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Item #: SCP-7888

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: All usage of SCP-7888 should abide by regulations described in Ethics Committee Protocol: "Fern Flower".

Description: SCP-7888 is a Foundation-produced communication method. By utilising various memetic suggestions through plain text, SCP-7888 diminishes the retroactive generation of anomalous phenomena in baseline reality.

Since SCP-7888’s implementation, the general danger and hostility imposed by newly discovered anomalies has decreased by ~60%. Current instances of SCP-7888 do not completely prevent the existence of malevolent and irrepressible anomalies, although most now follow commonly documented anomalous laws. This has made overall containment and research significantly easier. An increase in beneficial and benevolent anomalies, as well as more concisely written SCP documentation has also been noted alongside these changes.

Discovery Log: SCP-7888 was created following an increase in retroactive reality alterations detected by the FRCN (Foundation Reality-wide Communications Network). In one week, a higher amount of newly discovered anomalous phenomena were reported, most in some way relating to the concept of “Luck”. The departments of Memetics were able to produce and successfully employ SCP-7888 during this time.

Due to the immense level of harm such entities presented, SCP-7888 was originally intended to neutralize those responsible through lethal memetic hazards. This decision was later revised, upon confirming the possibility of a ZK-Class Reality Failure Scenario. An alternative, non-lethal form of memetic suggestion was then created, which successfully nullified the influence of numerous entities.

Despite being approved by a majority of leading Foundation personnel, the Ethics Committee expressed dissatisfaction, opting for a clear psychological evaluation of these entities before any further use of SCP-7888. Two months postponement was approved, and access to a majority of Foundation documentation for psychological study was granted.

An initial set of newly improved memetic agents were finally produced, using the Ethics Committee's findings as a basis. These were intended to reduce hostile anomalous activity whilst retaining favourable standing with these entities, until a means of clear communication could be developed. This proposal was finally agreed upon by all leading Foundation personnel after the latest SCP-7888 instances proved the most effective. A log of currently utilised instances can be found below:


The following is a list of SCP-7888 instances that have proven the most effective.

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