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Item#: 7902
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Waterville Senior Care, a now-defunct instance of SCP-7902.

Special Containment Procedures: Patients residing in nursing homes affected by SCP-7902 are to be transferred to an appropriate new location immediately.

Confirmed SCP-7902 facilities are to be forcibly closed under the cover story of bankruptcy or acquisition by a new entity.

Foundation webcrawler Hippocrates.aic has been created to monitor for reports of elder abuse in healthcare settings to identify new instances of SCP-7902. Standard disinformation and amnestic procedures are to be executed upon discovery of a sentinel event1.

Investigations are currently underway to determine if healthcare personnel previously employed
in a SCP-7902 facility are able to provide proper patient care in non-anomalous settings.

Description: SCP-7902 is the collective designation for nursing homes across the Midwestern United States with anomalous rates of abuse and neglect. Not under the ownership of one single entity, instances of SCP-7902 are related only by the debilitated health of patients residing within2.

Healthcare personnel working for SCP-7902 display anomalous behavior while caring for patients on-site. Examples include:

  • Persistent refusal to comply with accepted patient safety protocols,
  • Inability to provide proper care due to deficits in clinical knowledge, and
  • Apathy toward residents and their family members. Hostile and violent outbursts occur on an infrequent basis.

Sub-designations of SCP-7902 (-A through -D) have been assigned to relevant personnel listed in Table 1.

Table 1. Designations of SCP-7902 Instances

Designation Profession Description of Behavior
SCP-7902-A Support staff (e.g., housekeeping, building maintenance technicians) Poor upkeep of facilities, resulting in dilapidated and unsafe living conditions.
SCP-7902-B Practitioners (e.g., physicians) Infrequent and inattentive patient evaluations; ignorance of evidence-based practice when making treatment decisions.
SCP-7902-C Registered Nurses (RNs) Completion of medical procedures without appropriate training and licensure; personal use of narcotics intended for patient administration.
SCP-7902-D Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) Unwillingness to provide assistance in activities of daily living; denial of necessities such as food and water.

Researchers hypothesize that a memetic vector of unknown origin is present at employment sites, compelling individuals to act in ways they would otherwise find unethical. Affected employees do not appear to remember their actions after the end of the work day.

Notably, residents and visiting loved ones have not displayed anomalous behavior thus far.

Initial Discovery: Foundation operatives embedded in the Indiana State Board of Health began investigation of SCP-7902 following a significant uptick of complaints filed against Plainsview Health and Rehabilitation in early 2022. These complaints described extensive neglect and abuse of facility residents.

On December 10, 2022, local Marion County television stations broke news of an incident where two nurses allegedly amputated the foot of a resident without a doctor’s orders or informed consent from the patient (see Incident Log 7902-1 for more details).

Originally believed to be an isolated incident, SCP-7902 was assigned a formal designation after further Foundation review; researchers concluded that anomalous rates of elder abuse were present across Indiana and three seven other Midwestern states.

Incident 7902-1: Video Log Transcript

Date and Time: 12/10/2022 1541

Location: Plainsview Health and Rehabilitation Center (Indianapolis, IN)

Civilians Involved:

  • Johanna Knowles (73). Admitted for physical rehabilitation after falling and fracturing her ankle on 12/03.
  • Matthew Knowles (49, son)
  • Emily Wheeler (25, granddaughter)

Foreword: Amputation was completed by SCP-7902-C1 and SCP-7902-C2 without standing orders from a physician. The patient did not provide informed consent prior to the procedure. Sedation and analgesia were not administered.

Footage was recovered from the mobile phone of a SCP-7902-D instance who filmed from the corner of the room.


SCP-7902-C1: Good afternoon, Ms. Knowles. We’re sorry to inform you that your ankle isn’t healing like it should be, and we need to remove your foot to prevent further complications.

Johanna Knowles: I only broke it a week ago. They told me in the hospital it would take 8 weeks to heal. Is something wrong?

SCP-7902-C1: I really am sorry. I can only imagine the feelings of shock that you must be experiencing right now. I know it’s upsetting, but this is a necessary procedure to keep you healthy.

Matthew Knowles: You can’t do this! What you’re suggesting is unacceptable. I want to speak to the doctor who ordered this, now.

SCP-7902-C1 begins physically restraining the patient, who weakly struggles in response. Matthew and Emily appear shocked and do not move from their previous positions.

SCP-7902-C2 enters the room with a bone saw. It is visibly covered in dried blood and viscera. Emily screams, fleeing the room to call the police.

Matthew Knowles: Stop!

Matthew lunges toward SCP-7902-C1. Before he can reach the bed, several SCP-7902-D instances rush into the room and drag him outside.3

The door is closed and locked. Patient begins crying for help.

SCP-7902-C1: Patient has successfully been restrained. Begin pre-op timeout whenever you’re ready.

SCP-7902-C2: Our patient is Johnna Knowles, date of birth April 16th of 1949. We are performing a right-sided Syme’s amputation to treat ankle fracture secondary to a fall one week ago. Today is December 10th and the time is currently 1545. Nurse Abigail Johnston will stabilize the patient while I, nurse Linh Tran, perform the procedure. Ready, Abby?

SCP-7902-C1: Ready. Let’s begin.

SCP-7902-C1 holds the patient’s right leg as SCP-7902-C2 begins sawing above the ankle.

The patient begins to loudly vocalize in pain. SCP-7902-C1 forces a handful of gauze pads into the patient’s mouth.

SCP-7902-C2 continues sawing as muffled screams can be heard from the patient. The bedsheets are quickly saturated with blood.

The Achilles tendon is eventually severed, along with the skin still connected to the foot. The patient is no longer vocalizing.

SCP-7902-C2: Beginning post-op sign-out. Right foot was successfully amputated. No additional follow-up is needed at this time.

SCP-7902-C2 places the foot on the floor next to the bed. All three SCP-7902 personnel exit the room.


Afterword: Indianapolis police and paramedics arrived to the scene following Wheeler’s 911 call. Johanna Knowles was pronounced dead on arrival from exsanguination.

Regional Foundation agents assumed control of the situation, detaining SCP-7901-C1 and C2. Both claim to have no memory of the incident.

All involved civilians and employees were amnesticized. Members of the Knowles family were informed that Johanna passed away on 12/10 following complications of a stroke.


Johanna Knowles. Image sourced from Johanna’s online obituary page.

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