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Access Granted… opening redacted file.

Kuril Islands Facility Exploration log


The video opens with what appears to be the entrance security checkpoint of Site-320. The light of Johnston's flashlight is the only illumination source in the room.

Johnston It's so dark in here. I'm wondering if we should try restoring the power to them.
Avalerra We don't need to do we? I can see just fine and there should be enough power to open the door to the containment cell, yes?
Johnston All containment cells have a built-in power cell so they can be opened and closed in the event of a power failure, so yes.
Avalerra I'll shake up a glowstick so you can keep track of me. Just guide me in the right direction and we'll hopefully be in and out quickly.

A bright green flash shows up on the camera, Avalerra places the glowstick on her belt and takes point in front of Johnston.

Johnston Did you hear that?
Avalerra Hear what?

The camera spins around in the believed direction of the noise, nothing but powered-off security machines are seen.

Johnston I could have sworn I heard a noise that way.
Avalerra I've got better hearing than you do, I didn't hear anything. The darkness might just be getting to you.
Johnston (sighs) Maybe you're right. Let's just keep moving. The Commons area should be just ahead.
Avalerra It's weird seeing you actually out doing something. Here I thought you just enjoyed sending me out to my potential death.
Johnston Come on Michaela, you know me better than that. I'm not exactly a fighter like you or any of the other boys.

The commons is empty, there is no sign that anything had been disturbed from the last time it had been used.

Johnston Back on topic, according to Site Map; holding cells would be just past the testing grounds. Straight ahead are the testing chambers and to the left is Containment Cells.
Avalerra Fairly straightforward then, it's not like our Site with its tram, various buildings and floors. This place is like… one Site-78 building.
Johnston This facility is meant to be small, a place to lock stuff away so they can't get to the mainland. Let's get moving before my mind starts playing tricks on me again.

Movement through the Site continues for another five minutes as Johnston and Avalerra pass by various testing chambers. At the end of the hall, Johnston slides her keycard into the reader and the pair enters the containment wing. The sound of metal on metal can be heard as they enter.

Johnston Wh- did you hear that?

Johnston looks around frantically behind them, the camera whirling as she attempts to find the source of the noise.

Avalerra Maria calm down! There's nothing here. It's just us. Come on, show some discipline.
Johnston S-sorry! I just-, eh whatever. We're looking for Containment Cell #48 and #58. Keep those eyes peeled.

Johnston and Avalerra move methodically, checking the numbers of the various holding cells. There is an office space up ahead with two hallways on the sides of it. The pair head into the office and behind the desk is Containment Cell #48.

Johnston Alright, just let me worry about getting this thing ready for transport. With your metal allergy, I don't know what it would be like if you got infected but I can't imagine it would be pleasant.
Avalerra They just had to send the member of Omega-45 who can't handle any metal.

Johnston swipes her keycard. The two reverse pressure airlocks begin to open.

Johnston Perhaps Site Command thinks your expendable, a Clockwork virus might eat you up with nothing left behind. Probably the real reason they only sent two of us.
Avalerra Fewer people get infected in case of an accident. Cold but Smart. I'll stand watch, I don't really feel like getting wet, haha.

Johnston enters the airlocks into the chemical shower. The spray batters the camera, obscuring the lens. She turns 360 degrees as the shower goes on for thirty seconds. Johnston wipes off the camera, picks up a Haz-Mat suit, and takes a minute to put it on. She enters the containment cell proper to find the cold storage where SCP-7899-B is being kept. She opens the freezer and finds the vials in question, placing them in a secure containment case. She presumably puts them into her pack when an explosive sound is heard. The sound of footsteps is heard thereafter.

Avalerra We have trouble, I heard Russian being spoken under the noise.
Johnston Russians here? Maybe it's Volk Division.1
Avalerra Well whoever they are, I'd imagine they're here for the same reason as us.
Johnston Damn mercenaries, maybe the RR hired them cause they think they're disposable. What do we do?
Avalerra They are coming this way. I'll take care of them. You hide in one of those lockers over there. You'll also need to take my legs.2
Johnston (Exhales deeply) Alright. I can. I can do that.

Avalerra suddenly disappears into the darkness as Johnston moves forward to catch her legs, the cawing of a bird is audible soon after. She takes the glowstick off Avalerra's waist and smashes it before hurrying to the lockers as voices are heard. She turns off her flashlight. The closing of two lockers is heard as Johnston presumably fits herself into one of them. Her stifled heavy breathing is heard and everything goes still for a few minutes.

The sound of Russian speaking is heard as the voices get louder and louder. Footsteps are audible in the footage followed by the sound of gurgling and pained grunts succeeded by two metallic thuds. Thirty seconds pass before the locker creaks open and Johnston re-engages her flashlight.

Johnston (whispers) Avalerra? You alright?

Johnston slides out of the locker as the flapping of wings grows closer and stops. The camera turns to see Avalerra transformed back into a human.

Avalerra I'm fine but… what happened to those mercs?
Johnston What do you mean? Didn't you kill them?

Johnston shines the light on the mercenaries bodies as she approaches them. Their throats are slashed and their heads just barely still on their bodies. Johnston checks their gear and finds patches that identify them as Volk Division.

Avalerra I didn't do that. I flew up to the ceiling there to swoop down on them but they suddenly just… died.
Johnston Sh… shit. I knew something was in here with us! Alright. Johnston calm down. We need to get -XXXX-A still.
Avalerra And what about what killed them? Whatever it is they are invisible to me.
Johnston We'll just have to hope it's hungry for wolves and not samurai. Take point again, keep an eye out for hostiles. I'll kill my flashlight and hopefully no one spots us.

The feed goes dark as Johnston kills her light, the pair slip behind the office desk as light from the hole that had been blown in the wall shines through the hallway ahead.

Avalerra (whispers) Stay still, I hear someone approaching.

The camera is moved onto the desk. Two mercenaries come out from the dark, shining the flashlights of their rifles around. They exchange a few words, appearing to examine the various happenings in the office.

As one of the mercenaries starts to turn the corner around the desk, their neck is held back and something thin bursts from their chest. The mercenary starts to gurgle as his partner begins to shoot in the direction of their assailant. The bullets bounce off of a shimmering figure as the mercenary being held is summarily disemboweled. The dead mercenary is dropped as their guts hit the floor. The other mercenary continues shouting and shooting at the shimmer. The mercenaries' knee is struck causing them to fall onto their opposite. Their head shows signs of being grabbed as they scream for their life. The crunch of bone and the squishing of flesh is heard as the right side of their head violently bursts.

When the screaming has stopped, thirty seconds pass before Johnston retrieves the camera and moves from around the desk.

Johnston Why not just kill that last one? Feels like it chose to make him suffer.
Avalerra I think it was taunting that other one, showing him his buddy getting his guts spilled out like that. We're definitely dealing with something intelligent. Maybe it's a human with paratech, that's how it's hiding.
Johnston Best not to stand around talking about it. That gunfire is going to draw more Volks, other containment cell is to our right. Let's movoe.

The camera shakes as Johnston moves with Avalerra in front across the hallway towards the hole in the wall. They stop for a second as more gunfire and screams are heard, and then continue on at a quicker pace. Johnston slides her keycard into the reader to enter while Avalerra lags behind before entering with Johnston.

Johnston What's out there? Anything?

Avalerra is seen shaking her head as the door closes shut behind them.

Avalerra I saw a Volk Division boat outside, looked empty to me. I think their whole unit came inside.

The Camera turns to face SCP-7899-A sitting on the table in front of Johnston.

Johnston Hello SCP-7899-A, you're going on a little field trip with us.
Avalerra You sure I can't just scrap the bucket of bolts?
Johnston Secure. Contain. Protect. Not Scrap. Crush. Pummel. As much as I'd like to, this thing needs to be in another cell. Now hold still, not like you can move anyway.

SCP-7899-A howls obscenities at Johnston as she lifts it up, noticing a Volume dial that when turned mutes SCP-7899-A. She places it down and removes her pack, stuffing SCP-7899-A as best as she can inside of it. She puts it on her pack and the pair move back into the hallway.

Avalerra Don't go right, we don't know if there are more reinforcements coming. We'll have to take our chances with what's in there.
Johnston I trust your judgement. Let's move.

The camera begin to shake as Johnston moves quickly behind Avalerra down the hall, the sounds of combat are deafening as they move past Cell after Cell. A loud thud is heard against a nearby door as Johnston stands up and sprints towards the Testing chambers. She turns around as the door opens and two glowing red lights are seen through the darkness. The camera quickly turns and more shaking is witnessed.

Johnston turns her flashlight back on as her frantic breathing fills the audio feed. Avalerra is ahead of her and she's fallen behind. As Johnston enters the Commons, she jerked over to the right; the camera turns and reveals it to be a Volk Mercenary. He begins shouting at her in Russian as something else is pulling her back.

Johnston N-no! Get off of me!

The sound of wind rustling is heard as there is a metal thud from behind the camera. Another rustle and suddenly the Volk mercenary struggling with Johnston has lost both his arms. The camera shifts as Johnston runs towards the security checkpoints while violent smashing is heard along with the sounds of squelching fluids. Johnston makes it past the Security checkpoint when something impacts her from the back causing the camera to crash into the ground. She begins to be dragged backwards.

Johnston A-Avalerra! It's got me! H-help!

The roaring of a bear is heard as loud thuds come toward Johnston. Johnston feels the grip on her leg disappear as there is a crashing sound behind her. Johnston stands up shining her flashlight on what was occurring in front of her. Avalerra, who was in the form of a grizzly bear, was wrestling with a black-clad humanoid. The figure's helmet was in the shape of a Raven head with an exaggerated beak. She stood still for a moment until the humanoid ejected a blade from its forearm and stabbed Avalerra with it.

Avalerra roared as the sound of her flesh began to melt and boil away. The humanoid stopped, seemingly intrigued by what was occurring with the animal that attacked her.

Johnston H-Hey! Stop! You're going to kill her!
Humanoid Give me the TV and the Virus in your backpack and I'll let it live.
Johnston I'm not giving you anything. I see your shoulder pauldron. S-03. You're Sigrun. Sveromeyja… right?

S-03 removes her blade from Avalerra and begins walking towards Johnston, blade pointed straight at her.

S-03 How do you know my name?
Johnston That's not important, but I know that you can be somewhat reasonable. We can both walk away from this.
S-03 I don't what you think you know about me but I heard the stories of what the Foundation did to my Valkyrie sisters in the days before Cartagena so don't you plead to me about family.
Johnston That agreement won't let you hurt me. You need to let me walk out of here or this isn't going to end well for either side.
S-03 Hurt you? No see, what I think happened is that the Volk Division killed you and your friend here. I showed up afterward and mopped them up, claimed the anomaly, and kept it out of the hands of the Robotic Republic. Just more of Valravn doing what the Foundation couldn't do.
Johnston They'd never believe a lie like that. There would still be reprecussions.
S-03 You can keep telling yourself that but you and I both know our factions will do whatever it takes to avoid war, and I'm plenty experienced in making things look like accidents.
Johnston So what… you bringing this thing back to the RR?
S-03 Valravn has no love for the Robotic Republic. What they are doing is an affront to the life that is given to us by the gods. The Republic hired the Volks. The Operations department got word and decided that one of their fancy TVs could do wonders for our AI program. So, VHQ sent me. Unfortunately, I couldn't bypass the locks on the cells… until you came around.
Johnston What about a deal hmm? You said R&D just wanted this thing for it's AI programs, correct? I'll give you the TV, we keep the virus. You tell your superiors that the Virus was long gone.
S-03 Or I just kill you both and take it, you aren't really doing a good job at pleading your side.
Johnston You know it does right? It turns people into Clockwork robots that spend the rest of their lives in writhing agony. Can you really trust Valravn not to use this thing as a weapon? Would you let the Volk Division get their hands on it?
S-03 And what do you know about Volk Division?
Johnston I know what they did to your family and how your heart bleeds for your country back home. If you wouldn't want them dropping that weapon on your countrymen, then Valravn shouldn't either.
S-03 You know nothing about my Family. Don't bring them up.
Johnston But you don't deny that Valravn wouldn't use this disease against someone? That an outbreak might accidentally start due to their reckless actions?

S-03 stands still for a few moments before lowering their blade and resheathing it.

S-03 The TV. Before I change my mind.

Johnston pulls SCP-7899-A from her pack and hands it to S-03.

S-03 I'd take your friend and get out of here before the Volks realize what happened to their squad. Count yourself lucky that you had something to bargain with. [End Recording]

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