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Item#: 7942
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7942 is contained in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-135.

Description: SCP-7942 is a human male of average height and weight. He possesses no anomalous physical characteristics. His real name is unknown, and there is no official record of his existence.

Discovery: SCP-7942 manifested inside of a humanoid containment cell on March 16th, 2012. No documentation of him ever being contained could be found, and no personnel had prior memories of him. He was given temporary anomaly classification until a conclusion could be made about any potential anomalous origin.

Addendum 7942.1: In an attempt to find information about the origins of SCP-7942 and his potential anomalous abilities, an interview was conducted on March 17th.

Interviewed: SCP-7942

Interviewer: Dr. Timothy Smith

<Begin Log>

SCP-7942 is escorted into the room by a guard and sits in a chair.

Dr. Smith: I hope you'll forgive the security. We can't be too cautious when we don't know what you are.

SCP-7942: Isn't it clear what I am?

The two sit in silence for a moment

Dr. Smith: Aren't you going to-

SCP-7942: I'm a regular person.

Dr. Smith: I would appreciate it if you would not interrupt me while I am-

SCP-7942: While you're what?

Dr. Smith: If you continue to interrupt me, you will face disciplinary action.

SCP-7942: Fine, fine, continue.

Dr. Smith clears his throat.

Dr. Smith: Continuing, if that were true, 7942, there would be a logical explanation as to how you got here.

SCP-7942: First of all, my name is John.

Dr. Smith: Okay, John, can you-

SCP-7942: Second, I do have a logical explanation.

Dr. Smith glares at SCP-7942 for a moment.

SCP-7942: Sorry, won't happen again… I was teleported to Site-135 by an evil scientist.

Dr. Smith: Now we're getting somewhere. Do you have the name of this scientist? It could also be helpful- wait. We never told you what site you were in.

SCP-7942: Yes you did.

Dr. Smith: No, we didn't. It's a strict protocol- no imprisoned anomalies are to learn the name or location of the Site that they are contained at.

SCP-7942: I'd like to end this interview.

<End Log>

It is currently unknown how SCP-7942 knew which Site he is contained in.

Addendum 7942.2: On March 25th, 2012, SCP-7942 requested a second interview.

Interviewed: SCP-7942

Interviewer: Dr. Timothy Smith

<Begin Log>

SCP-7942 walks into the room unaccompanied and sits in a chair.

Dr. Smith: I tried to give you more freedom this time. I can understand how intimidating the guards here are, John.

SCP-7942: John? I think you've got the wrong person. I don't know anybody named John.

Dr. Smith: But you said in the last interview that your name was John.

Dr. Smith looks down at his notes

Dr. Smith: It's right here in the notes. "First of all, my name is John."

SCP-7942: I don't see how your name being John could affect me, but my name is Liam.

Dr. Smith: I swear you said your name was John last time.

SCP-7942: And I swear I have no idea what you're talking about.

Dr. Smith appears agitated and rests his head in his hands for a moment

Dr. Smith: So you're telling me that your name really isn't John.

SCP-7942: Of course my name is John. Why would you even ask that?

Dr. Smith: But you- you just- what?

SCP-7942: I don't know what's so hard to understand about that. My name is John.

Dr. Smith: I- I don't even-

SCP-7942: I don't know what your getting at, but I'd like to end this interview.

<End Log>

Researcher Comments: I'm beginning to think there might be some form of mental illness at play here. I'll be recommending a psychologist take a look at SCP-7942 so we can have an actual diagnosis. - Dr. Timothy Smith.

Addendum 7942.3: On April 3rd, 2012, a psychologist interviewed SCP-7942.

Interviewed: SCP-7942

Interviewer: Dr. Alyssa Andrews

<Begin Log>

SCP-7942 walks into the room, shaking.

SCP-7942: Hiya doc, are you here to throw me in the loony bin?

Dr. Andrews: I'm sorry, what?

SCP-7942 sits in a chair

SCP-7942: They said they were sending in a shrink. I assume that's you.

Dr. Andrews: That is me, yes. Can you tell me your name?

SCP-7942: My name is Edward.

Dr. Andrews: That's interesting because Dr. Smith told me your name was John before, and then you switched it to Liam. Can you tell me why you did that?

SCP-7942 squirms in his seat

SCP-7942: I don't know what he's talking about. I've never even met anyone named Liam or John before. I remember in our last interview he kept going on and on about how his name was John, but I didn't question it. He is the doctor after all.

Dr. Andrews: I've seen the video of the past 2 interviews, so don't try to lie to me.

SCP-7942: I'm not lying to you. I would never lie.

Dr. Andrews: I'm happy that you feel that way, but you are lying to me. My co-workers just want to know how you got here. If you tell us, things will be a lot better for you. We might even let you go.

SCP-7942: Okay, I'll tell you, but only if you let me whisper it really quiet.

Dr. Andrews: I hope you understand that I will have to ask a guard to be present.

A guard walks into the room and stands next to Dr. Andrews.

SCP-7942 leans closer to Dr. Andrews.

SCP-7942: Okay, I'll tell you the secret. (whispers) I'm from Jupiter.

Dr. Andrews: Is that the truth?

SCP-7942: No, sorry. That wasn't the truth. I'm actually from another dimension.

Dr. Andrews: Another dimension? Which one?

SCP-7942: One where you weren't so boring to talk to.

Dr. Andrews: If there's any hope of you leaving and me going home for the night, you have to be serious.

SCP-7942: I am being serious. Super serious. In fact, I'd argue that you're the one who's not being serious.

Dr. Andrews spends a few minutes writing in her notebook.

Dr. Andrews: Okay, that's all I need. Thank you for your cooperation.

<End Log>

Mental Health Assessment: In my professional opinion, SCP-7942 is fabricating a mental illness. His outbursts seem forced and I can tell there's a level of satisfaction when he confuses us. - Dr. Alyssa Andrews

Addendum 7942.4: A fourth interview was requested by SCP-7942 on April 15th, 2012.

Interviewed: SCP-7942

Interviewer: Dr. Timothy Smith

<Begin Log>

Dr. Smith walks into the room, appearing upset

Dr. Smith: Do you think this is a joke?

SCP-7942: I would never think of this as a joke. To be honest, you're the one who's not taking any of this seriously.

Dr. Smith: Don't pull that shit on me. I've seen the previous interview, so I know all your tactics.

SCP-7942: Oh, I doubt that you do.

Dr. Smith: Please be honest with me Edward, how could I possibly not be taking this seriously?

SCP-7942: For starters, you refer to me as "Edward" even though that's not my real-

Dr. Smith: What is your real name then? If it isn't John, and it isn't Liam, and it certainly isn't Edward, then what is your name.

SCP-7942: See? Now you're the one who's interrupting.

Dr. Smith's face turns red.

Dr. Smith: Just tell me your real name.

SCP-7942: Timothy Smith.

Dr. Smith stands up and starts walking to the door.

Dr. Smith: I'm done, this interview is over.

<End Log>

Researcher Comments: I have a plan to get the truth out of him. I don't know if it will work, but I might as well try. - Dr. Timothy Smith

Addendum 7942.5: Dr. Smith requested a fifth interview with SCP-7942 on April 23rd, 2012.

Interviewed: SCP-7942

Interviewer: Dr. Timothy Smith

<Begin Log>

Dr. Smith: I am going to ask you one last time. How did you get here?

SCP-7942: I already told that other doctor I got here from Jupiter in another dimension.

Dr. Smith: Care to tell me more about that?

SCP-7942: Sure. There was this plague that was wiping out all life on my spaceship. It was this infectious water, and then this weird alien scientist guy appeared and took me here.1

Dr. Smith: Okay. Seeing as how, biologically, you are entirely 100% human, that doesn't make sense. Given that you do not have any anomalous characteristics, family, friends, or anybody that would look into your disappearance, and the fact that you are resisting all questioning, I am going to have to recommend you for termination. I wish you had cooperated, but it's fine.

SCP-7942: Hold on. What did you say?

Dr. Smith: Well there's nothing else we can ask you and you're perfectly normal, so you're just using up a containment cell.

SCP-7942 leans back in his chair.

SCP-7942: Alright, I was hoping it wouldn't come to this. Give me a moment to think please.

Dr. Smith: You have one hour.

Addendum 7942.6: One hour after the last interview, the containment cell for SCP-7942 was found to be empty. Researchers initially observed a lack of any temporal residue and no obvious damage to the interior of the cell. A note was found in the middle of the cell.

Teleportation can be hard, especially when you're trying to have fun and someone is making empty threats. Try to hide your lies better in the future, Smith. I know too much about the Foundation to believe that.

It was fun while it lasted. Thanks for being such a good sport up until the end.

Sorry for all the trouble. Yours truly, JohnLiamEdward TimothySmith.

A motion for disciplinary action for Dr. Timothy Smith for his involvement in false claims of termination and unprofessional demeanor is currently pending.

Reclassification of SCP-7942 to uncontained is pending.

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