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Site-107 Stairwell #4, Security Camera #12 Footage

The metal stairwell is dimly lit by a flickering overhead light.

The door to the stairwell opens. Director Gomaa stumbles into the room and shuts the door behind her. Shouting and the movement of many people can be heard from behind the door. An alarm blares in the distance.

The director moves towards the stairs before pausing. She leans against the wall next to the stairs and takes a deep sigh. She remains leaned against the wall for several seconds. The director holds her face in her hands and rubs her eyes, then drops her hands and stares upwards. She then turns to face the camera. Her eyes are bloodshot and she appears to be in a haze. Her hair is messy. Director Gomaa continues staring for another several seconds before slowly turning her attention to the stairs. After a moment, she begins walking up.

Item #: SCP-7886

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7886 is currently contained in a standard modified Medium Containment Unit until further notice. When transporting the object, extreme care must be taken due to the fragile state of SCP-7886 as well as the limited clearance of the hallways of Site-107. All employees handling SCP-7886's containment unit are to ensure that they have properly engaged the manual hermetic seal affixed to its entrance. In case of a site-wide electrical failure, employees are advised to take any and all measures in order to maintain the hermetic seal. To maintain a temperature of 4°C within the unit to impede further degradation of the object, air conditioners have been installed where possible. Due to budgetary constraints, additional temperature regulation equipment for employee use cannot be supplied currently. Plans to transfer SCP-7886 into a larger and more appropriate containment unit are pending appropriate funding and resource allocation.


SCP-7886 is a carved sculpture composed primarily of sycamore wood. The sculpture, which stands 4.30 meters tall and is set on a 12.96 meter square base, depicts a large serpentine figure poised to strike the viewer. Notably, the eyes of the serpent are made from polished quartz and copper plates, surrounded by intricate designs in red ocher paint. Carved into various areas of the object are excerpts from many ancient Egyptian religious texts, primarily the Book of Overthrowing Apophis.

The object was recovered from a chamber found 40 meters underground in a remote region of the Western Desert in Egypt. The chamber itself is decorated with reliefs of a large snake swallowing various depictions of the Egyptian sun god, typically Ra. Additionally, papyrus scrolls found within the chamber describe methods of worshiping Apophis, often involving the ritualistic sacrifice of birds such as falcons or kites. From the recovered information found within recovered documents, it is currently theorised that SCP-7886 was constructed by an Apophis-worshiping cult. It is unlikely they intended the statue to hold anomalous properties.

The structure is preserved in a state that appears incongruous with its estimated age of over 4,000 years. Minimal rot or warping has occurred and all painted details are only slightly faded. Evidence suggests that SCP-7886 has been repaired and modified over several hundred years since its initial construction, with certain pieces of the structure appearing to only be around 3,700 years old. The eyes appear to be the most physically weathered part of SCP-7886, with their upkeep exclusively consisting of re-application of pigment as per current evidence.

SCP-7886's anomalous properties were initially observed upon its retrieval from the underground chamber. Upon the reconnaissance squadron entering the chamber and observing it, the object began releasing deep red smoke from the cracks in its structure and the painted details on its body became illuminated. Additionally, the squadron reported hearing "unintelligible whispers" on their approach to SCP-7886, increasing in volume relative to their proximity to the object.

A scroll titled "Methods to Quell the Great Rebel" was recovered in the same chamber, explaining how to perform a ritual that would supposedly halt the aforementioned anomalous properties of SCP-7886. Additionally, it poetically described a disaster in which a "maddening roar" and "the evil one" summoned a hostile, serpentine entity. Due to the information recovered, procedure Al-Thoban was designed.

Procedure Al-Thoban follows noted methods of prayer against Apophis seen throughout Egyptian history. Small sculptures of the snake deity are to be made from Egyptian beeswax. Then, the beginning of the Book of Overthrowing Apophis is to be read aloud. An excerpt from the spoken text is included below:

He is one fallen to the flame, Apophis with a knife on his head. He cannot see, and his name is no more in this land. I have commanded that a curse be cast upon him; I have consumed his bones; I have annihilated his soul in the course of every day; I have cut up his vertebrae at his neck, severed with a knife that hacked up his flesh and pierced his hide.

As the passage is read aloud, the figure must be boiled in urine, then spat on and trampled. Then, the figure must be pierced with a knife or spear, crushed and finally burned.

The ritual is to be performed within view of SCP-7886 and, preferably, at noon. A standard exterior window has been installed within the containment unit; due to a lack of construction personnel the window was installed improperly and a sub-optimal amount of sunlight is received at noon.

The following addenda include information that may not strictly pertain to SCP-7886. However, the staff at Site-107 believe all the included addenda hold important contextual and cultural information surrounding the object and its handling.

Addendum 7886.1:

The following is a seminar delivered by Site-107’s Director Heba Gomaa at the annual Site-17 International Research Convocation and Cultural Fair.1 Accompanying her was Senior Researcher Omar Mohamed and Researcher Farida Magdy.

Site-17 Main Auditorium, Recording Camera #4 Footage

Director Gomaa is seen standing behind a lectern on stage. A spotlight is shining on her and a large screen is illuminated behind her. The director is seen moving papers before leaning towards the microphone.

Director Gomaa: السلام عليكم2

The director waits for the audience to stop talking. After 5 seconds, there is still a low murmur among the crowd.

Director Gomaa: Uhm, hello everyone! If I could have your attention!

The crowd comes to silence. Director Gomaa smiles.

Director Gomaa: Alright! Hi everyone, my name is Heba Gomaa and I'm the director of the newly founded Site-107 - first officially recognised site in Egypt and in Africa!

She pauses. There is initially silence, followed by a quiet applause and murmuring.

Director Gomaa: …tough crowd! Erm, anyway, we in Site-107 are happy to present one of our latest acquisitions: SCP-7886.

The screen behind Director Gomaa changes to an image of SCP-7886. The audience mutters among themselves.

1 hour and 18 minutes removed for brevity

Director Gomaa: So, there is another reason I have chosen to attend this fair. If we could flip back to slide 4 please…

The screen flicks between several slides before stopping on an image of SCP-7886 in its containment unit.

Director Gomaa: So, as you may have noticed, there is something a little odd about the containment of this object. If you look towards the 'ceiling', and I say that lightly, you can see that the unit itself was hastily modified to accommodate its size. And even then its edges are scraping against the walls. The skylight necessary for procedure Al-Thoban doesn't get the maximum amount of noon sunlight possible. Shipments for the beeswax we use for the Apophis figurines are often late, leaving us exposed to the possible danger SCP-7886 poses for prolonged periods of time. Surely, you might think, the ritual does not need to be performed that frequently. We've realized that is not the case. Anomalous properties manifest in SCP-7886 frequently enough that daily performances are necessary. And if we are to trust the papyri, as we have done so far, we cannot risk a demon snake manifesting within the site.

The director shuffles in place and looks down at her notes for a moment. After a moment, she takes a deep breath and continues.

Director Gomaa: To the increasing disappointment of myself and my personnel at Site-107, our requests for aid have been… unfavorably prioritized. So now that I am here… and I have presented what we know about 7886… I am, uh- I am here to… petition. Petition to some of the higher management who may be present tonight to perhaps consider prioritizing our case more. If at all possible.

The audience begins to loudly chatter.

Director Gomaa: Uhm, I thank you for your time everyone! And the lovely venue and arrangement! Thank you!

Director Gomaa hastily leaves the stage.

Site-17 Main Auditorium, Security Camera #8 Footage

Director Gomaa, Senior Researcher Omar Mohamed and Researcher Farida Magdy are all seen standing in a group off to the side of the auditorium. Gomaa shifts in place nervously.

Director Gomaa: Look, I think I'm just ready to call it a night. It took a lot out of me to do that whole speech.

Researcher Mohamed:3لا والله؟ انت سفرت من مصر الى امريكة و انت مش حتكلم اي حد؟

Director Gomaa:4عمر انا تعبت, فا لو سمحت

Researcher Magdy: Come on, Miss Gomaa! Just stay a little! Mingle a bit. You didn't come all the way here just to deliver a speech and run away, did you?

Director Gomaa: Well, no. But-

Researcher Mohamed: Farida is right, you should stay a while. Think of it as networking!

Director Gomaa: What am I, an intern?

Researcher Mohamed: No, but what you are is a representative for our site. Your site. You want to do good for us, right?

Director Gomaa: Absolutely.

Researcher Mohamed: Then go on! Meet some people! Let everyone know who 'Director Heba Gomaa' is and why we matter.

Gomaa appears to think for a little.

Director Gomaa: Alright. I'll be back then.

Researcher Mohamed: We're right here if you need us.

Director Gomaa turns away from the other two and walks off. Researcher Mohamed waves and calls out to her.

Researcher Mohamed:5مع سلامة

Site-17 Main Auditorium, Security Camera #1 Footage

Director Gomaa is seen inspecting the food at a buffet station. She looks up to the cook.

Director Gomaa: Hi, I'm so sorry, do you know if any of these foods are halal?

The cook looks confused and gives an unintelligible reply.

Director Gomaa: Oh, okay-

The cook walks off camera, leaving Director Gomaa by the station. She puts her hands behind her back and idly looks around. She is then approached by a man from behind who taps her shoulder.

Director Gomaa: Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't quite notice you-

Head Researcher Johnson: I didn't mean to startle you. I'm Matthew Johnson, from Site-52, and I just wanted to come and meet you after your speech today. I hope I'm not interrupting anything?

Director Gomaa: The pleasure is all mine sir, and it seems it will be a while before I get to eat so I have time to chat. How may I help you?

Head Researcher Johnson: Well, I just wanted to say you did wonderfully tonight.

Director Gomaa: Why thank you! I prepared a lot for tonight and I'm glad it paid off.

Head Researcher Johnson: I'm sorry to hear about your issues with resource allocation. Bureaucracy is a pain, right?

Director Gomaa: Oh is it! I really do hope this issue gets resolved soon. I didn't mention this in the seminar since it's still incomplete but my team and I are actually planning a full-scale restoration project for the object.

Head Researcher Johnson: That's interesting! Why restore the Satan snake statue, though? You're not planning on worshiping it yourself, eh?

Gomaa laughs.

Director Gomaa: No, obviously not! We just think that it might help reduce how frequently it tries to kill us. The anomaly manifests as a result of 'poor worship', right? And there's plenty of evidence that the object was retouched and restored throughout history. So, naturally, if we restore the statue it might appease the object.

Head Researcher Johnson: And I expect that would be pretty hard to do, right? What with all the intricate designs and hieroglyphics all over the thing.

Director Gomaa: Not to mention the authenticity of the materials we use. It needs to be Egyptian sycamore and we need to replicate the paint as closely as possible. The recipe for the paints are in the papyri so it's just a matter of getting the ocher and the-

Head Researcher Johnson: Which is why you decided to petition today, right?

Director Gomaa: Exactly! If we can't even get beeswax to the site in a timely fashion, how do we expect to finish an entire restoration project?

Head Researcher Johnson: Right, right.

Director Gomaa: I just want my site to get what it deserves, like any director would.

Head Researcher Johnson: Speaking of, how did you get involved in Egypt in the first place? Your Arabic is impressive and I assume that took a lot of work.

Director Gomaa freezes and stares blankly for a moment.

Director Gomaa: I beg your pardon?

Head Researcher Johnson: Y'know, what got you interested in Egypt in the first place?

Director Gomaa: …I'm Egyptian.

Head Researcher Johnson: Huh, really? You just don't have an accent and uh- no…

Johnson moves a pointed finger in a circle around his face.

Site-17 Main Auditorium, Security Camera #6

Director Gomaa is seen walking into frame among the crowd. She is carrying a tray with a small plate of food, mostly consisting of dessert items, and a cup of water. She pauses and looks around, then moves towards a table with one free space. She leans in towards the seated people and inaudibly speaks to them. After a moment of silence as the occupants look to one another, the table welcomes Gomaa to take a seat, though they seem apprehensive.

For the next five minutes idle conversation takes place. Then, Researcher Kai Mendez brings up the subject of the food served that night. Most of the table comments positively on the food.

Director Gomaa: Well, the food was good. Some of it anyway.

Researcher Mendez: What are you, a picky eater?

Director Gomaa: There's hardly any halal items here, is all.

Researcher Mendez: Oh. I forget your people do that.

Director Gomaa: Yeah.

There is a moment of silence, followed by Gomaa fake coughing.

Director Gomaa: Were you all, erm, here for my seminar..?

Researcher Mendez: Mhm. It was alright. Pretty interesting.

Senior Researcher Rowan: Yes, yes. Lovely learning about your 7886. I quite enjoyed your discussion regarding its, erm, its- that's it, its theorised purpose.

Director Gomaa: Why thank you! And yes, I found it very interesting myself. Looking through all of the scrolls and-

Researcher Cranston: You said it was some weird devil-worshiping cult, right?

Director Gomaa: Well, more of a counter-cultural cult than anything. They worshiped Apophis as a form of, well for lack of a better term, 'sticking it to the man'. At least we think so.

Senior Researcher Rowan: And you're having trouble getting the resources you need?

Director Gomaa: That's right. We can hardly perform the rituals needed for its containment on a daily basis. I was just telling… someone else about our plans for a restoration project on the object-

Senior Researcher Albert Rowan leans towards Gomaa from across the table.

Senior Researcher Rowan: God, I feel so bad for you guys. Having to deal with all that logistics paperwork is a pain and you're not even getting what you need? How about a glass of wine? Chardonnay?

Director Gomaa: I don't drink.

Senior Researcher Rowan: You're missing out. You seem a little tense is all, and a fine glass of wine really calms the nerves. Is that a Muslim thing or…?

Director Gomaa: I'm glad you enjoy it. And yes, we can't drink.

A waiter walks over to the table holding a tray of small ham sandwiches. They offer the sandwiches to the occupants who all in turn take one. Once the waiter reaches Gomaa she politely refuses.

Senior Researcher Rowan: Don't tell me you can't have ham either!

Director Gomaa: Yes, we cannot eat pork.

Researcher Jenna Cranston scoffs.

Researcher Cranston: No, that's a Jewish thing. Pork isn't kosher.

Director Gomaa: It is something Islam and Judaism share.

Researcher Cranston: No need to get short with me, hah.

Senior Researcher Rowan: You sure you don't want a bit of this?

Rowan swishes his cup of wine in front of Gomaa, then laughs. Gomaa squirms in her seat, then lowers her head and continues eating her food.

Conversation on the table continues for the next ten minutes. Gomaa spends most of this time silently observing, only occasionally interjecting with short comments.

Addendum 7886.2:

On 11/07/2023, Senior Researcher Omar Mohamed drafted Operation Snake-Trap, a plan to for SCP-7886 to undergo a full restoration.

Operation Snake-Trap entails the following procedures:

  • Acquisition of authentic, high-quality Egyptian sycamore wood.
  • Acquisition of red ocher paint in accordance to recipes detailed in the recovered scroll.
  • A full 3D scan and render of SCP-7886 to create a mock-up of its final restored state.
  • Replacement of rotted or warped sections of the object.
  • Replication of both carved and painted details on the object using a combination of high-precision robotic tools and hand-made work.
  • Polishing of the quartz eye pieces.

Operation Snake-Trap has been submitted for budgetary approval by the Department of Logistics. It is currently pending review.

Addendum 7886.3:

From: Site-107 Director Heba Gomaa <pcs.701S|aamogh#pcs.701S|aamogh>
To: Head of Logistics Christopher Smith <pcs.71S|htimsc#pcs.71S|htimsc>
Subject: SCP-7886 Additional Resource Allocation
Sent: 2023/07/11

Dear Mister Smith,

How are you? I saw you were in attendance of the IRCCF yesterday and I hope you enjoyed it.

As you may have seen I made a bit of a show of requesting extra resource allocation for my site. I do apologise for my unprofessional behaviour, yet I hope you are still receptive of my request.

It is imperative we are able to successfully perform procedure Al-Thoban every day to keep SCP-7886 from breaching containment. At the current supply rate we are just barely able to do so.

I implore you to take my request into consideration.

Kind regards,
Heba Gomaa

From: Head of Logistics Christopher Smith <pcs.71S|htimsc#pcs.71S|htimsc>
To: Site-107 Director Heba Gomaa <pcs.701S|aamogh#pcs.701S|aamogh>
Subject: Re:SCP-7886 Additional Resource Allocation
Sent: 2023/07/13

Dear Director Gomaa,

Your request has been taken into consideration.

Christopher Smith

Addendum 7886.4:

Through further communication with the Site-17 Department of Logistics, it has been suggested that SCP-7886 be moved to the western wing of Site-107 due to its larger containment cells. This, however, is unfeasible due to SCP-7886 being too large to transport through doorways safely. Therefore, SCP-7886 will not be relocated.

Operation Snake-Trap is still pending review from the Department of Logistics.

SCP-7886 has begun displaying anomalous properties increasingly often and as a result Procedure Al-Thoban must be performed multiple times per day. Another formal request for additional budgetary and resource-based aid to facilitate procedure Al-Thoban has been sent to the Department of Logistics. It is pending review.

Addendum 7886.5:

SCiPNET Chat Log, #general

FaridaMagdy has connected —>

FaridaMagdy: Good afternoon y'all!

JeremyFox: Oh a newbie, hello.

RiverIvanov: hai

FaridaMagdy: Nice to meet y'all. First time I've connected to the skipnet.

MarcoLemaire: Which site are you at?

FaridaMagdy: Site-107! (woot woot!)

FaridaMagdy: You might have seen my director at the IRCCF.

MarcoLemaire: She was the one who did the talk on 7886 right?

FaridaMagdy: Yep!! :D

JeremyFox: That was cool.

RiverIvanov: yeh!

FaridaMagdy: :DDD

JeremyFox: You're Egyptian right?

FaridaMagdy: Yep! An Egyptian Muslim woman

RiverIvanov: cooool

FaridaMagdy: I know most of yall are used to like. ORIA being the entirety of muslim/MENA rep in the anomalous world.

FaridaMagdy: But I hope people like my director can help bring in more MENA people and Muslims into the Foundation workforce.

RiverIvanov: inshallah the entirety of islam in the anomalous world shall be represented by an iranian terrorist cell

JeremyFox: lol

FaridaMagdy: That seems…in poor taste.

MarcoLemaire: This conversation has been flagged for human resources review. Please wait for assistance.

FaridaMagdy: I think I'd be more comfortable if we didn't make jokes like that.

[ADMIN] AlfonsoAlonso has connected —>

[ADMIN] AlfonsoAlonso: What's going on?

[ADMIN] AlfonsoAlonso: Ah, I see now.

[ADMIN] AlfonsoAlonso: I don't think think it seems like that big of an offense, but if it really bothers staff that much we should all drop it before it disrupts morale.

FaridaMagdy: I'd say it does more than "bothers".

[ADMIN] AlfonsoAlonso: I really thought an HR flag would be something worse.

Addendum 7886.6:

The Department of Logistics has taken note of the large amount of aid requested by Site-107 related to SCP-7886 and wishes to remind employees of the extensive tracking system in place for the goods delivery service.

Addendum 7886.7:

From: Site-107 Senior Researcher Omar Mohamed <pcs.701S|demahomo#pcs.701S|demahomo>
To: Head of Logistics Christopher Smith <pcs.71S|htimsc#pcs.71S|htimsc>
Subject: Follow Up on SCP-7886 Resource Allocation
Sent: 2023/08/25

Dear Mister Smith,

I am emailing you on behalf of Director Gomaa as she is currently occupied with more immediately pressing situations.

The financial and resource-based aid requested by the Director has not been supplied. Though we are aware that no such promises were made for the site, we would like to inquire on the status of the request.

In lieu of Foundation-supplied resources, employees are being asked to purchase their own beeswax for the purposes of procedure Al-Thoban. In addition to this, they are also being asked to collect their own urine to be handed in.

Please do reply to us soon.

Kind regards,
Omar Mohamed

From: Head of Logistics Christopher Smith <pcs.71S|htimsc#pcs.71S|htimsc>
To: Site-107 Senior Researcher Omar Mohamed <pcs.701S|demahomo#pcs.701S|demahomo>
Subject: Re:Follow Up on SCP-7886 Resource Allocation
Sent: 2023/08/25

Dear Mister Mohamed,

Your request has been taken into consideration.

Christopher Smith

Addendum 7886.8:


Disciplined Personnel: Director Heba Gomaa
Workplace: Site-107
Employee ID: HG71935621

Description of Infraction(s):

  • Unapproved construction on-site
  • Unauthorized materials introduced to Foundation site

Detailed Description:
Attempted to construct a greenhouse on-site with unapproved resources including apiaries and several flora native to the Egyptian Nile Delta.

Applied Sanctions:

  • Site administration is now under strict observation from Disciplinary Monitoring Team #132

Addendum 7886.9:

As of 24/09/2023, SCP-7886 has been exhibiting unprecedented levels of anomalous activity. This is likely due to It is unknown whether this is a result of the performance of procedure Al-Thoban continually degrading in accuracy and quality. Policies are now in place to ensure higher performance in the procedure.

In addition, the following email was sent to all Site-107 staff.

From: Director Heba Gomaa <pcs.701S|aamogh#pcs.701S|aamogh>
To: Site-107 Staff
Subject: Regarding SCP-7886
Sent: 2023/09/24

Dear all,

I would first of all like to apologise for my unprofessional behaviour and improper handling of SCP-7886. Not only did I put the containment of the object into question, I nearly jeopardized the employment of many of you. Rest assured, amends will be made for my mistakes.

I will not be on-site tomorrow as I am traveling to Site-17. There, I will be directly voicing my concerns to the Head of Logistics. Hopefully, we can have a diplomatic discussion and come to a conclusion that benefits everyone.

Heba Gomaa

Addendum 7886.10:

Site-17 Human Resources Department Hallway #4, Security Camera #3

Director Gomaa is seen walking briskly down the hallway towards the camera, closely followed by Head of Logistics Christopher Smith.

Mr. Smith: I need you to understand, director, that's the best I can do for you! We cannot allocate more resources to your site than we already have.

Director Gomaa: Forgive me if I have a hard time believing you, sir, but I don't buy that for a single second!

Mr. Smith: Miss, I've tried to be cordial with you-

Gomaa spins on her heel to face Smith.

Director Gomaa: No! You haven't!

Smith stops in his tracks.

Director Gomaa: For every second I've spent in this blasted site I've been disrespected, none of my requests have been taken seriously! I-

Mr. Smith: You have an entire site under your control, miss. Wouldn't you say that takes more than a great deal of respect?

Gomaa stammers and wildly gestures with her hands.

Director Gomaa: My own culture has been thrown in my face! My language is a joke to you people! My religion? Oh, don't even get me started! I came here for an 'international' cultural fair and you didn't even provide food I could eat!

Mr. Smith: Look, if you wanted a fully accommodating experience you should have-

Director Gomaa: I shouldn't have done shit! It's not my job to make my own safe space while I'm working.

Mr. Smith: Well, you could have gone to Site-43-

Director Gomaa: No… Site-43? Is that your limp excuse of a solution to this? Wallahi6 I'd be alone there too. Face it, as much as you like to think you're an all-encompassing 'diverse' body, you ain't shit. Did you know my site is the first 'proper' one in the entire fucking continent of Africa?! Not one! Not a single site before 107! And you have the gall to treat us like- like whiny brats!

Gomaa slowly approaches Smith, who backs away.

Director Gomaa: And now because of- of all of you my site is collapsing! I tried to be cordial, I tried to play by your rules and be nice. I took the shit you spewed! Then I tried to take things into my own hands and you censured me for it. I've tried my hardest to make this work. This is the first major object we're containing on-site and I wanted to make a good impression! And what do I get?-

Gomaa's phone rings. She picks up the call, although she does not speak initially. She then holds out the phone after putting it on speaker mode.

Director Gomaa: Say what you just said again, please.

Senior Researcher Mohamed: Heba, I don't have time-

Director Gomaa: Just say it!

There is a short pause. During this, several alarms can be heard in the background.

Senior Researcher Mohamed: SCP-7886 has fully manifested and it's tearing through the site as we speak.

Director Gomaa turns off speaker mode and speaks inaudibly into the phone. She then hangs up and stands staring at Smith for a moment. She then turns on her heel and sprints down the hallway. Smith is left alone.

Site-107 Rooftop, Security Camera #3

Director Gomaa is seen walking onto the rooftop from off-screen. Dr. Mohamed and Researcher Magdy are already present. In the background smoke is seen rising into the sky. They are sitting on the edge of the roof side by side. The two turn to look at the director and Dr. Mohamed moves to make space for her. She wordlessly takes a seat.

For the next two minutes there is silence as the group all sit on the roof's edge.

Director Gomaa: Were either of you two hurt?

Mohamed and Magdy shake their heads. Gomaa nods in response.

Director Gomaa: Omar, I'm sorry for-

Senior Researcher Mohamed: Don't worry about it.

There is silence for the next 30 seconds.

Director Gomaa: Honestly? Coming face-to-face with a demon snake…

Director Gomaa lets out a small laugh.

Director Gomaa: Sounds way better than being at 17.

The other two look at Gomaa. Dr. Mohamed weakly smiles and chuckles, while Magdy does not react. Gomaa continues laughing to herself. This slowly transitions into crying.

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