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Item#: 7876
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7876 is kept within a secure chamber in Site-77's Medium-Security Wing. A portion of the Site's containment vaults has been retrofitted to house SCP-7876-1 instances along with subjects for testing purposes. Lovestruck students are to be kept in stasis within a secure chamber. Signs of stirring are to be reported to the Site Director.

Description: SCP-7876 is a brown hard cover book, "Happy Valentines Day '76," is written on the cover with charcoal. SCP-7876 contains a seemingly infinite amount of pages, each holding a plastic sleeve of 8 polaroid photos. The photos will change if held by a person who previously graduated from high school. .Said person is hereby referred to as "subject" or "the subject".

Changed photos will depict nonexistent events of the subject in their adolescent years, engaged in romantic scenarios with another classmate..This other classmate, who is typically someone the subject had previously held romantic feelings for, will be hereby referred to as "the classmate". Scenarios resemble the personal fantasies of the subject. Subjects exposed to these photos will begin to ruminate over a perceived feeling that they have "missed out" on their youth. This rumination will inevitably culminate in the subject's mental state spiraling, at which point the closest person matching the preferred sex of the subject will suddenly undergo a transfiguration into an SCP-7876-1 instance. Upon learning of the instances' existence, the subject will obsessively attempt to seek them out.

SCP-7876-1 instances are humanoids matching the appearance of the classmate who, aside from their influence over the subject, are physically indistinguishable from normal humans. The subject will undergo a physical and mental transformation when nearing an instance, reverting to an adolescent state..Subject will retain their memories of adulthood but will regress in terms of emotional stability. It should be noted that the intelligence and personality of the instance is largely dependent on the subject's perception of the classmate.

Once the transformation is complete, both the subject and the SCP-7876-1 instance will attempt to pursue a romantic relationship. In all known cases, sustained relationships between Instances and subjects will be lovely. At which point subjects will undergo a crisis involving the discrepancies between the reality of their relationship and their personal fantasies. This crisis invariably leads to both the subject and the related instance dreaming about each other, for the rest of the school year. Attempts to restore consciousness have been unsuccessful.

There is no known cure to the transfiguration caused by SCP-7876, although the mental effects can be treated via amnestics.

Addendum 7876: Experiment logs

Dr. Standish, skeptical of whether or not true love was an inherent part of SCP-7876, scheduled a series of tests on effected subjects. These tests, conducted in environments designed to replicate a typical high school, have been archived below.

Subject: D-9H2FE

Background: SCP-7876-1 instance resembled a girl in D-9H2FE's sophomore year Trigonometry class. D-9H2FE expressed intense regret over never having the confidence to speak to her before he changed schools, prompting the instance's manifestation.

Result: Subject quickly becomes frustrated with the instance's lack of a meaningful personality. As such, their relationship quickly devolves as the subject becomes increasingly desperate for the instance to live up to his expectations. Subject became increasing hostile to personnel until both he and the instance fell unconscious.

Notes: During the test, a group of resting students in stasis were seen stirring. No further activity was noted afterwards, Dr. Standish has been advised to remain cautious.

Subject: D-C78H0

Background: Instance resembles a childhood friend of D-C78H0, who was killed in a car crash which he witnessed. D-C78H0 had gone through therapy but was still severely traumatized by the event. When questioned before the test, D-C78H0 remarked that he had wanted to get together with him before the incident.

Result: Relationship was initially stable as the subject experienced intense euphoria over reuniting with the instance. After this euphoria faded, various romantic incompatibilities between the subject and the instance became apparent. These incompatibilities, fueled by the subjects grief, eventually resulted in a beautiful and romantic evening. They embraced each other once more, with a love that surpassed death itself, and fell into an eternal sleep.

Notes: Each of the ones who found love again were seen stirring during the test. Dr. Standish refused to suspend testing.

Subject: D-76YT05

Background: Instance resembled a friend of D-76YT05's that she had dated in high school. Their relationship had broken down due to D-76YT05's obsessive behavior and, while they had initially remained friends afterwards, they quickly lost contact with one another.

Result: Subject immediately began to demonstrate previously mentioned obsessive behavior regarding the instance. First recorded case of an instance rejecting a subject, causing the subject to become stricken with a newfound appreciation for her partner. After all this time, she would finally be able to stay with him. Nothing would keep them away from each other now, not even time. She held him in her arms once more and fell into an eternal dream.

Notes: Each of the bodies in stasis have gained light cognitohazardous effects. Dr. Standish has requested further testing.

Immediately after the 3rd test, Site-77's Director intervened to suspend testing on SCP-7876. Dr. Standish has been to ordered to report for cognitohazard screening as soon as possible. Further containment measures for the object are in the process of drafting.

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