Item #: SCP-78951

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Personnel assigned to SCP-7895 are to utilize a Foundation-created web crawler to search for keywords relating to SCP-7895 and report findings. Affected individuals are to be located and mnesticized Testing of affected individuals has revealed mnestic treatment to be ineffective, see Addendum 7895-T-1.

In order to maintain an active record on affected individuals, notices are to be sent annually on the first day of June to all known affected individuals inviting them to a gathering on 25 June under the guise of a birthday celebration. Guest logs for these events are to be stored in Site-47's research library. Non-affected Foundation personnel will pose as event staff, caterers, and live entertainment. A team of D-Class personnel will function as event janitors under the direct supervision from Site-47 Lead Custodian Zachary Grant.

Description: SCP-7895 is a dream of Fallon, Nevada, USA, (see Addendum 7895-A-2 for a complete description of SCP-7895). Individuals who experience SCP-7895 will have all memories of their early life, from birth to moving away from their hometown, erased and replaced with memories of being born on 25 June and raised in Fallon, Nevada by a strict-yet-loving family2. The amount of time an affected individual spent living in their hometown is directly related to the depth of the implanted memories. There have been no accounts of memories that occur prior to four years of age, and only two known affected individuals possess implanted memories up to and including their 25th birthday.

Accompanying the erasure of memories and implanting of false memories is a desire to travel to Fallon in order to be "closer to home3." Interviews and research have revealed that this desire is not compulsory, and if an affected individual is incapable of relocating due to financial, physical, geographical, political, or religious reasons, then they will develop a passion for collecting memorabilia, such as photographs and books, about Fallon as mementos from home and samples of pyrite. In either case, SCP-7895 has no negative effect on the physical and mental health or wellbeing of affected individuals.

It should be noted that affected individuals will openly reminisce about their memories with other affected individuals without incident. When asked if it was at all disconcerting to them to have met others with the same life history, they will often regard the interaction as an amusing coincidence.


Addendum 7895-A-1: Initial Discovery

On 22 December, 2012, Site-47 personnel Research Assistant K. Chandler and Researcher T. Davis were overheard reminiscing about their childhoods in the town of Fallon, NV. The conversation was overheard by a member of the Foundation Inter-Site Human Resources Team who noted that this presented a major contradiction to Chandler's and Davis' personnel files. Human Resources Director's Assistant E. Holt initiated follow-up interviews4 which indicated that both fully believe that they had been born in, and grown up in, Fallon and have these memories despite our records indicating that Research Assistant Chandler was born and raised in Yonkers, New York, USA, and Researcher Davis was born in Twizel, New Zealand and raised in Perth, Australia.

A selection of other personnel from Site-47 who also claimed to have grown up in Fallon, NV were questioned about their childhood. Out of the 240 questioned, 224 had shared childhood memories. Mentioned examples of implanted memories include:

  • "I crashed my bike into a parked car just after getting my training wheels off and broke my wrist."
    • 87.4% of interviewees share this memory.
  • "I contracted chicken pox during childhood."
    • 75.1% of interviewees indicate they've contracted chicken pox once.
    • 63.9% of interviewees indicate they've contracted chicken pox twice.
    • 60% of interviewees indicate they've contracted chicken pox three times.
  • "I fell off the bleachers and dislocated my shoulder in fifth grade while trying to impress the boy/girl5 I had a crush on."
    • 58.9% of interviewees share this memory.
  • "In Junior High, I contracted shingles, of all damn things, which formed a scar pattern that resembles a scorpion biting its own stinger on my lower-left side. The scar has faded to nothing now."
    • 53.4% of interviewees share this memory.
  • "And that's when we/I left!"
    • 99.6% of interviewees share this memory.
      • 67.2% of interviewees indicate leaving in a plural form.
      • 32.4% of interviewees indicate leaving in a singular form.

See Addendum 7895-R-1 for a complete rundown of known memories, broken down by age, and the percentage of interviewed persons who share each memory.

Addendum 7895-A-2: Narrative Description of SCP-7895

[Excerpt transcribed from interview with Site-47 Research Director T. Fox. For this interview, RD Fox voluntarily self-administered a small dose of Class X mnestic in order to have perfect recall of SCP-7895.]

Well, let's see. It starts out with me, standing in the middle of an empty highway that cuts through town, and I'm facing east. On my right is a strip mall with a coffee shop at one end and a pizza joint at the other. On my left is the local telephone/internet company's main headquarters. On the sidewalks around me, there are silver-gold auras, and they're moving around. I start walking forward, and it's a good fifteen or twenty minutes before I reach Maine Street. Yeah, funny thing, that! It's ‘Maine’ as in the state… maybe the city engineers had a sense of humor.

Anyway, I turn to my right to look down the main strip. On the right is the oldest casino in town, and on the left is a pawn shop, computer repair place, coffee shop, movie theater, and so on. There are still no signs of life anywhere to be seen, but the silver-gold auras are here as well. I walk down the center of Maine toward the fountain. Beautiful fountain, too! Hah, I remember, a few months after graduation, me and a few friends filled the fountain with detergent! The next day, the thing foamed up so much that there was a wall of bubbles as high as the buildings! [At this point, RD Fox burst into laughter for half a minute.]

Ah, you should have been there! [Research Assistant O'Toole prompted RD Fox to continue recounting the dream.]

Shit, yeah. Sorry. So, I approach the fountain. The silver-gold auras seem to be gathering here around the fountain. Tied to the spigot of the fountain are three Mylar birthday balloons that read, "Happy 25th Birthday!" I can see my reflection in the balloons, and I seem to be emitting an aura similar to the auras around me. The plaque that hangs on the front retaining wall of the fountain is… open. Like it's the door of a hatch or something, and there's space behind it! I look inside, and sure enough, there's a ladder made of rebar leading down!

[NOTE: SCP-7895 ends here for 75% of known affected individuals.]

It's a tight squeeze, but I get in there and start descending the ladder. At the bottom of it is a room… like an office or a waiting room? All grey carpeting, white walls, and bright fluorescent lights. There are seven chairs lined up against the wall next to a pretty normal-looking door, and a small table between the fourth and fifth chair. Nobody in here, either. However, there's a framed photo from the 1910s or so of some miners looking up at a giant human male who was restrained in a dark cavern, and above the giant was an eel or a serpent of some kind. I can't remember exactly, but the giant looked like he was in a massive amount of pain and distress. Anyway, so I lie down across a few of the chairs and close my eyes.

[NOTE: SCP-7895 ends here for ~25% of known affected individuals.]

Suddenly, I hear a female voice say, "It sure is a nice night. Look at all the stars glisten and sparkle like flecks of pyrite in a vein of wolframite, just perfect as they are." I open my eyes, and I'm lying on the dirt next to a campfire, and there is a woman sitting in a wooden chair across the fire from me. She's dressed like an old-timey miner and has a bright, blue aura, and there's a lantern with red glass6 hanging from a hook on the arm of her chair. I say, "What?" She smiles and points up at the sky, and it's so dark overhead that, for a moment, it looks like we were in a cavern! When I look closer, I realize that the stars she's pointing at are all silver-gold auras! Suddenly, I feel something thump lightly against my chest. I reach for it and hold it up to look at it… and it's a piece of pyrite on a leather necklace! That's where the dream ended.

Addendum 7895-A-3: Notable Excerpts of Interviews with Known Affected Individuals

Addendum 7895-T-1: Log of Memory Restoration Treatments of Affected Personnel

Amnestic and mnestic treatments were performed voluntarily on various affected personnel. For amnestic and mnestic classifications, please refer to the Proposal for the Classification of Synthetic, Non-Anomalous Amnestic Agents by Doctor [DATA EXPUNGED].
Name DoB [mm/dd/yyyy] Time of Erasure Treatment Method Notable Actions and Quotes during Testing
Holloway, Janet 01/27/1991 17y 7mo Daily dose of Class D amnestic for one-month period "Am I glowing? I feel like I'm glowing!"
Chandler, Katrina 04/06/1981 20y 3mo Twice-daily dose of Class D amnestic for one-month period "Save her. Must save her."
O'Toole, Marvin 03/16/1986 13y 2mo Weekly procedure involving Class C amnestic for one-month period "It felt like you threw a bunch of tennis balls against a brick wall."
Blackwell, Kevin 03/09/1989 22y 1mo Daily dose of Class X mnestic for one-month period "I've never felt so alone."
Grant, Zachary 02/01/2001 18y 1mo Three-times daily dose of Class X mnestic in combination with weekly dose of Class A amnestic over three-month period "Fuckin' darkness surrounds me. Like that Metallica song!"
Davis, Tamara 04/22/1993 15y 9mo Daily dose of Class X mnestic absorbed through skin via dimethyl sulfoxide patch affixed to left shoulder for one-month period "Trapped. It's been so long since I've felt joy."
Lautner, Jason 12/16/1979 19y Thaumaturgic memory-restoration ritual performed once-weekly over one-month period "Hey, I think I know this one8!"
Fox, Theodore 06/25/1980 25y Total isolation, zen meditation, and self-performed thaumaturgic ritual focused on targeted memory restoration for a total of three months RD Fox was observed carving "ᚾᚨᚾᚾᚨ" into the walls of his isolation chamber during treatment. "Mother had powers, servant of the Trickster. Inheritance is [INFOHAZARD EXPUNGED]."

Testing has revealed no permanent improvement resulted from use of amnestic or mnestic treatments.

Addendum 7895-T-2: Lens Composition Testing and Further Usage

Chemical analysis performed on the lens sample has revealed that it is comprised primarily of standard glass with a thin film of the following minerals applied to one side via thin-film deposition:

  • Cinnabar, three parts
  • Garnet, three parts
  • Pyrite, two parts
  • Magnetite, one part

In order to replicate the result mentioned by Mr. Holland, but in a more portable form, researchers have applied the mixture via thin-film deposition to the following appliances. The following is a condensed log of successful applications and the accompanying results:

  • One Foundation-issue Nikon DSLR camera, applied to lens — Photo taken of Site-47 personnel in the Fallon Convention Center courtyard at night during the 2020 annual birthday party for affected individuals. Photo revealed all personnel exhibited strong silver-gold auras in the resultant photograph.
  • One shard of thin glass suspended over a lit candle — Junior Researcher Holloway and MTF-Y-47 Team Leader Constantin Laradeca exhibited subtle silver-gold auras which were visible to the naked eye.
  • One carbide lamp, applied to reflector — Junior Researcher Holloway, Research Director Fox, and Research Assistant Blackwell exhibited strong silver-gold auras which were visible to the naked eye.

Testing has tentatively concluded that the desired effect will only manifest via light which is not produced through electrical means.

Addendum 7895-R-1: Current Timeline of Memories

[This addendum has been condensed to include milestones and stand-out memories only. Copies of the full 39-page addendum are available to personnel by request.]

Age Brief Description of Memory Percentage Shared
5y crashed bike / broke wrist 87.4%
10y fell off bleachers to impress crush9 58.9%
11y discovered minor thaumaturgic ability 9%
12y contracted shingles 53.4%
13y began serious relationship 53.1%
14y joined school sport10 51.8%
15y employed at local lumber yard11 48%
16y three friends involved in single-vehicle collision12 44%
17y dumped by long-time significant other13 40%
17y graduated high school 38%
18y poured detergent in town fountain 32%
19y worked under-the-table as a porter at Depot Casino 28%
20y arrested for underage drinking and DUI 18%
21y studied and performed memory-related thaumaturgic rituals 9%
22y completed rehab program 4%
23y decided to move to another town on day before 24th birthday .5%
24y moved to Hazen, NV for work in copper mines14 .01%
24y further studied thaumaturgy to gain promotion at work .0009%
25y company-sponsored birthday party at Fallon Nugget Casino .0006%
25y found entrance to caverns under Fallon after birthday party .0006%

Addendum-7895-Z-1: MTF Investigation Notes

[E-mail from Site-47 Research Director T. Fox to Site-47 Director A. Parrish requesting the dispatch of MTF-Y-47 ("The Lone Rangers") for an investigative survey of an abandoned dairy farm located 1.65 km southeast of the center of Fallon, NV.]

06/25/2021 - 21:35
Good evening Alex,

I would like to formally request a survey be performed around the abandoned dairy farm located at [REDACTED] in order to find the entrance to a cavern system that may lead under Fallon, NV. Thorgrima and I were discussing the end of SCP-7895 at the party (that was an amazing performance of "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" by the way), and we've come to the conclusion that there must be some indication as to the origin of SCP-7895 under the town. We've searched around the fountain, and there wasn't a hatch like our dream indicated, but there has to be something. A recent earthquake toppled one of the old silos at that dairy farm on the southeast corner of town, and we think there may have been a landslide there. I know The Lone Rangers are likely quite busy, but it would be great if they could spare some time to check into this potential lead.

If they are successful in locating an entrance to the caverns, I would like to be with them when they explore the caverns as I have extensive caving skills and would be a valuable asset. Subsequently, I would also like to request the use of the modified carbide lantern from our tests last year. The results yielded similar results to that of the Sash Lantern, and it may be able to lead us to something.

Kindest Regards,
RD Fox.

21 July, 2021: Team Leader Constantin Laradeca and three other members of MTF-Y-47 ("The Lone Rangers"), assisted by Foundation geologist Blake Lancaster, PhD, were tasked with surveying the former Westin Dairy farm and its surrounding areas. At approximately 2145, a small tunnel was located near the foundation of milk silo which had toppled over. According to Dr. Lancaster, the tunnel is a natural formation which was covered by a steel plate measuring 2x140x200cm. Recent seismological activity caused structural damage to the surrounding structures caused heavy debris to fall, damaging the steel plate and knocking it loose. The tunnel itself has been evaluated and was found to be stable. Upon initial investigation via Foundation-issued ResQ Corp recon drone, the tunnel ran forty meters and stopped at a vertical shaft. MTF-Y-47 cordoned off the abandoned farm in accordance to Protocol-44.5a ("Chemical Spill / Aerosolized Toxins") and placed a GPS tag on the location for future exploration.

28 July, 2021: Team Leader Constantin Laradeca, Agent M. Garrett, and Agent K. Mitchell of MTF-Y-47, assisted by Research Director T. Fox and civilian consultant on Norse Mythology Thorgrima Tjorvidottir, rappelled down the vertical shaft and explored the cave system. Following is a condensed transcript of the exploration footage from the body-worn camera on C. Laradeca. The complete exploration log is on-file in the Site-47 research library.



0519 [Fox, Garrett, Mitchell, and Tjorvidottir (hereafter referred to as "Tjor") are seen equipping caving and climbing gear. Fox, an experienced caver, is smoking a cigarette and explaining to Mitchell and Garrett that the temperatures underground may reach below freezing. Tjor is coiling a mass of climbing rope. The camera pans down to reveal the cave entrance. It is approximately 35cm tall by 90cm wide. An audible sigh is heard from Laradeca.]

0524 [Laradeca moves into the open tunnel first. The height of the tunnel remains consistent while the width narrows slightly. Scraping is heard as Laradeca pushes his way through. Ten meters into this tunnel at a downward slope, Laradeca comes to an area where he can get to his knees.]

Laradeca: Shit, that was a tight squeeze. I'm through! Mitchell, you're next followed by Garrett.

0531 [Laradeca shines his flashlight into the entrance tunnel. The top of Mitchell's helmet can be seen. His head is turned sideways as to not allow his helmet to become lodged. As Mitchell comes through, Garrett, Fox, and Tjor follow in a similar fashion.]

0540 [The party reaches the edge of the vertical shaft. Fox instructs everybody to take a step back and shut off their lights. They all comply while he activates the carbide lamp using its built-in striker. In the glow, Mitchell and Tjor are in frame and begin to exhibit a bright, silver-gold aura. Fox then turns and points the lamp over the vertical shaft and reveals a bright orange directional marker, suspended above the shaft, indicating downward.]

Fox: As expected, the lamp is now functioning similarly to the Sash Lantern. If my theory is correct, we simply have to follow these markers.

Tjor: Strange. Fox, I think I've seen something like this before in the Crimson Sash copper mine near Hazen.

Laradeca: [sigh] Yep. This is exactly like the lantern we picked up in the Ruby Mountains back in '13. Good guess, Fox!

0559 [Fox and Tjor set climbing anchors into the surrounding rock. Mitchell points out that previous groups had left anchors in the rock.]

0631 [The party descends into the vertical shaft. Garrett stays behind as a safety point. At the floor of the shaft, Fox uses the carbide lamp to light a cigarette and then moves the lantern to find the next directional marker. Tjor crouches down to examine the debris left here.]

Tjor: [Holding up a highly oxidized tin of pipe tobacco, likely from the 1930s. The paint on the tin is mostly gone, but what's left reveals a bald man dressed in Victorian-era clothing. Tjor speaks in a lisping, clownish voice.] Excuse me, but do you have Prince Albert in a can? You DO? Well, you'd better let him out!

Fox: Wa-HA, wa-HA, wa-HA!

[Laradeca and Mitchell begin laughing.]

Mitchell: Ah, fuck. I love that movie!


0749 [The camera pans across an expansive chasm with thin stone ledges jutting from the edge which form rudimentary steps downward. A directional indicator points at a diagonal angle, parallel to the steps. Fox fishes a glowstick out of his pocket, activates it, then drops it onto the stone steps. The glowstick bounces down seventeen steps then drops to the floor of the chasm. Fox carefully puts his weight on the stone ledge. It holds his weight.]

Fox: Alrighty, y'all. One at a time, and slowly.

Mitchell: I'll stay here as a safety point.

Laradeca: Gotcha. If you hear screams, go running back to the vert shaft and instruct Garrett to call for help.

0751 [The camera follows Fox and Tjor as they descend the steps, following the directional markers. At the bottom, the camera pans to show that the chasm extends in both directions. On the floor of the chasm is a cart rail with a rusted minecart full of ore.]


0820 [Fox is seen directly ahead, looking at a directional indicator pointing in the direction they are traveling in. Tjor is examining "miner's graffiti", a term used to denote markings and messages left by miners on the walls, typically using carbide lamps to create lampblack soot. She is standing directly in front of these markings, obscuring them from view.]

Laradeca: Hey, what'd you find? [Laradeca begins walking toward Tjor.]

Tjor: [Not looking away from the markings.] Someone wrote a phrase in Old Norse here, "The suffering of the Trickster reshapes the stone." [She turns toward Laradeca.] In Norse mythology, the only being I know of that would be referred to as such is …


Laradeca: Fu…

[Laradeca falls forward and lands on the mine rails. The BWC makes solid contact with the left-hand rail, resulting in a crack along the top of the lens. Laradeca slowly stands. Fox and Tjor run to him to see if he's alright. No sound is audible, likely due to the impact damaging the BWC's microphone. Laradeca gestures downward then turns toward the opposite direction, revealing a large chunk of black, crystalline ore resting on the rails. He raises a middle finger to it. After some discussion, the three continue on.]



0953 [They continue following the markers for the next hour without incident, following cart rails.]



1059 [The directional indicator immediately ahead is seen pointing up. Laradeca tilts his BWC upward to reveal that the indicator is pointing directly into solid rock. Fox is speaking to Laradeca. Tjor moves past Fox and says something, pointing at the indicator as it re-orients and points behind her. NOTE: According to a member of personnel skilled in reading lips, it was determined that she said, "I remember now. It's this way." They follow for forty meters and come to a metal grate embedded into the surrounding rock, blocking the passage forward. The grate is highly oxidized, and there is a hole in it large enough to fit an arm through. Laradeca moves up to the grate, removes his BWC from its mount, and holds it through the hole in the grating revealing an immense void of darkness. From a distance, a small, red light is seen next to larger blue light. On the other side of the red light, a silver-gold light flickers momentarily.]

Unknown female voice: Stand back, please. I wouldn't want any of you to be injured.

[Laradeca, Fox, and Tjor take a few steps backward. As they do, the grate begins emitting light and sparks as it melts into a puddle of slag on the ground.]

Unknown female voice: Step through, friends, and make yourselves known.

[As they move into this expansive cavern, the blue light moves toward the red light, and the silver-gold aura flickers and is no longer visible. Laradeca moves to the front of the group and approaches the blue light which is revealed to be the form of a human or humanoid female of giant stature dressed as a miner. She sits down on a chair made of large timbers, likely raw pine trunks, and is seen smiling.]

Unknown female voice: I see you have a device similar to the lamp that was gifted to me by friend, Jamie Short. I would introduce you to her, but she placed her lifeforce inside the lamp in order to let me see.



[Tjor approaches the blue light and drops to her knees. Her shoulders begin to shake. The blue light places its left hand on Tjor's right shoulder and gestures upward with her right hand. A silver-gold aura flickers into existence approximately three meters from Fox. This aura has a vaguely humanoid shape.]

Unknown female voice: It sure is a nice night. Look at all the stars glisten and sparkle like flecks of pyrite in a vein of wolframite, just perfect as they are.

[Laradeca tilts his BWC upward. As the view pans, a bright flash of light is seen as Fox takes a photo of the lantern hanging from the massive chair. In the darkness above, many silver-gold lights are seen moving about at various speeds.]

Unknown female voice: It had been so dark for so many years. For a while, the miners would visit and chat with me, but one day, they installed the metal wall you passed through and stopped visiting. They trapped me here and were stealing my joy to power their machines. That day, I thought my joy had died. That was until Jamie visited and told me of a way that I could feel joy again by seeing. She spent several days with me, sharing stories of happiness and joy and sorrow and loss. As she told me these stories, I watched as the joy in her soul grew brilliant to the point that it shined and sparked like pyrite being struck by iron. At the end of those days, she said that she wanted to give me a gift… the gift of more joy, and more lights. She said that more lights will be drawn here as a result of her sacrifice. Oh, how I adore those lights, especially when they gather in clusters. Once a year, I see them gather over in that direction [The blue light gestures into a segment of darkness.], and they glow ever brighter. Every year, as Jamie promised, more lights come to that gathering. One day… when I am able to free myself from this void, I would like to attend that gathering.

<C*%CK_F N>

<CRI%@$)L F))LU<@ IM%#*EN*>

[Laradeca pans his BWC back down to the blue light. Fox is seen standing next to it, looking up toward its face. Tears are streaming down into his beard. Tjor is now lying on her side, crying. The blue light takes a seat on its chair and smiles.]


Addendum-7895-Z-2: Excerpt from After Action Report

Laradeca: After my BWC died, we spoke with the giant entity for several hours about our lives on the surface, different types of music, celebrations, and technological advances made throughout the hundred-plus years she had been trapped down there. As the giant entity is self-containing, we agreed to not initiate ConProcs at this time. However, we have agreed to meet with her twice a year to check up on her and reassess the potential need for containment.

Laradeca: We made our way out of the cave system without incident, but I did take a chunk of that damned rock I tripped over.

Addendum-7895-Z-3: Description of Photograph Taken by RD Fox

An unremarkable, modern kerosene lantern with red-tinted glass. Riveted to the fuel tank is a chromium plate which is inscribed, "Cast thy light! Truly, the pyrite we shall seek is not that of the mineral we delve but of the human soul in happiness." Certain letters, as noted in the transcription, are stained with red ink.

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