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Archive photograph of Laboratory C2 prior to conversion.

Item #: SCP-7903

Object Class: Unknown

Special Containment Procedures: The Site 135 sensory room remains locked and out of bounds. Any personnel who experience events similar to those of SCP-7903 must immediately report them to site security. Any suggestion of an active event will result in immediate site lockdown.

Staff are strongly advised to remain awake on site at all times.

Description: SCP-7903 refers to an incident that occurred across the night of 19/12/19 and early morning of 20/12/19, involving Dr. Marcus Sorenson in the Site 135 sensory room.1 These events are poorly understood; as such, a transcript of security footage has been attached in lieu of a full description.

Foreword: Dr. Sorenson had spent several consecutive late shifts working on the SCP-████ breeding programme; due to this and prolonged exposure having deleterious effects on the nervous system, he requested, and was granted, ninety minutes recovery time.


At 11:03, Dr. Sorenson enters the room. He moves briefly out of shot, presumably to switch on a small lamp, before shutting the door and making his way to the bed lined up against the far wall.

By 11:14, he appears to be asleep, lying on his back. Nothing further of note occurs for approximately ninety minutes.

At 00:47, an entity crawls into view. Due to the low light and low quality, single camera footage, little can be definitively ascertained about it; it is believed to be vaguely humanoid, approximately 1.7m long and pitch black, with two eyes, no arms and a jawless mouth. The entity wriggles towards Dr. Sorenson, before rearing up and staring at him.

At 00:52, the entity hauls itself atop Dr. Sorenson so that its "face" is barely a few centimetres from his. Over the next eleven minutes, its breathing gradually adjusts until their every inhalation and exhalation is in exact unison.

At 01:01, the entity locks lips with him. Immediately, its breathing shifts again. Now, every breath Dr. Sorenson gives out, the entity takes in, and vice versa. They remain in perfect synchronisation for twenty-three minutes.

At 01:24, the entity shudders, followed quickly by Dr. Sorenson.

At 01:25, Researcher Farnsworth enters the room, holding a mug.2 Upon seeing the entity, he screams and drops his mug, which shatters loudly on the ground.

The disturbance appears to jolt Dr. Sorenson awake; he begins struggling to remove the squirming entity, his eyes wide. It presses its "face" deeper into his.

Dr. Sorenson appears to bite down, hard. The entity writhes, seemingly trying to free itself; he only bites down harder. Finally, the entity tears itself away, skittering behind a bench. It does not appear again during the footage.

Researcher Farnsworth, still frantically cowering away, is beckoned over by the flailing, spluttering doctor, who points wordlessly to his own open mouth. Farnsworth looks inside and gasps, before gingerly inserting his hand.

After some struggle, he eventually withdraws a fleshy protuberance, which he immediately throws across the room. Dr. Sorenson rolls off the bed and lands heavily on the floor, retching violently.

With only a moment's hesitation, Farnsworth pulls the still-convulsing doctor to his feet. Pulling an arm over his shoulders, he supports him out of the room.

The door clicks shut behind them.


Closing statement: Despite being immediately dispatched, the door to the sensory room remaining closed and there being no other exits, the only trace of the entity discovered by security was the protruberance left behind.

All attempts to locate the entity described have failed. No other personnel have reported similar experiences, or unusual sleep-based phenomena, although approximately forty-six percent of Site 135 staff have experienced difficulty in recalling their dreams before and since, including Dr. Sorenson.

The protruberance has since been analysed. It is about eighteen centimetres long at the cut and possesses six stiff appendages, structured to allow ease of grasping. Its exact function is unknown. Genetic testing was carried out and revealed likely human origin; the DNA results were, with ninety-nine percent certainty, a match for Dr. Marcus Sorenson.

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