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Item#: 7924
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Item #: SCP-7924

Object Class: Neutralized Keter


Possible artistic depiction of SCP-7924 in its second and third form. Unknown origin.

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation agents stationed in North-Central Europe1 are to monitor all rural farms that raise livestock within the family of Bovidae, especially if said fauna is of the subfamily Caprinae. Should females become inexplicably pregnant between the months of November and December, the animal must be taken into Foundation custody until it gives birth.

The population and reproduction habits of wild species of Bovidae in the affected regions must also be closely monitored.

Should any animals give birth to an entity that matches the description or behavior of SCP-7924, SCP-7924 and its mother (SCP-7924-A) must be apprehended as quickly as possible, and all witnesses are to be amnesticized.

Any artifacts that match the description of SCP-7924-B must be stored in a standard anomalous item locker in Site-120 and its previous owner must be amnesticized if possible.

Description: SCP-7924 is a male humanoid entity that manifests between the dates of December 6th and December 20th. SCP-7924 is always born from females within the family of Bovidae that are no more than 13 months old and have never been pregnant before. These animals, designated SCP-7924-A, will become pregnant through anomalous means independent of any history of mating with males. The gestation period will last for only 9-10 days, nearly 30 times faster than the average non-anomalous pregnancy. Additionally, despite the amount of nutrients and energy required to grow and give birth to an organism the size of SCP-7924, SCP-7924-A suffers little to no negative consequences or health risks from carrying SCP-7924 to term, with a Maternal Death Rate of less than 2%. SCP-7924-A will always give birth to SCP-7924 in a manger on a farm regardless of whether or not SCP-7924-A is domesticated livestock.

SCP-7924 rapidly ages at a rate of approximately 3 years per hour over the course of approximately 24 hours. During this period, SCP-7924's body will undergo tremendous physical transformations and changes in appearance, personality, behavior, and anomalous properties every 6 hours. Within 25 hours SCP-7924's life will expire of old age and his body will transmutate into non-anomalous wicker, snow, coal, or hair, forming the shape of SCP-7924's body at the time of death.

Additionally, SCP-7924 has minor Anti-Memetic Properties. Individuals that are chronologically close to SCP-7924's physical age will be unable to perceive SCP-7924 until he ages to a form that they can perceive.

Due to the nature of SCP-7924's anomalous death and self-replication, permanent containment is impossible.

While accounts and sources vary, records report that SCP-7924 may have existed as early as 500 CE.

Addendum 7924-01: Scapegoat Incident




An instance of SCP-7924-B recovered from SCP-7924-C

On December 20th, 1994 a gigantic goat made of straw appeared in Radom, Poland sometime between 01:00-03:00 CET. The structure designated SCP-7924-C subsequently caught fire through unknown means and was burnt to the ground at 06:00 CET. SCP-7924-C structure was hollow and contained numerous instances of SCP-7924-B. While the vast majority of SCP-7924-B instances were incinerated alongside SCP-7924-C, several instances did survive with only minor burns. To date, none of the SCP-7924-B instances found in the wreckage of SCP-7924-C have displayed their usual anomalous properties. The surviving instances of SCP-7924-B recovered from the conflagration include:

  • A wooden birdhouse with a chimney
  • A 6 oz tumbler made from glass
  • 2 avians woven from straw containing anatomically correct bones carved from stone
  • A equine figurine carved from a vulpine bone
  • A bracelet with a diameter of 5 centimeters made from several non-ferrous metals, segmented by seven spheres of marble.
  • A goat weaved from wicker and painted green, red, and gold.

Following the "Scapegoat Incident", SCP-7924 has ceased manifestations, along with all of its associated phenomena. The remains of the last instance of SCP-7924 have yet to be recovered.

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