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Item#: 7894
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures:

Due to the currently unconfirmed status of SCP-7894, and the estimated size of the affected area, all containment efforts are to be focused on archival of collected evidence for review.

Any staff found spreading rumours involving SCP-7894 are reminded that sharing false information about an anomaly, regardless of how dangerous it is understood to be, may result in severe consequences.


SCP-7894 is an as of yet unproven phenomenon or entity hypothesised to be affecting the entirety of Site-61. SCP-7894 has been reported to manifest as typical 'poltergeist' activity, with SCP-7894 incidents including the movement or disappearance of items, inexplicable noises, and disembodied voices. These sounds have been reported to mimic speech, environmental noises, conversations, recordings, and even specific individual's voices. Those affected by SCP-7894 have also reported persistent feelings of being watched, but have stated they can't explain or identify a source.

To date, SCP-7894 has not shown to cause any major disruptions on site. Staff have been encouraged to document potential evidence for SCP-7894 activity for research purposes.

A partial list of various missing items attributed to SCP-7894 are as follows;

- Seven phones of different models.
- Three separate lightbulbs illuminating the East wing.
- Over one-hundred mundane documents relating to security camera observations.
- An entire lockbox filled with tape recordings.
- Over thirty more classified reports relating to civilian and Foundation casualties.
- The entire contents of the East wing's security room.
- Fifteen security cameras across three offices.
- One standard issue Foundation lab coat covered in crude drawings.

It is not known how many items have been lost in total. While some misplaced items attributed to SCP-7894 may be the result of human error, the volume of missing materials seem to suggest anomalous activity.

No trigger or discernible pattern for SCP-7894 occurrences has been discovered as of yet.

Addendum 7894-1: Outbound Requests

Due to the nature of SCP-7894 a number of requests have been made to replace lost equipment and documentation, as well as various requests for tools, staff, or other actions to be taken. All requests have been reviewed by acquisition staff on Site-61.

Requests are as follows:

Request Purpose Outcome
Replacement Information Documents Replace all lost documentation due to SCP-7894's effects/staff error. Approved
Replacement Security Equipment Replace all lost equipment due to SCP-7894's effects. Approved
Shipment of Food Supplies Replace all provisions lost to SCP-7894's effects or consumed by staff. Approved
Shipment of Heavy Weaponry Security purposes. Denied
Assistance No reason given. Denied
Extraction No reason given. Denied
help No reason given. Denied
N/A No reason given. Denied
N/A No reason given. Denied

It's noted that over 200 blank requests have been automatically denied and removed from the above record. Please avoid submitting blank requests in future. Thank you. (This is an automated message.)

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