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Item#: 7921
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Special Containment Procedures: Due to the antimemetic effect and time in which the event occurred, no action was necessary to contain. Foundation agents are to monitor the town of Wallowdale for similar events.

Description: SCP-7921 describes an event in Wallowdale, Ohio, in which a structure1 was spontaneously replaced by SCP-7921-1, a small home constructed of wattle, straw, and wet soil. SCP-7921-1 itself is non-anomalous, although the techniques and materials used in its construction date back to the 12th century.

While researching the event, multiple files were found believed to be related to SCP-7921. The files were suspected to be written during the same period that SCP-7921-1 was constructed. The following are digital recreations of the files, translated from medieval French:

Location Name: Celestial Citadel of Everlasting Radiance

Basic Description: Behold, a mighty bastion of strength and power, a symbol of the lord's might and station! Constructed of brick and stone, and adorned with bright shades of the sky's own hue, this fortress stands as a testament to the divine will of our Lord.

'Twas built upon the wish of a noble lord, to replace his humble abode and become his new seat of power. Its halls are many, filled with all manner of wonder and magic. A cellar, deep and dark, to store the lord's provisions and keep them fresh and pure. A throne room, filled with mysterious devices and machinery, where the lord holds court and dispenses justice. A dining hall, where the lord's subjects may gather and feast in his presence.

Lo and behold, within the hallowed halls of this mighty fortress, there layeth some ancient tomes, their script unknown to us mere mortals. It is whispered that these cryptic pages contain the knowledge of powerful beings beyond the almighty Lord, and we can only speculate at the might and wisdom held within their pages.

It came to pass that the Pope of the Holy See, a great and revered figure of the faithful, did visit the Celestial Citadel, a symbol of the Lord. With a heart overflowing with holiness, he blessed the structure with protection, that it may stand tall and proud for all eternity.

In his infinite wisdom, he did choose to preform a most sacred rite within the halls, for he saw a babe in need of the savoring waters of baptism. And so he called forth an object of strange design made of metal. He deemed it fit for the task at hand and, with a steady hand, lowered the innocent child into the device, offering prayers to the heavens.

All of this, and more, bears witness to the hand of the Almighty in its creation. Such was confirmed by the words of the noble Sir Walter, who hath brought us this news.

Verily, the appearance of this grand structure was brought forth through the divine intervention of the Almighty! 'Twas said that the noble Sir Walter, king of the domain, formerly but a weak peasant, was granted audience with the Lord in a vision most wondrous. There, he beheld the Lord, garbed in raiment of the finest cloth, and did bow low in reverence.

And lo, the Lord did grant unto Sir Walter a gift most generous, a new abode of surpassing splendor. Sir Walter, filled with joy and gratitude, returned to his lands and there beheld the structure, newly arisen from the earth.

And so, he did contact the Society of Well Meaning Philosophers, and they did convene in council to consider the matter. After due reflection, they have determined to bring this bastion under their care, to preserve it for generations yet to come. Whilst the abode of Sir Walter hath vanished, he doth seem unfazed, declaring that naught of worth was therein, merely accepting the Lord's alternate gift.

Update: And so it came to pass that news of the mighty bastion of the Lord spread far and wide across the lands. Many were kings who grew envious of its power and grace, and they set forth to barter with the Society of Well Meaning Philosophers for a chance to possess it.

The Foundation, in their wisdom, sought to defuse these tensions and broker peace, offering counsel and aid to all who sought their help. Yet, amidst all their efforts, there was one king who remained unconvinced, driven mad by his covetous desires.

But fear not! Our Sir Walter remains valiant and powerful, as we will not back down amidst these dark times.

Update: The king, consumed by greed, demanded the holy structure for himself and threatened war upon those who refused. The SWMP Foundation, fearing for the safety of their home and the land, called forth the bravest knights to defend the structure.

And so, it came to pass that a great battle was fought, a conflict of arms and will. The air was filled with the sounds of steel clashing, the ground soaked with the blood of brave men. And amidst the fray, the kings themselves took up arms, leading their armies in a struggle for dominance.

Update: Alas, despite all efforts of the Society of Well Meaning Philosophers to prevent its fall, the great kingdom hath become embroiled in a bloody and devastating war. The envious king, consumed by his covetous desire for the great kingdom of the Lord, did raise an army and lay siege to the bastion itself. And lo, the people did rally to its defense, willing to lay down their lives in the name of their Lord and sacred edifice that was their symbol of hope.

But despite the bravery of the defenders, the tide of war did turn against them. Kingdom after kingdom did fall, until only a handful of faithful remained, clinging to their beliefs and their holy structure, even as it fell into disrepair and neglect.

Yet still, the people held fast, determined to protect their Lord's symbol of hope and power, even as the kingdom around them crumbled. For them, the Celestial Citadel was worth more than gold or jewels, and they would defend it with their very lives. Even in the darkest days of war and destruction, did we cling to our faith and the hope that one day, the Citadel would be reformed to its former glory.

Update: We failed. We watched with heavy hearts as the once-great kingdom crumbled and fell, the gift from the Lord himself, the source of so much strife and suffering, still stood, testament to the power and resolve of those who fought for it.

But now, as the final days of the Society approached, the members were filled with a desperate hope. For in the midst of war and destruction, they saw a glimmer of salvation. They sent forth their most trusted emissaries, carrying with them pleas for peace and a halt to the violence.

Alas, their pleas fell on deaf ears. The lords and ladies of the realm, consumed by their own desire for power and glory, would not listen. The Celestial Citadel became the center for the final battle, with warriors from all corners of the kingdom gathering to fight and die for it.

Update: Greetings, friend and companions,

We write to thee with heavy hearts, filled with despair and fear. The great and holy structure, the symbol of our Lord's grace and favor, has fallen to the relentless violence of war. The very walls have crumbled, the roof has caved in, the windows have shattered, and all that remains is but rubble and ash.

The foundations of our world, the very foundation of our beliefs, have been shaken to their core. The once-great bastion of strength and power, where the Lord held court and dispensed justice, is now nothing but ruins.

The final battles for control over the structure were fought with such desperation, that it seemed as though the very fabric of the world was being torn asunder. We fought until out last breath, determined to possess the symbol of power and grace.

And now, all that remains is the desolate silence of a ruined land. The once-vibrant kingdom has fallen into darkness, the grace of God has been absent. The Society of Well Meaning Philosophers, which has stood guard over the holy structure and many similar for so long, is now itself on the brink of collapse, our members scattered and its purpose lost.

We can only pray that in the aftermath of this great tragedy, the lord puts mercy on us for destroying ourselves over his great gift. But for now, all we can do is bear witness to the end of days, and offer up our last prayers for the salvation of our souls.

And thus, as the ink of this record runs dry, and the winds of war howl outside of shattered doors, the Society of Well-Meaning Philosophers, who once kept the Celestial Citadel shining and strong, hath but one last desperate plea. We beg of all who read this, do not repeat the mistakes of our past. Do not let greed and envy consume you, leading you down a path of destruction. If the end of all days hath not yet come, remember the Citadel, and the lesson it hath taught us. Remember the beauty, and the price that was paid. May the Lord have mercy on our souls, and may He guide us to a better future. Attached is a transcription of the symbol that was adorned on the Celestial Citadel, do not forget us.

Yours in despair,

The Society of Well Meaning Philosophers.

Below is the attached file.
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