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by Perdoh



Item #: SCP-7884

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7884 is to be kept in a high security holding cell with both mechanical and electronic locks. Access to SCP-7884 is restricted to personnel with level 4/7884 clearance. Remote monitoring of the cell entrance is to be conducted at all times. Attempted unauthorized access is to be responded to with the apprehension and interrogation of the subject in question.

Description: SCP-7884 is a large garbage disposal unit. While it is outwardly non-anomalous, its interior contains no more than 250 white granules of an unidentified substance at any given time. These granules are referred to collectively as SCP-7884-1.

SCP-7884-1 spontaneously emits radiation in the visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum, appearing to glow with a white light. SCP-7884-1 granules appear to have fixed positions within SCP-7884, randomly distributed around a central point. In addition, SCP-7884-1 does not interact with matter other than SCP-7884, not being perturbed by any mechanical or long distance forces. Therefore, SCP-7884-1 appears as stationary glowing points suspended within the interior of SCP-7884.

The arrangement of SCP-7884-1 changes every time the lid of SCP-7884 is closed and re-opened. The number of granules may also change. This effect appears to be instantaneous.


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