its capture, SCP-7955 did not resist any of the agents escorting it to containment, complying with all orders and making no attempt to fight or flee. However, it remained uncommunicative for the next ten hours, presumably out of fear, as it often transformed into inanimate objects when agents attempted to ask it a question.

SCP-7955's first attempt at speech was to request medical attention, as it was reportedly suffering from a severe headache and the painkillers that it had stolen from various tourists over the last few days were no longer working3. Upon realizing the nature of the Foundation, it claimed to have important data to share, though disorientation and memory loss made this information difficult to communicate.

Following standard medical tests and preliminary analysis of its polymorphic traits, interviews to ascertain the nature of SCP-7955's information began soon after.

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