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Item#: 7945
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:


SCP-7945-A instances shall be kept within a specialized animal containment unit situated at Site-39, confined within an empty glass container with a minimum dimension of 30 x 30 x 30 cm.


SCP-7945-1 (A)

The container must be fitted with an airtight lid, supplying a constant stream of oxygen via a fine mesh. The glass container shall be situated within an equally hermetic chamber, equipped with passive infrared sensors (PIR) distributed throughout the ceiling, walls, and floor.

Containment procedures for SCP-7945 are to be executed with emphasis placed on preventing instances from reproducing. The containment chamber shall maintain a constant temperature of 65°F. In the event of any reproduction, any offspring, designated SCP-7945-1 (B) (or SCP-7945-B) must be terminated and incinerated immediately. The maximum number of SCP-7945-A instances allowed under Site-39 containment is strictly limited to four (4) at any given time.

Containment of SCP-7945-1 instances are to be monitored by no less than personnel, which must undergo a monthly examination by a memetic/psychologic expert. The personnel must be rotated with other 5 personnel.


SCP-7945 is an anomalous subspecies of gecko that closely resembles Lepidodactylus lugubris, commonly known as the Mourning gecko. SCP-7945 instances and their clones display typical behavior for their non-anomalous counterparts, therefore, SCP-7945 reproduces through parthenogenesis1. The reproductive activity of SCP-7945 is, however, significantly higher.

Notably, organisms which come into contact with SCP-7945 are subject to a metamorphosis that results in an imprecise replica of the anomaly (see test logs) due to SCP-7945-3 [RECLASSIFIED INFORMATION]2. The process may produce malformed mutations, denominated SCP-7945-2. Experiments indicate that animal organisms display a higher success rate in transforming into SCP-7945 instances than members of other kingdoms.

The restant data, specially the one pertaining SCP-7945-3 is classified, please, access Addendum 01 with proper credentials.



Tokunaga, Hawaii, used to be a known location for a government facility (Area 79), which was since 1971 abandoned.

SCP-7945 was first identified in 1987 on the island of Tokunaga, following reports of a radical increase in the Lepidodactylus Lugubris population by local field biologists.

A collaborative investigation between the Department of Fish and Wildlife and the University of Maui confirmed the reports, and the incident was covered in scientific publications such as National Geographic. Not only that, but private individuals reported unusual events related to SCP-7945. This garnered the attention of the Foundation, which dispatched a team of agents to interview as many whitnesses as possible.

Following log is from an interview performed by Agt. Meyster Smiles, disguised as a psychologist, with Johnathan Whilestone.

Video log

<Start of log>

Agt. Smiles: Good day, Mr. Whilestone. I'm Dr. Smiles, your psychologist. (extends his hand for a handshake) I understand from our records that you've been under a lot of stress. Is that correct?

Johnathan whilestone: (shakes Dr. Smiles' hand) Yes, that's accurate.

Agt. Smiles: Thank you. Could you please share with me how your sleep has been over the past week?

Johnathan Whilestone: My sleep has been pretty irregular. I've been staying up most nights, either wandering around my apartment, reading, or just rummaging through my fridge.

Agt. Smiles: (takes notes) Ok, and, just to clarify, you have managed to sleep, but it's been disturbed?

Johnathan Whilestone:: (nods) Yes, exactly. The sleep I've had has mostly been plagued by nightmares that leave me feeling drained when I wake up.

Agt. Smiles: (scribbles in his notebook) Could you elaborate on these nightmares?

Johnathan Whilestone: (Hesitates and gazes at his left) Um…. there's this huge crowd of people, I can usually make out several of my friends' faces, and it's hot. I'm there, standing in the middle. Then… uh, they transform into monsters… into horrifying monsters, then… then they start chasing me, screaming (shakes nervously) and… and, they want me to come to them, to…to turn me into one of them… "Become me, become me," they all scream behind me, as I run, then I fall from a cliff and wake up, sweating.

Agt. Smiles: (coughs softly) Have you shared these nightmares with anyone, perhaps a partner?

Johnathan Whilestone: Oh, no, I'm actually single… I mean, pretty much alone at home, except for when my friends come over to have a drink and spend the night… Besides, no… I mean, I told no one

Agt. Smiles: (nods) I see. Given our conversation and your family's wealth, it appears your anxiety levels are quite elevated. Anxiety often arises from experiences like loss, abuse, or work-related stress.

Johnathan Whilestone: (Looks confused) Wait, how do you know about it, about my family's wealth? I never stated it.

Agt. Smiles: (Scratches his chin) Oh… uh… (nods, leaning back) Well, there's someone from your family who's a regular patient of mine. However, I can't reveal their identity due to confidentiality. But yes, it's a similar pattern, and it often requires a certain level of financial stability to seek my services.

Johnathan Whilestone: Ok, fair enough then

Agt. Smiles: (leaning forward) Considering your anxiety and lifestyle, have you gone through any significant events that might contribute to these feelings? Your interactions with friends, for example, could be indicative of something serious.

Whilestone stares at the desk in silence

Johnathan Whilestone: (pauses, gazing at the desk before meeting Dr. Smiles' eyes) Well, you remember those nightmares I mentioned earlier?

Agt. Smiles: Yes, what about them?

Johnathan Whilestone: (hesitates) This might sound strange, but those nightmares… they're not just nightmares. They actually happened.

Agt. Smiles: (surprised) I'm sorry, do you mean they happened in reality?

Johnathan Whilestone: (distant) Yes.

Agt. Smiles: Could you please explain?

Johnathan Whilestone: Uh… yes, A few months ago, my brother Peter and I were sailing near Toku Island in Hawaii on his yacht. We're both into camping, so we decided to spend a night there. He always had tents on the yacht for our summer sailing trips.

Agt. Smiles: (interested) What happened during your stay on the island?

Johnathan Whilestone: We set up camp, had some drinks from the yacht, and went to sleep… Then… (begins tapping on the table and speaks with trembling voice) I woke up in the middle of the night by a scream…

Agt. Smiles: A scream?

Johnathan Whilestone: (shakes) Yes… My brother… I dunno, I just dunno what happened with him, but he… I looked over to him and… he was convulsing on the floor, screaming and kicking around with his feet…

(Agt. Smiles takes notes and gets his chair closer to Whilestone, who is shaking and close to cry)

Agt. Smiles: Don't worry, take your time.

Johnathan Whilestone: (sobs for some minutes and continues) He… his body changed… it inflated like a ballon, and his (does a grimace)… his skin went off with a (crunch sound) and he… like some banana!

(Agt. Smiles nods)

Johnathan Whilestone: (voice trembling) I was terrified. I tried to help him, to calm him down, but when he turned around…. his face was distorted, like a zombie. He started chasing me, just like in my nightmares, screaming and reaching out for me. I ran back to the yacht, locked myself in, but he kept pounding on the windows, trying to get to me.

Agt. Smiles: Oh, my God, I can only imagine how traumatic that experience must have been for you.

Johnathan Whilestone: (teary-eyed) It was beyond anything I could have imagined…. But wait, you… you believe me? You probably think I'm insane…

Agt. Smiles: It doesn't matter, I am here to help, not to judge you , but I need you to tell me what happened. Besides, the only one to decide if you're insane or not is me; it's my job, you paid me for it. (softly) You mentioned earlier that you told no one about this. Why did you keep it a secret?

Johnathan Whilestone: (voice quivering) I didn't know how to explain it to anyone. How could I tell them that my brother turned into a… a monster? I was terrified they would think I was crazy.

Agt. Smiles: (gentle) It's not uncommon for people to keep such experiences to themselves, especially when they fear others might not understand. You're not alone in feeling that way. Thank you for sharing that with me. It's important to acknowledge these feelings and experiences. Now, regarding what happened after you returned to the yacht…

Johnathan Whilestone: (sniffs and takes a tissue from Dr. Smiles) I was trapped in the cabin while he was outside, still trying to get to me. I was so scared and desperate, and I knew I had to do something.

Agt. Smiles: (nodding) What did you do?

Johnathan Whilestone: (sniffs with voice breaking) I found an axe in the yacht's storage. I had no other choice. I went back out and… I decapitated him. It was horrifying, but I had to do it to survive.

Agt. Smiles: (nodding) You did what you had to do in an extremely difficult and traumatic situation. You were in danger, and your actions were a form of self-defense.

Johnathan Whilestone: (emotionally overwhelmed) I've been carrying this weight, this guilt… I lied to our family and friends about what happened. I've felt so isolated and lost ever since.

Agt. Smiles: (gentle) It's understandable that you would feel overwhelmed. What you've experienced is not something anyone should have to go through alone.

Johnathan Whilesotne: Wait, hold on, I don't buy this, do you really believe me?

Agt. Smiles: (fills a glass with water from a plastic bottle and reaches it to him) As I mentioned earlier, whether I believe you or not is not the focus here. My role is to help you navigate these emotions and experiences, regardless of their origin. You've been through a lot, and it's important to address your feelings, regardless of how unusual they may seem.

Johnathan Whilestone: (teary-eyed) Thank you. I've been carrying this burden for so long, and I didn't know where to turn.

Agt. Smiles: (supportively claps on Mr. Whilestone's shoulder) You're not alone in this journey. I'm here to support you, and we'll work together to find ways to cope with what you've been through. It's okay to ask for help when you need it.

Johnathan Whilestone: You sure this won't get me in trouble?

Agt. Smiles: Of course!

<End of log>

Upon reviewing the results, the Foundation decided to send agents to Tokunaga. Following log is a conversation via radio between the leader of the team, Sgt. Erdinger Zola, and the team of researchers monitoring the operation.

Equipment Recording Log 742

DATE: 13/9/1979

Duration of the audio recording: 53 min, 33 sec

<Start log>

Sgt. Zola: (audible sea noises) We've arrived, and are waiting for orders

Dr. Loaf: Ok, dispatch your men and reconnoiter the island, but exercise caution. We don't fully comprehend the nature of the anomaly yet. What we do know is that it's not safe to handle, so under no circumstances should you touch any specimens you find. Use the tweezers we provided.

Sgt. Zola: Copy. Alright, listen up, gentlemen. Arm yourselves and familiarize yourselves with the island layout. We'll divide into pairs: Wexler and Greg, head west; Paul and Cook, take the eastern path. Pedro, you're with me to the north, toward the mountain. Everyone has GPS units in their pockets. Remember, if you encounter any specimens, take them. No one boards the boat without my signal, understood?

Greg: But we are allowed to have a tea pause, don't we?

Sgt. Zola: Greg, save the jokes for later. Pack them in your bag and leave them there. Understood, everyone else?

(Audible affirmations from the team)

Wexler: How do we ID anomalous stuff? The pics don't scream 'weird'.

Sgt. Zola: Everything we find, we bring it back. Let the eggheads figure it out. We're the muscle and they're the brains. OK, men, have luck and watch out for critters.

(following 20 min omitted)

Dr. Loaf: Dr. Loaf here. Any remarkable discoveries, Sgt. Zola?

Sgt. Zola: Not much yet. We've only collected two specimens. They're elusive, and when we do find them, they vanish into thin air, slippery little bastards.

Dr. Loaf: I understand the challenge. I used to chase after wall lizards as a kid in Florida. Catching them was a rarity.

Sgt. Zola: (Steps stop) Wait, see that? Oh my…

Pedro: I'll take a pic

Sgt. Zola: Yeah, we'll send it to the center

Dr. Loaf: Zola, what's going on? Describe what you've found.

Sgt. Zola: We stumbled upon a bizarre corpse in the middle of the forest. It looks like a dinosaur.

Dr. Loaf: Hum, It seems like the whitnesses were right, what does it look like, besides "like a dinosaur"?

Sgt. Zola: Uuh… It's like a messed up lizard, a mix between a lizard and a… lemme see… (Pedro in the background: "a pig") Yeah, a pig.

Pedro: Pigasaur, maybe?

Sgt. Zola: Pedro, you should work in the Designations Department. That's a creative suggestion. Heard that, Doc? Should we designate it like that?

Dr. Loaf: Focus, guys, do not touch it, keep walking.

Sgt. Zola: (laughs) Don't worry, I'm just teasing, come Pedro.

(following 10 min of walking among similar corpses cut for brevity)

Sgt. Zola: Not much new, doc. More of those pigasaur corpses. Some are bigger. Woah, there's a good amount of lizards here… (audible, intense crunch) Damn it! Watch out, Pedro!

Dr. Loaf: Zola? What was that? Zola? Are you ok?

Sgt. Zola: (more crunches) Yes, It's just the fucking trees, they're all, l… fuck, how will I explain it? They're transforming!

Dr. Loaf: Transforming? Can you elaborate?

Sgt. Zola: (multiple audible crunches) What I'm telling you, transforming, changing Into… I dunno, they're sorta molting, getting scales and growing tails. They're falling on us, so it's hard to walk around… what's the deal with lizards today? (audible crunch) Is that what happens when you touch them?


An arboreus subject after being tested with SCP-7945-B

Dr. Loaf: Yes, don't touch any of them. It seems they have a property that induces transformation. If trees are affected, the range could be more visible from above.

Sgt. Zola: Looks amazing, but I'm not up for a lizard makeover. I'll be cautious.

Dr. Loaf: Good, but I need you to get to a vantage point and observe the affected area.

Sgt. Zola: Alright, we're en route towards the mountain.

(Following minutes cut or brevity)

Sgt. Zola: Oh shi- Doctor, It's swarming with those lizards, I wish you were here to see how they pile up…

Pedro: And the trees have vanished. Only huge corpses as far as we can see.

Sgt. Zola: Watch out, Pedro! (audible crunch) Damn, it's relentless! There's more trees falling! (audible running) We can't linger! They're raining down! (audible rattle)

Dr. Loaf: Shit, Get your men out of there as soon as possible! Make sure you don't lose the specimens!

Sgt. Zola: Copy… (audible screams, rattle) Gosh, the trees, everything, there's so many fucking lizards! Zola here, everyone on the boat, now or be left behind!

<End of log>

Despite inconveniences, all agents sent to Tokunaga returned unharmed to the facility, although some of them had suffered minor injuries. The agents reported the island to be overrun with SCP-7945 instances upon their leave. Dr. Loaf resolved to incinerate the island, as the anomaly showed no signs of self-neutralization3. To avoid public backlash, the RAISA4 disseminated misleading information through the media, citing high radiation levels linked to the abandoned government facility on the island as the cause for its closure.

A team of RAISA data recovery personnel utilized web crawlers to investigate the abandoned facility on Tokunaga for any information pertaining to SCP-7945's origins. The search proved fruitful; SCP-7945 resulted from scientific collaboration between the US government and an enterprise known as the O.F.I.5 Below, there is a summarized version of the information gathered by the data recovery team assigned to SCP-7945.

Project Midas

By Micheline Bougier, RAISA interdepartmental communications

In 1970, during the Cold war, US President Richard Nixon sponsored a project of military nature developed by the OFI. It involved developing an innovative biological weapon to use in the Vietnam war, with initial hopes of defeating Viet Cong.

The project, led by Dr. Niklas Olsson, was supposed to act stealthily and quietly, leaving no traces that would lead to the US or its allies. Instead, the weapon would take advantage of the Viet Cong's soldiers' superstition.

According to data retrieved from Area-79, in Tokunaga, the development's goal involved altering the genes of a small animal so that it would produce cancer cells whose genes would be replicated on a human being's DNA. To achieve this, the specimen needed to come into physical contact with the victim's epidermis6.

The chosen species was the Lepidodactylus lugubris, also known as the Mourning gecko, for the rapidness of its procreation, size, and its capability to adapt to tropical environments. The proceeding of Project Midas has however been redacted from every archive accessible to the RAISA's web crawlers, presumably by the OFI. , therefore, it is unknown how the weapon was developed. As to this date, the RAISA's search continues.

The development of Project Midas progressed with success, but was interrupted due to concerns arisen amongst both the sponsors and the developers. In a letter found by our web crawlers, President Nixon expressed his concern regarding the weapon becoming a statal threat in case it found its way into the US. This is assumed to be the cause of the research closure, though it is believed with enough evidence that Nixon had with plans to relocate it. However, the contract with the OFI expired due to the end of Nixon's presidential time, so Area-79 was abandoned and the OFI's team was relocated.

Based on inventory reports, it is believed that the OFI's operatives brought some SCP-7945-1 instances with them while leaving the facility, presumably in an attempt to sell them and develop them further. As to why some SCP-7945 instances remained in the facility, it is believed that a small amount of instances had breached their containment while being transferred; The SCP-7945-1 instances then silently multiplied in the abandoned facility until they found their way out into the Tokunaga jungle.

Addendum 01



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