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Item #: SCP-7928

Object Class: Ticonderoga1

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7928 is located far enough outwards from Earth so as to pose zero threat whatsoever. In the event that SCP-7928 does pose a threat (predicted chance of 0.1%) to Earth, utilize Tau-Rho Exclusion Protocol. Beholder-15 is currently observing SCP-7928. See Transcript 3. Due to this, Binary_Star.aic has manually separated a copy of itself into Beholder-15 to prevent malfunction. Beholder-15 is imbued with reconstruction properties in case of damage.

Description: SCP-7928 refers to a Tau-Rho (“eldritch”) entity referring to itself as “Tr’Kxladi, the outer god of interruption and mortal foil.” SCP-7928 mainly appears yellow, with magenta eyes shaped like human eyes.

SCP-7928 has several hazardous effects typical of Tau-Rho entities. These effects include, but are not limited to:

  • Cognitohazardous effects such as causing derangement, fervor in regards towards SCP-7928’s worship, and agitation.
  • Antimemetic properties, causing some individuals to have no perception of SCP-7928. SCP-7928 takes both pride and shame in this ability.
  • The ability to remotely rearrange some organs, as well as instantly drain the blood of most living organisms.2

Due to Beholder-15 being mechanical, none of these hazards affect it. Furthermore, SCP-7928 has many non-hazardous abilities, being:

  • The ability to shapeshift
  • Ability to view and edit text
  • The ability to speak several languages, including some that originated on Earth

SCP-7928 frequently attempts to speak with Beholder-15 about a variety of topics. These are recorded in the transcripts below.

Following the events of Transcript 3, SCP-7928 has been observed to occasionally manifest near BEHOLDER-15 and begin to converse with it. It has been amenable to sharing information that would otherwise be nigh-impossible to obtain, as long as it is repeatedly reminded that it poses a significant threat to life in the universe. BEHOLDER-15's mission has been altered to include maintaining SCP-7928's mood.

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