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Item #: SCP-7893

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7893 is to be kept in a 1x1x1 meter glass case at the center of a small cell. This cell should be free from any adjacent rooms or hallways for at least three meters and the door is to be kept locked at all times. The cell should be fitted with standard living quarter furnishings (i.e. bed, toilet, etc.). One D-Class subject is to be held within the cell as well at all times, being rotated out weekly and placed in cognitive behavioral therapy for one month, before being returned to the cell.

Description: SCP-7893 is a small ficus bonsai tree. It stands roughly 0.5 meters tall, with a proportionally large woody body and a small cluster of leaves. These leaves are flat and oblong, the veins of which form the shape of an eye. The object is firmly rooted in a black, ceramic pot, and all attempts to remove it from such have failed, however at one point it grew in the wild and was potted after it reached maturity. It will not absorb water if it is presented and does not seem to grow1.

The anomalous effects of SCP-7893 are always present. The leaves of the plant turn to face their broad side towards the nearest living organism, regardless of walls or other obstacles2. This action happens slowly enough to be imperceptible to the human eye. Subjects which become the target of the specimen begin to exhibit many side effects, a list of which has been provided below3.

One Week of Exposure: D-Class which were subjected to SCP-7893 for one week began to show signs of paranoia, distrust of those around them and general irritability (these symptoms may appear earlier depending on the subject). They preferred quiet locations and spoke to themselves frequently. These effects are very temporary, ceasing once removed from the vicinity of the specimen.

Two Weeks of Exposure: Subjects would become verbally abusive, being easily provoked and easily frightened as well. They would also begin violently itching, scratching particularly at the inner elbows, knees, armpits, neck, and ears. Physical symptoms begin to appear. These include, but are not limited to vomiting, nausea, mild fever, excessive sweating, and loss of color. Symptoms can be reversed through cognitive behavioral therapy followed by medication.

Three Weeks of Exposure: Here those exposed would become almost universally nonverbal, but retain the ability to understand speech. Subjects become frightened of all living creatures except for SCP-7893, attempting to hide from personnel or throw nearby objects at them in an attempt to fend them off. Symptoms increase here, new symptoms include hair loss, loss of motor control, blurred vision, delirium, memory loss, and loss of bladder and bowel control. Can be reversed through heavy cognitive behavioral therapy and depressants immediately upon removal from vicinity of the specimen.

One Month of Exposure: At this point, subjects have been reverted to a seemingly feral state, becoming immediately aggressive towards all living creatures. All cognitive function has vanished, subjects are unable to solve basic puzzles and memory tests. Subjects at this stage experience a seemingly insatiable hunger, in some cases cannibalizing their own limbs. Symptoms are completely irreversible.

Foundation scientists dispute the plant's role in nature, however, it is theorized SCP-7893 provides nutrients for the soil by compelling small animals to fight and kill one another.

Incident-7893-A: SCP-7893 was discovered by the SCP Foundation on 2/13/2019 in a monastery roughly 50 kilometers north of Gyantse, Tibet. According to local residents, a monk by the name of Boshay was observed entering town at approximately 5:20 AM in a state of panic. He described an attack on the monastery which left many dead before fainting from a combination of shock and blood loss. A group of four locals traveled to the monastery and found the bodies of three members of the brotherhood and four more in varying states of injury. Most injuries to the bodies and victims consisted of bite wounds, scratch marks, and blunt force trauma. One had various limbs removed from the body. One man, Mr. Tenzin, the perpetrator, was found naked, bloody, and impaled through the abdomen with a ritual spear. Local law enforcement proceeded with an investigation of the order and was at a loss to determine a motive for the slaughter. The Foundation received intel on the strange plant through a careful monitoring of police records in the area after the incident. It was at this point that the Foundation dispatched members of the MTF to retrieve SCP-7893, along with Mr. Boshay for an interview, and the bodies of the perpetrator and victims.

Interviewed: Boshay, monk at monastery which SCP-7893 was present.

Interviewer: Dr. Ford

Foreward: The following is a log of the interview conducted on one of the few survivors of Incident 7893-A.

<Begin Log, 10:00 AM, Feb. 15th, 2019>

Dr. Ford: So, Mr. Boshay is it?

Boshay: No, I have no title beyond Brother.

F: Of course, my apologies. Now, you were present for the incident which occurred two days prior to this interview on February the 13th, is that correct?

B: Yes, I was present.

F: Would you care to describe the events for me?

B: I suppose so, but I'm afraid they make little sense.

F: That's quite alright, just give me the details as you recall them.

B: Well, I was awoken by a sort of pounding sound. At the time I believed it to be someone knocking on my door. I rose from my bed to see who it was and I saw that it was Brother Tenzin, naked in the main hall.

F: And what was he doing?

B: He had his hands around Sister Alia's neck. The sound that woke me was him dashing her head against the floor…

The Brother pauses here for a moment to take a few deep breaths.

F: Are you able to continue?

B: Yes, yes, I'm sorry. By the time he had finished with her, nearly everyone was awake and in a panic. Some of us, like myself stood and watched. Others attempted to intervene. He murdered the ones who stepped in. I can still see him, ripping with teeth and nails. He pulled Brother Dujom apart.

F: It sounds quite horrific. Someone seemed to have stopped him though. Who was that?

B: I am responsible. In our hall, we held a large ritual spear. I took this from the wall and stabbed him while he was distracted. I wish he could have passed on without pain.

F: What do you think brought about this violent outburst?

Boshay takes more deep breaths, pausing apprehensively.

B: Around the New Year, Brother Tenzin returned from a trip which he had taken to our garden. He came back with a bonsai which had grown from a patch of rocky soil, claiming it was a ward against evil spirits, almost a miracle. He kept it close, leaving it on a small stand in his room.

F: And you believe it was the bonsai which did this?

B: That is when his attitude began to change, certainly. He quickly became irritable, becoming agitated with the smallest triggers. He would berate us, screaming and shouting. There were spots of his skin where he had scratched himself to the point of bleeding. He appeared so sickly all the time. For weeks he went on like this, before he locked himself away in his room. He would not leave it or speak to us through the door. He did not emerge again until…I'm sorry, that is all I have to say. I wish to leave now.

<End Log, 10:13 AM, Feb. 15th, 2019>

Closing Statement: Boshay and the remaining members of the monastery were administered Grade 1 amnestics and returned to Tibet the following day.

Addendum-7893-A: Autopsy of the body of Mr. Tenzin revealed a previously unknown fungus built up in the alveoli of the lungs. This fungus has since been dubbed as SCP-7893-1. A much smaller quantity of SCP-7893-1 was found in the alveoli of two other bodies retrieved after Incident-7893-A, suggesting that when Mr. Tenzin was no longer the closest living being, SCP-7893 immediately sought a new target. It is unknown how long either of the two may have been exposed to SCP-7893. The survivors of the attack are currently being retrieved for examination to determine if SCP-7893-1 instances are present within them as well.

Addendum-7893-B: Another anomalous property of SCP-7893 was discovered on 4/17/2022 when Dr. Shannon removed a leaf from the specimen in an attempt to study it. Immediately upon removal, she dropped to the floor seizing and bleeding from every orifice in her head. During the autopsy it was discovered that there were fourteen different ruptures within her skull and spine, including, but not limited to the ear drums, spinal cord, and several areas of the brain. Since then, the plant has remained in indefinite containment and is to be monitored at all times.

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