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Item#: SCP-7925
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Item #: SCP-7925

Object Class: Keter


A castrated instance of SCP-7925.

Special Containment Procedures: Ongoing containment of SCP-7925 is to be a joint effort between The Department of Theology, The Horizon Initiative, and SAPPHIRE. Instances of SCP-7925 are to be destroyed using standard applications of fungicides upon discovery. In order to decrease the number of instances of SCP-7925-A, existing married human couples of monotheistic faiths are to secretly be given various fertility enhancement drugs in order to decrease the odds of a male becoming infected with SCP-7925. In addition, the curriculum of education systems around the world is to be altered with the goal to encourage Atheism, Agnosticism, or Skepticism. Instances of SCP-7925-A are to be contained by the Department of Theology within standard humanoid containment cells at Site-45. Each cell must also contain at least one Experimental Randall/Yossarian Akiva Nullifier (ERYAN) or coated in 413 grams of SCP-5993-1.

Description: SCP-7925 refers to an anomalous species of parasitic fungus tentatively named Massopora luculentus. It is capable of parasitizing human males. The conditions for SCP-7925 infection are as follows:

  • The male must be married, either legally or spiritually to a female spouse.
  • The male must not have any biological children.
  • Both the male and the female must have the desire for children.
  • Either the male or the female must have a pre-existing condition that limits or disables their reproductive functions.1
  • At least one of the two married individuals must be a devout practitioner of a monotheistic faith that is not recognized as a major denomination of Christianity.2

Should all the above conditions be met, SCP-7925 spores will begin to manifest in or around locations the male frequents, such as their home, their place of work, or their place of worship. Upon inhalation or ingestion of the spores, SCP-7925 will cause the infected male's primary sexual characteristics to gradually be replaced by a mushroom that superficially resembles the infected male's original genitals.

Attempts at human reproduction using SCP-7925 have a 100% chance of fertilization regardless of the usage of any form of birth control and whether or not the female partner is barren. The subsequent pregnancy will last for less than 3 months and will result in the birth of at least one instance of SCP-7925-A. Following the birth of the first instance of SCP-7925-A, the parents of SCP-7925-A will gain natalist tendencies and will attempt to reproduce at every possible opportunity. This will result in the birth of additional instances of SCP-7925-A The current record for number of SCP-7925-A born through a single instance of SCP-7925 is ██.

Addendum 7925-A Characteristics
SCP-7925-A instances heavily resemble baseline humans in terms of physical appearance and genetic make-up. However, instances also universally possess a statistically significant amount of the following physical characteristics:

  • Universal Vitiligo3 or Albinism
  • Brown hair regardless of genetics.
  • Replacement of the central nervous system with mycorrhizal network.
  • Wooden bones.
  • Multiple sets of permanent teeth.
  • Accelerated physical maturation.
  • Decelerated senescence.

In addition, to the above physical characteristics, SCP-7925-A has displayed above average intelligence. Instances have been observed to memorize large volumes of information related to the humanities when provided the necessary resources, especially on the topics of art, language, philosophy, history, and religion. The only subjects that instances of SCP-7925-A appear to struggle with on average is STEM related materials, such as algebra, biology, and physics4.

Instances of SCP-7925-A are capable of reproduction, including reproduction with other instances of SCP-7925-A, although they prefer to mate with non-anomalous humans. When 2 instances of SCP-7925-A mate with each other, they are known to communicate and vocalize loud buzzing and chirping noises.

These couplings result in the birth of additional instances of SCP-7925-A with a 100% of each gestation resulting in the birth of more than one offspring at a time. The current record for greatest number of children born from two instances of SCP-7925-A is 7.

Instances of SCP-7925-A are frequently the center of anomalous activity during rituals and celebrations associated with the respective faith of each instance.

Addendum 7925-2: Notable Incidents


Instance Name: Jakob Sontag
Date: (04-05-2013)
Religion: Judaism
Ritual: Brit Milah5
Event: During the ceremony the infant Jakob Sontag was sedated using Maple Sap. The Mohalim made the initial incision at the crown of Sontag's head and proceeded to vertically downwards across the infant's entire body. Upon completion of the incision, the Mohalim was able to flay the young Sontag's epidermis from the rest of his body. During the entire process Jakob made no signs of pain or acknowledgment to the process. Subsequently, Jakob's skin was consumed in the Seudat mitzvah.6
Effect: Following this, all married couples without children present at the ceremony became plagued with infertility.


Instance Name: Balpreet Sigh
Date: (05-31-2016)
Religion: Sikhism
Ritual: Antam Sanskar7
Event: During the cremation process, reports of singing, buzzing, and other vocalizations could be loudly heard from within the furnace as Balpreet was being cremated. Upon being cremated, Balpreet Sigh's kesh was found completely intact along with 15 Chremistica ribhoi eggs nestled in the braids. Sigh's ashes were poured into a nearby river.
Effect: Within 30 days all Sikhs in attendance died of random unnatural occurrences. Within 24 hours of each death, one adult Chremistica ribhoi8 emerged from the river and flew Westward at 15:00 hours local time. None of the specimens have yet to be captured.


Instance Name: Alice Melt
Date: (07-31-2018)
Religion: Eckankar
Ritual: Marriage
Event: After the exchange of vows Alice Melt and her husband, officiant, and guests began singing the sacred HU syllable. As they sang, the volume continued to increase to 160 decibels. Individuals in close proximity to the altar were affected by partial or total hearing loss.
Effect: All those who heard the HU song, including those who were not present for the wedding were compelled to join in the vocalizations, increasing the song's effective audible range. Following the completion of the song, all vocalists would come to identify as random monotheistic religions different from the ones they had before they sang.


Instance Name: Yahya Khanandeh
Date: (11-05-2021)
Religion: Zoroastrianism
Ritual: Navajote9
Event: During the ceremony, Yahya Khanadeh's grandmother fashioned a kushti and sudreh10 for Khanadeh to wear from the from the skin of a recently slaughtered lamb. During the Fravarane,11 Yahya uses sharp implements to pierce his hands, feet, and torso while drinking a mixture of lychee and pomegranate juice. Yahya subsequently entered the Atar, immolating himself. During which he uses his own blood and ash in place of Kumkuma12 to mark the foreheads of those in attendance. Yahya emerges from the Atar having sustained major 3rd and 4th degree burns all over his body.
Effect: All those in attendance afflicted by numerous rare diseases and grievous bodily harm. None of the afflicted have perished thus far. Subject have also experienced tremendous financial prosperity.


Instance Name: Terry Prince
Date: (09-19-2022)
Religion: Pastafarianism
Ritual: International Talk Like a Pirate Day13
Effect: Global average temperature permanently decreased by 3 degrees.

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