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Item#: 7870
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: The Nile River is to be monitored for any physical, memetic or thaumaturgic anomalies beyond what has been recorded and determined to be nominal. Any significant observations likely to be caused by anomalous phenomena are to be reported to Director Gomaa, Site-107, for immediate review. No other procedures are required.

Description: SCP-7870-1 is a thaumaturgic pocket dimension located in a variable section of the bed of the Nile River. As of writing, rifts leading to SCP-7870-1 have only been opened by Foundation thaumaturges, though it is likely that SCP-7870-2 is able to do so as well. The dimension evaded detection from the Foundation due to it's relatively minuscule thaumaturgic signature, requiring highly-calibrated tools to initially detect it.

SCP-7870-1 is theoretically infinite and filled with an unidentifiable blue liquid. A light source illuminates the space from above, giving it the appearance of being deep underwater.

SCP-7870-2 is a non-corporeal entity residing within the pocket dimension. The entity presents itself as a dark-skinned woman covered in a thin white robe with intricate gold designs. SCP-7870-2 seems to require no form of sustenance to survive and possesses weak thaumaturgic capabilities, including near-instantaneous travel around SCP-7870-1.



Date: 6/5/23
Remote Equipment Operator: Doctor Farida Magdy
Equipment: Multi-Terrain Exploration Rover


The rover's camera turns on and focuses, revealing the bed of the Nile. A hole, just big enough for it to fit, is in front of it. A deep red smoke rises from its outline. After inspection, the rover turns on its propellers and drives itself into the hole. The view descends as the ground drops beneath the rover. A deep blue fills the camera view, as though the rover is within deep water. Looking upwards, the rover observes the hole floating above it, surrounded by nothing.

The rover then attempts to begin to turn away from the hole before being stopped by an unknown force holding it in place. After a few seconds the rover is rotated 180 degrees towards SCP-7870-2, who is holding the rover in its hands and inspecting it. The entity seems confused.

The rover is flipped upside-down. Pressure readings indicate SCP-7870-2 begins prodding and pressing on the rover's underside.

The rover is flipped back up, facing SCP-7870-2 once again. It begins inspecting the equipment on the rover, closely inspecting the camera.

SCP-7870-2 stops as it notices the rift leading out of SCP-7870-1. It sighs, and returns its focus to the camera.

It turns the rover to face the rift.

SCP-7870-2 turns the camera back to face it. It squints.

The view moves upwards as SCP-7870-2 takes the rover back to SCP-7870-1.

SCP-7870-2 tosses the rover back into the Nile River. As the rover quickly swerves to look down, it observes SCP-7870-1 rapidly closing. In the distance, SCP-7870-2 can be seen curling into a fetal position as it drifts away from SCP-7870-1.


Afterword: The rover was modified with a speaker for future explorations



Date: 7/5/23
Remote Equipment Operator: Doctor Farida Magdy
Equipment: Multi-Terrain Exploration Rover


The rover's camera focuses and tilts towards a section of the Nile River's bed.

Magdy: Mic check, one two…

The rover plays a confirmation tune.

Magdy: Excellent.

The rover lifts itself off of the river bed, orienting itself so it is floating, directly facing the sediment.1

Magdy: Quick entry position assumed. I'm ready.

The rift leading to SCP-7870-1 opens and the rover quickly enters it. Once fully within SCP-7870-1, it assumes an upright position once again. The camera does a full rotation, finding nothing around the rover.

Magdy: Hello? Is anyone-


The rover is then suddenly grabbed by SCP-7870-2 again, rotating the camera towards itself. It seems extremely shocked.

Magdy: Erm, hello? Miss..?

As SCP-7870-2 talks, the rover transmits English audio. However, this does not match the movement of the entity's mouth.

SCP-7870-2: You are the first voice I have heard other than my own for millennia. Who are you? Can you understand me? Of course, obviously you do, who do I think I am?

SCP-7870-2 faces away from the rover camera and begins mumbling.

SCP-7870-2: Seems several milennia of isolation degrades even the sharpest of minds. Hmph, made them too curious didn't I? And speaking in this fashion is only worsening that curiosity. Who wouldn't want to know more about the last of my kind-

Magdy: Hold on, the last of what?

SCP-7870-2 jolts forward towards the camera.

SCP-7870-2: None of your business, whatever you are. There is nothing for you here.

Magdy: What do you mean?

SCP-7870-2 sighs and lowers the rover. It looks away from the camera towards the right.

SCP-7870-2: It is exactly as I have said it. There is nothing here for you.

SCP-7870-2 sweeps her arms open, knocking the rover over. It reorients itself to an upright position.

SCP-7870-2: I mean that entirely literally. There is nothing and no one other than myself in here. And as is evident you have seen me. So, kindly, take your leave.

Magdy: Could you at least tell me who you are?

SCP-7870-2 stares at the rover for several seconds. It sighs, wrapping its arms around itself and looking away.

SCP-7870-2: More than the shell you see before you, once upon a time.

SCP-7870-2 stares off into the distance silently.

Madgy: Perhaps a name, then? So we may, er, perhaps recall who you once were?

SCP-7870-2 looks at the rover, then softly chuckles.

SCP-7870-2: You don't need to match the eloquence of my speech. A mortal like yourself shouldn't have to. As for my name…

SCP-7870-2 spreads its arms wide and looks to the side.

SCP-7870-2: I used to be she who was cleverer than millions of gods. A better guardian than millions of soldiers. Mother to the ruler and-

Magdy: Protector of Egypt. You don't mean to say you're-

SCP-7870-2: I was her, yes.

Magdy: Isis.

SCP-7870-2 inhales sharply and smiles.

SCP-7870-2: My name is mine once again. It has been so long. Could you even imagine it? Watching your name deteriorate over hundreds of thousands of years, falling into obscurity and then being bastardised by hot-headed zealots so close to my own home. Isis. Your English pronunciation may not be how I once knew my name but the eons have changed it. So that is how I am known, yes?

SCP-7870-2 looks directly into the rover's camera.

SCP-7870-2: Can you conceive of it? Watching yourself become a story? Your feats and triumphs turned into distant fairy tales, then myths. So fragmented no one, not even I, can remember what they were?

It bites its lip.

SCP-7870-2: And yet, here I am. Most clever, most cunning of the children of Geb. The only one left, and the only one cursed to watch herself become a story. A fate awarded to me by my own machinations and a desire to survive.

There is a moment of silence. SCP-7870-2 crosses its legs as if sitting on the ground and rests its head on its hand.

Magdy: You, uh. You sure were ready to get that out of your system weren't you?

SCP-7870-2: When you ruminate on the same idea forever, it becomes all you can think of.

Magdy: I suppose so.

There is more silence for a minute.

Magdy: You don't seem to be as eager to get rid of me as you initially were.

SCP-7870-2: At this point nothing I can do will deter you.

SCP-7870-2 turns and points to its head with a finger.

SCP-7870-2: The woman I once was may be dead, but I still retain her wit.

Magdy: Why do you say that? That you're dead. Clearly you are still alive, right?

SCP-7870-2: In a classical sense, I suppose I am 'alive'. I have flesh and can speak, as I am speaking to you now. I suppose someone like yourself, who hasn't had but a droplet of divine milk would not comprehend what I mean when I say I am dead.

SCP-7870-2 lowers its head.

SCP-7870-2: I am dead as I am equal to a corpse in every way. My creed is dead, my family is dead. My friends, my enemies, even my mother tongue. You can only understand me as my whims allow you to. My people have changed beyond recognition, nor would they recognise me if I appeared before them today. My name has been sullied and tarnished and given new meaning unbefitting to me. In all ways that matter to someone like me, I am dead.

Magdy attempts to speak in reconstructed Middle Egyptian.

Magdy: I am deeply sorry for your loss.

SCP-7870-2 whips its head around to the camera. It is greatly shocked for a moment, then begins to cry silently.

SCP-7870-2: You- you still speak my mother tongue. Broken and misshapen but still-

SCP-7870-2 sniffs and holds its head in its hand.

SCP-7870-2: Your attempt at speaking to me in a form of my language is- it is deeply touching. For your sake you don't have to continue. You barely managed to make the sentence coherent.

SCP-7870-2 gulps, then wipes its tears with its fingers and groans. Its voice is hoarse and shaky.

SCP-7870-2: Not like it matters much anyway. The dead stay where they must lay, and I lay with my language here. Still, thank you.

Magdy: I just wanted to make you feel better.

SCP-7870-2: You care for me, yet you have only just met me. I like that about you. The people, I mean. You give unconditional love to whomever you meet, even if you had just met them.

Magdy: May I still ask you some more questions? It's okay if you're not up for it, we can continue this later.

SCP-7870-2: Look around, machine. I have nothing else to do. A mother is always ready for questions.

Magdy: Alright, just tell me if you want to stop.

SCP-7870-2: You may begin.

There is silence. SCP-7870-2 looks straight into the rover's camera expectantly. Its face is stained with tears and its eyes are bloodshot.

Magdy: …Actually, I've only got one for you right now.

SCP-7870-2: Yes?

Magdy: Cow or goat's milk?


Closing Notes: Questioning was aborted due to, according to Researcher Magdy, 'questionable emotional stability of the anomaly possibly distorting its answers.' Questioning will resume the following day. Researcher Magdy's request for the exploration rover to deliver 250ml of goat milk to the object is currently pending.



Date: 7/5/23
Remote Equipment Operator: Doctor Farida Magdy
Equipment: Multi-Terrain Exploration Rover


Extraneous footage of entry into SCP-7870-1 has been removed from this log.

SCP-7870-2 appears before the rover instantaneously. It crouches down to its level.

SCP-7870-2: You again.

Magdy: Greetings! Yes, I'm back. I've come to ask you some more questions.

Magdy: Oh! Before we begin, I nearly forgot.

The rover produces a mechanical arm and reaches into its storage compartment. SCP-7870-2 watches curiously as it pulls out a pouch filled with goat milk and a built-in straw. The arm maneuvers the pouch and leaves it free-floating between it and SCP-7870-2. The entity seems confused.

Magdy: The goat milk I mentioned last time.

SCP-7870-2 holds the pouch and inspects it.

Magdy: Just pop the cap off the straw and you should be able to drink it. Hopefully.

SCP-7870-2 inspects the straw and carefully removes its cap. It stares down the straw hole then tentatively sips from the straw.

Magdy: Is it to your liking? You must probably be used to some divine goat milk but-

SCP-7870-2: This is the best human-made milk I have ever tasted in my several millenia of existence. Whatever you have done to your goats, it works well.

SCP-7870-2 continues to drink from the pouch.

Magdy: Okay, perfect-

SCP-7870-2: Your questions?

Magdy: Oh! Yes, right. Uhm…

SCP-7870-2: Will these be painful questions?

Magdy: I'm afraid so, you're… uh…

SCP-7870-2: Miss is fine. I have no need for such honorifics nowadays.

Magdy: Okay. But yes, I'm afraid so, miss.

SCP-7870-2: Mmm, very well. Begin when you are ready.

Magdy: Perfect! So to begin, first question…

SCP-7870-2 starts drinking from the pouch again.

Magdy: Where is everyone else? What happened to them?

SCP-7870-2 abruptly stops. It caps the pouch and pushes it aside, leaving it freely floating to its right. It sighs.

SCP-7870-2: You did say painful…

Magdy: You don't have to answer that question if you don't want to.

SCP-7870-2: No no, I shall oblige you. I have nothing else to do anyway.

SCP-7870-2 takes a seated position with its legs folded.

SCP-7870-2: As you know already, my friends, enemies, family - they're all dead. And I mean so in a more literal sense this time. As our worship dwindled, it became harder and harder to guard the sleeping sun as he did his nightly travels. One day, we just were not enough to stop the Great Devourer2. I watched as the barque slid into the beast's gaping maw, the dead king resting on it. Blissfully unaware of his final fate. He died every day not knowing if the dawn would revive him again. My role was to summon Mehen, another great serpent, to hold back the devourer. And he trusted that I- that we would deliver him to the next day. And like the coward I was, instead of dying with my king I-

SCP-7870-2 begins crying.

SCP-7870-2: I ran. I ran as I watched my son fall into the mouth of the snake. My husband. My friends. My dearest sister. It wasn't long before the entire Ennead was gone. I spent many eons running. Hiding from chaos. Watching as the Duat became grave to yet more and more gods. Cleverer than millions of gods? Easy to achieve when they are boiling in the stomach of entropy.

SCP-7870-2 grabs the goat milk pouch and squeezes it, spreading the milk between itself and the rover. It dips a finger into the milk cloud and begins manipulating it.

SCP-7870-2: My husband's kingdom collapsed soon thereafter. One by one the branches and tributaties and lakes dried up. The mangey beasts of the Duat ran wild, but even they starved soon thereafter. No souls came through after the… snake did its work. I survived the demons for I knew the sun's true name, and his power still resonated within me. I still know it, but its power? I suspect it has fizzled out eons ago.

SCP-7870-2 stops manipulating the milk cloud.

SCP-7870-2: Soon the Duat began getting leaks. Rain broke through its ceiling. Then a hole. Then two.

The rover focuses on the milk cloud. It has taken the shape of the Nile.

SCP-7870-2: And I never left. I let the Duat's flood sweep me away, for ages. To this day.

SCP-7870X-2 wipes away the milk cloud. It is no longer crying, but appears solemn.

Magdy: You… never left? So this place is the Duat?

SCP-7870-2: Exactly. Isn't it funny, then? That you ask me about the fate of the Ennead upon our graveyard.

Magdy: You're doing it again. Acting like you're dead.

SCP-7870-2: You already know why I died. Now you know how. I died as soon as I jumped off that barque. And I am here in the Duat, as the dead should remain. The dead lay where they should stay. I am no fool. I knew one day we, the children of Geb, our children, and even Geb and his wife, would return to chaos. To indifferent, unfocused energy wandering about like a wild sandstorm. The sun being swallowed by the snake is only a natural conclusion. So… why? Why did my fear grip me in that moment? Why did I defy my fate? I should be dead, truly dead.

Magdy: Why not let yourself die then? Could the great serpent not kill you for some reason?

SCP-7870-2 cringes and looks away. It rubs its shoulders.

SCP-7870-2: I… don't know. I don't know. I've spent thousands of years asking myself that and I still don't know! I- I don't-

Magdy: You don't have to answer that if it makes you uncomfortable.

SCP-7870-2: Yes, please.

The two remain silent for a moment.

SCP-7870-2: Your turn.

Magdy: What?

SCP-7870-2: Tell me your story. Who are you?

Magdy: …My name is Farida. I'm Egyptian.

SCP-7870-2: You are?

Magdy: Yeah, crazy how much things have changed right?

SCP-7870-2 eyes the rover.

SCP-7870-2: …Yes, yes they have.

Magdy: Oh! I should clarify. I'm not the rover. I'm speaking through it. Do you get what I mean? I am remotely speaking to you. I'm actually at a different location.

SCP-7870-2: It has escaped me to ask you this until now, but by what… scheme did you manage to tear a rift into the Duat?

Magdy: A lot of stuff I don't understand. I could get you to talk to the thaumaturges we have here if you want.

SCP-7870-2: Mmm. May you reveal yourself?

Magdy: …I'm sorry?

SCP-7870-2: Show yourself. Your true form. Not this, erm, machine.

Magdy: Give me a moment.

Half a minute passes with no notable events. Then, the rover deploys a small screen. Though this is not in view of the rover's camera, the screen begins broadcasting live footage of Magdy. SCP-7870-2 crouches down and leans in towards the screen.

Magdy: Okay, can you see me?

SCP-7870-2 stares at the screen silently.

Magdy: Are you okay?

SCP-7870-2 assumes an upright position slowly. Panning upwards, the rover views SCP-7870-2 turning around.

Magdy: Miss?

SCP-7870-2 lets out a large sigh.

SCP-7870-2: You appear so… person-like.

Magdy: What do you mean?

SCP-7870-2: I have not physically seen another face for milennia. Though my nightmares are plagued by the deaths of my family, they are but apparitions cast by my mind. You are solid, real. And you look so human.

Magdy: Thanks? I guess?

SCP-7870-2: You look so familiar. Not to suggest I have seen you before; I haven't. Yet you would not look out of place walking down to a library, barefooted and masking your eyes with kohl. The world has changed, yet not as much as I sensed.

Magdy: Speaking of that, that was our next question. How much do you know about the world outside the Duat? And how do you come across this knowledge?

SCP-7870-2: I am a manifestation of knowledge. If I do not know, who will?

There is a moment of silence.

Magdy: Sorry, uh, could you give some more clarification on that?

SCP-7870-2 sighs.

SCP-7870-2: I am the queen of knowing. I know what you know, as knowledge is an inherent part of my being. My power has dwindled, so my previous omnipotence has been watered down. What is proximal to me, geographically and ideologically, I can feel a stronger connection to. Does that make sense?

Magdy: Just about.

SCP-7870-2: That is sufficient.

Magdy: Third question; what's the structure of this place? Of, er, the Duat.

SCP-7870-2: I don't know.

Magdy: What?

SCP-7870-2: The Duat I once knew has been washed away. Does the Duat have meaning without the sun's nightly travel through it? Do the twelve regions of the Duat, each corresponding to the twelve hours of night still exist? Are there ancient ruins of the final hall of judgement, where the scales of order rust and decay? I do not know, nor do I see point in investigating it. Perhaps one of these days, an ostrich feather will drift by me and then I will be sure some remains of the Duat I knew exist. Until then? It's all water to me.

SCP-7870-2 rubs its temples. It turns away and mumbles to itself unintelligebly.

Magdy: May we just, uh, look around? Just to be sure.

SCP-7870-2 stares blankly at the rover for a few seconds. It then shrugs.

SCP-7870-2: Do as your whims desire. I will not impede you.

Magdy: Thank you, Isis.

The rover turns to leave SCP-7870-1 before halting.

Magdy: Actually, hold on.

SCP-7870-2: Mmm?

Magdy: What illuminates this place?

SCP-7870-2: I… assumed the light above poured in from the caved-in ceiling of the Duat. Like a view into the above-world.

Magdy: You've never checked?

SCP-7870-2: Once many years ago I tried to find out. I only got so far before the light began to singe my eyes. Light like that is… wrong. A false sun. I suspect it is a punishment, sent to me by the father sun as retribution for my cowardice.

Magdy: …Right. Thank you for your time.



Communication with SCP-7870-2, headed by Dr Magdy, will continue on a twice-weekly basis. A secondary rover will be sent into SCP-7870-1 with the mission of attempting to obtain a clearer idea on the exact structure and nature of SCP-7870-1. An exploration rover, manned by Doctor Elham Hariri, descended ~7000 meters from its initial entry point before encountering what is assumed to be the bottom of the Duat. Attempts to bore into the sediment that makes up the floor have been unsuccessful, and no structures or otherwise unique features have been located at this depth in a 1 kilometer radius surrounding the initial entry point.

Following the conclusion of the previous search, a search upwards was conducted. Below is the recovered data from said exploration.


Date: 10/5/23
Remote Equipment Operator: Doctor Elham Hariri
Equipment: Multi-Terrain Exploration Rover


Extraneous data has been removed for brevity. Time stamps indicate time passed since the beginning of the expedition.


- SPEED: 14.58m/s
- OBSERVATIONS: Approaching light source above SCP-7870-1. Recorded brightness exceeds 90,000 lumens.


- SPEED: 14.58m/s
- OBSERVATIONS: Recorded brightness exceeds 100,000 lumens. Ambient temperature readings exceeds 5,700K. Despite this, liquid surroundings remain unchanged.


- SPEED: 0m/s
- OBSERVATIONS: Approach halted due to dangerously high temperatures. Optical imaging failed to capture discernable data. Spectroscope activated.


- SPEED: 0m/s
- OBSERVATIONS: Spectroscopy initiated and fully operational. Spectrum transmitted to control.


- SPEED: 5.23m/s
- OBSERVATIONS: !!URGENT ALERT!! Spectrum experienced a sudden, significant blue-shift. Emergency controls initiated to maintain constant distance from object.


- ALTITUDE ABOVE ENTRY POINT: -163,432,542,777mm
- SPEED: Slither
- OBSERVATIONS: !!URGENT ALERT!! Highly anomalous data recorded. Displaying results below:

  • Ambient Temperature: -23.5K
  • Percieved Brightness: <=A
  • Absolute Brightness: Yes
  • Ambient Liquid Density: 120,000kg/m3
  • Calculated Velocity of Object: #NUM

Running Emergency Diagnostics:

  • Motherboard Status: Please enter your 48-digit Bitlocker key.
  • Recommended Actions: Abort——


- SPEED: Slide
- OBSERVATIONS: burning burning burning burning burning burning burning burning burning burning burning

Running Emergency DiagnRunning:






Following the above, the rover lost all contact with control and is assumed to have been destroyed by what is tentaively being designated as SCP-7870-3. Additonally, Dr Hariri reported experiencing moderate headaches and mild auditory hallucinations for the duration of the rover's malfunctioning. Whether or not to inform SCP-7870-2 of the existence of SCP-7870-3 is currently under debate.




Date: 26/8/23
Remote Equipment Operator: Doctor Farida Magdy
Equipment: Multi-Terrain Exploration Rover


The rover enters SCP-7870-1. SCP-7870-2 is seen waiting for it.

Magdy: Hi again!

SCP-7870-2: Greetings. What is today's topic of discussion?

Magdy: Oh, ah, nothing really. Just here for that regular check-up.

SCP-7870-2: In that case, I am quite well. These conversations, short or long, are pleasing.

Magdy: And why is that?

SCP-7870-2: Have you ever spent several millenia alone?

Magdy: Hehe, well, I don't know, does 23 scratch a milennia?

SCP-7870-2: Getting cheeky with a goddess! We speak too much, clearly.

Magdy: I'd say we don't speak enough.

SCP-7870-2: Oh? And why is that?

Magdy remains silent.

SCP-7870-2: Something the matter..?

Magdy lowers her voice.

Magdy: Right, uhm… I don't know how to say this but- uh- do you remember when we sent a rover up? Y'know, just to see what was up there?

SCP-7870-2: What of it?

Magdy: Do you ever recall seeing it leave?

SCP-7870-2 falls silent as it ponders for a moment.

Magdy: It never did.

SCP-7870-2: How very strange. Did it malfunction? Perhaps I shall retrieve it.

Magdy: No! No, it didn't malfunction.

SCP-7870-2 raises an eyebrow and drops its voice.

SCP-7870-2: That was a far more emphatic response than was necessary. Dear, what is going on?

Magdy: Look, I'm not supposed to be telling you this but- uhhm…

SCP-7870-2 approaches the camera and leans in.

Magdy: We… we found something up there. Someone.

SCP-7870-2's pupils rapidly dilate.

SCP-7870-2: What.

Magdy: I-I don't know. No one does! Whatever it was, it destroyed the rover. But we do know one really, really important thing. Especially for you to know. Whatever it is…

Magdy: It hates you.

SCP-7870-2 remains frozen for several seconds.

SCP-7870-2: And you decided to conceal this from me?

Magdy: No, no- let me explain-

SCP-7870-2: How long have you known about this? Several weeks now?

Magdy: I couldn't say anything! I couldn't! They wouldn't let me!

SCP-7870-2: And what has changed now? What miraculous circumstances allow you to reveal this to me only now?

Magdy: I just couldn't bare to keep it from you anymore-

SCP-7870-2: Oh really?! So by the great mercy of Farida Magdy I am being allowed to know this?

Magdy: I-

SCP-7870-2 swiftly turns away from the rover and angrily shouts in several different ancient Egyptian languages while gesturing wildly. After a minute of this, it stops and takes several deep breaths.

Magdy: …Isi-

SCP-7870-2: Do not speak to me.

SCP-7870-2 slowly curls into a fetal position with its back to the rover. There are several more minutes of silence.

Magdy: …I'm sorry.

SCP-7870-2 turns to the rover after a moment. It speaks in a low voice.

SCP-7870-2: …Curse these motherly tendencies of mine.

SCP-7870-2 uncurls itself and stands up. It looks behind itself towards the rover.

SCP-7870-2: This… transgression will not go forgotten.

Magdy: …Of course.

SCP-7870-2: Where did you find it?

Magdy: Huh-what?

SCP-7870-2: The entity. Where exactly was it?

Magdy: Right above us, actually. But!

SCP-7870-2 begins to ascend slowly.

Magdy: Could I at least come?

SCP-7870-2 stops.

SCP-7870-2: …Fine. As your rover was previously destroyed by whatever we are visiting I shall lend you my power so you may protect yourself.

The next several hours of footage have been omitted for the sake of brevity. Word that Magdy had informed SCP-7870-2 of the existence of SCP-7870-3 had reached higher command, however they elected to allow Magdy to continue communication with SCP-7870-2 so as to not further disturb it.

The following portion of the transcript contains anomalous portions of text that have thusfar proven to be unremovable.

After several hours of near silence, SCP-7870-2 and the rover arrive to an altitude of 7,000km above the entry point. Both stop in front of an extremely bright light - the assumed SCP-7870-3.

SCP-7870-2: I cannot bear to bring myself forward much longer. I-


A mass comes forward from the bright light and begins to shape itself. Slowly, it forms the head of a serpent. A great wind blows from it, causing SCP-7870-2 to brace itself and the rover to activate emergency motors to maintain its position.



The head opens its 'mouth.' The interior view of the mouth appears as deep red static noise to the rover's camera.

SCP-7870-2: …ancient enemy…


SCP-7870-2 stares into the mouth of SCP-7870-3. A large, dangerously loud roar eminates from within the mouth.

SCP-7870-2: I know who you are. You-


SCP-7870-2: -with the light of my friends. My family. My lord…

SCP-7870-2 lowers its arms. SCP-7870-3 holds its mouth open.

SCP-7870-2: I am Isis.


SCP-7870-2's voice quivers.

SCP-7870-2: Sorceress. Witch.

Many unintelligeble whispers are heard. Their source is unknown.


SCP-7870-2: A villain. Prolonger-

Magdy attempts to speak but finds the audio equipment inoperable.


SCP-7870-2: Prolonger of suffering…


SCP-7870-2: Prolonger of… your suffering.


SCP-7870-2: MEHEN!

A glowing, intangible mass in the shape of a large cobra springs from SCP-7870-2 and into the mouth of SCP-7870-3. The head quickly shuts and reels at this as another loud roar sounds. The rover is knocked backwards by the air blown from SCP-7870-3's movement and loses sight of it. The footage then cuts to static as the rover loses functionality.




Date: 27/9/23
Remote Equipment Operator: Doctor Farida Magdy
Equipment: Multi-Terrain Exploration Rover


SCP-7870-2 is in a seated position in front of the rover. It is smiling as it looks into the camera.

SCP-7870-2: It has been too long, Farida!

Magdy: Gosh, it sure has, hasn't it? How have you been this past month.

SCP-7870-2: Reinvigorated. Rejuvinated. As though a whole new me has been born. Where have you been?

Magdy: Aah, well, telling you about 7870-3 up there got me in a lot of trouble. They wouldn't let me see you again. I take it you enjoyed Elham's company in lieu of my own?

SCP-7870-2: The other one? She was nice, yes. But I have missed you! So nice to see a familiar face.

Magdy: What's gotten you so… jovial?

SCP-7870-2 sighs wistfully.

SCP-7870-2: You see, bringing my attention to the existence of that thing above us, the thing which we do not name, it… I'm not quite sure how to say this. It gave me new purpose. I am the prolonger of suffering, of its suffering. Staring into its maw, it was tempting to walk in. I was about to, in all honesty. Yet, I realised. Better we both continue living and it continues to burn than the both of us ceasing to exist. This is my purpose in this new life of mine - prevent the collapse of the Duat and punish the Great Devourer.

Magdy: I'm so happy for you! You've made a marked improvement on your outlook on life.

SCP-7870-2: All because of a little researcher disobeying her orders.

Magdy: Yeah…

SCP-7870-2: I thank you sincerely. Because of you, I can continue living in peace now.

Magdy: Are you going to stay here? In the Duat, I mean?

SCP-7870-2: I… haven't considered that, to be perfectly honest.

Magdy: Who knows? Maybe you could visit us some day!

SCP-7870-2: It's a nice thought but… no. I am content staying here. I am a dead goddess, and the dead stay in the Duat.

Magdy: But I thought-

SCP-7870-2: That I had new purpose? Of course I do! Yet is it not true that my husband, Osiris, lorded over the dead while being deceased himself? That he resided here in one of the twelve regions of the Duat? If it helps you reckon with my reasoning, think of it like this. With no other living heir there is no choice but for his crown to go to me. Thus I begin my new life as Isis, protector of Egypt, mother goddess and now queen of the Duat.

Magdy: I'm glad you're taking this in strides. And yeah, that sounds pretty cool. Isis, underworld queen. I like it!

SCP-7870-2: I do too. So…

SCP-7870-2: When are you seeing me next?

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