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Item #: SCP-7906

Object Class: Keter


A still from one of the YouTube videos on SCP-7906 showing SCP-7906-1's appearance.

Special Containment Procedures: While SCP-7906's content is currently successfully censored, more direct means of containment are currently under investigation. Any attempts to remove SCP-7906 from YouTube have been unsuccessful, as it continued to reappear after each removal. As attempts to remove SCP-7906 from the web have proven futile, a Foundation Webcrawler has been set up to redirect viewers to the YouTube homepage when attempting to access SCP-7906. SCP-7906 is to be monitored by a staff member with XX sex chromosomes. Under no circumstances are recipes from SCP-7906 to be recreated.

Description: SCP-7906 refers to a channel on under the name of ‘MonicaMakesxo’. Videos from SCP-7906 focus on baking and cooking foods in a traditionally feminine aesthetic. Attempts to track down the person running SCP-7906 have been unsuccessful.

In a pattern corresponding with SCP-4319, SCP-7906 can only be viewed by those with XX sex chromosomes. If a person with non-XX sex chromosomes is sent a link to SCP-7906, it will lead to YouTube’s homepage.

SCP-7906-2 refers to any recipe demonstrated on SCP-7906. The anomalous effects of SCP-7906 take place when subjects who have XX sex chromosomes consume a recreated instance of SCP-7906-2.

When consumed, these recipes will cause the subject to experience symptoms typical of those suffering from Major Depressive Disorder. This effect does not wear off and thus is assumed to be permanent. It is unknown how closely the recipe has to be followed in order to trigger the anomalous effects. If eaten by a subject with non-XX sex chromosomes, the foods will have no effect. Excluding its anomalous effects, the end result of SCP-7906-2 is consistent with expected outcomes using similar cooking and baking techniques.

SCP-7906-1 refers to the entity that features in all SCP-7906's YouTube videos; 'Monica'. The consultation of current facial recognizing systems and databases has proven ineffective in discovering the identity of SCP-7906-1, as such, it is currently hypothesized that SCP-7906-1 may generate false images of itself. Similarly, other entities that feature on SCP-7906 are currently unidentified. SCP-7906-1 has been identified as both an affiliate and active member of GOI-4319 ("Just Girly Things").


The Foundation was first alerted to SCP-7906 on 12/14/2020 after it was flagged by Foundation web crawlers. The first video that came to the Foundation's attention was titled '♡Perfect Girly Hot Chocolate for my best friend!- JGT♡', published on 12/07/2020. This video has been included in the addendum below under 'Video Transcript 12/07/2020'.


The following is a partial list of transcripts of videos posted by SCP-7906 up until the time of discovery in order of posting date.

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