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Item#: SCP-7865
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: N/A

Description: SCP-7865 is a recursive algorithm for the approximation of a solution to the Husik macrostatistical evaluation theorem. By design, the algorithm is only capable of producing solutions for high-likelihood events, under the constraint of the domain $\{ \alpha_v | \sqrt{5}/5 \leq \alpha_v\}.$ This results from the theorem’s probability curve appearing as a steep error function, shifted by $-e\pi^{-1}$ units.This is a rightward shift, not a downward shift..

Numerical convergence is only estimated to occur within $t_r <$ 504 hours for an $\alpha_v$ > 0.7684 .Three weeks was deemed the time for which the cost benefit of calculating a solution reached zero. It is from 504 hours that the value $\alpha_v$ = 0.768 was computed. Otherwise, it is an arbitrary value., although smaller values of $\alpha_v$ may still allow for convergence when the time-to-event $t_e$ is sufficiently small as well. Some cases have demonstrated values as low as $\alpha_v$=0.5573 to be convergent for $t_e$= 16.34 hours. Convergence, in turn, is considered to have occurred when the difference between two successive iterations has a error $|E| < (2e)^{-4}.$ Despite 14 relevant variables for convergence, multivariate analysis of simulated runtime models have proven the values of $\alpha_v$ and $t_e$ to be the most critical for a low $t_r$.

More information about the derivation of SCP-7865, its mathematical properties, and case studies can be requested from the Head of the Analytics Department with

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    Level 4 clearance.

    From: tenartni.noitadnuof|ilajo#tenartni.noitadnuof|ilajo
    To: tenartni.noitadnuof|lmsmailliw#tenartni.noitadnuof|lmsmailliw
    Sent: 9:29 AM, March 14th, 2014
    Subject: Request to refile SCP-7865

    Director Williams,

    Hope this email finds you well. I’m writing to inquire about SCP-7865’s documentation, it seems sparse. Emailing the Head of Analytics for some math homework? It's absurd. I think it's probably best to archive the file entirely. I can submit the request if that's alright with you.

    RAISA Secretary Ali

    From: tenartni.noitadnuof|lmsmailliw#tenartni.noitadnuof|lmsmailliw
    To: tenartni.noitadnuof|ilajo#tenartni.noitadnuof|ilajo
    Sent: 10:04 AM, March 14th, 2014
    Subject: Re: Request to remove SCP-7865 from file


    Your request isn't the first, but I will tell you what I've told the others: SCP-7865's documentation will not be removed from its present file. The veterans from the Analytics Department are adamant SCP-7865 stays around, in one form or another. Myself included. Though, I will agree that the permissions required to fully access an explained 'anomaly' are excessive, especially considering its mundane nature.

    We keep the entry around as a cautionary reminder. It’s one of the Foundation’s early failures, back from when we were still formalizing the institution into its modern form. I suppose most of our staff now are too young to remember. They should know our failures, it's for the best. Digitizations of pertinent archives are attached, they’ll tell you what you need to know.

    And please Omar, we’ve been friends long enough. Call me Latoya.

    Dr. Latoya Williams

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      December 2nd, 1959

      Memorandum for: Research Site CONRAD Director
      Via: Internal Affairs Lead Coordinator
      Subject: Dr. Moshe Husik, the Department of Applied Mathematics, and the Neural Interface Computational Engines (NICE)

      1. Regarding the Object of Dr. Husik

      1.1. Moshe Husik has proven invaluable to the Foundation. There are few, if any, other cooperative entities with its degree of expertise in anomalous mechanics. Considering Husik's independent development of successful containment procedures for seventeen separate anomalies within a decade of employment, its current position as Head of the Department of Applied Mathematics is no surprise.

      1.2. Permission to use anomalous methods to produce containment procedures are heavily restricted. Following formal requests, Dr. Husik has previously employed Sarkic rituals for containment purposes. Although, as it is not permitted to use anomalous practices when not explicitly authorized, its self-experimentation constitutes a direct violation of both Overseer order and Ethics Committee precedent.

      1.3. Detainment and subsequent analysis of Dr. Husik revealed a set of anomalous features not unlike the arrays of Site CONRAD’s Neural Interface Computational Engines. It is not currently discernible whether these alterations merely resemble or actually share the same origins as the biomachinery. In either circumstance, the same benefit is provided: Husik presents unusually advanced capabilities in calculation and problem-solving. The extent of its capacities are unknown.

      1.4. Given Dr. Husik’s previous affiliation with the Sarkic Cult, it is presumed augmentations were made [INFOHAZARD EXPUNGED]. Therefore, it is inconsistent with Foundation criteria for baseline humanity.

      1.5. It is indeterminable whether Dr. Husik’s moral faculties have been affected. The premature death of Director Kelly suggests that Husik no longer maintains a benevolent view of human life. It has insisted that its usage of the NICE to evaluate the deaths of Foundation personnel was intended to “prevent further loss of life”, but has failed to adequately offer any rational explanation for its choice of persons.

      1.6. Interview Logs

      2. Regarding Alexandra Hovsky

      2.1. Not all containment procedures developed by the Department of Applied Mathematics are currently understood, and efforts to reverse engineer paratechnology designed by Dr. Husik have proven unsuccessful. However, several of Dr. Husik's subordinates have been informed of relevant principles and theories, and have proven capable of partially understanding its work.

      2.2. Several members of the Department of Applied Mathematics have taken after Dr. Husik, notably among them, junior researcher Alexandra Hovsky. Given the controversy surrounding his removal, these individuals' unwaveringly positive opinion of Dr. Husik has come under question. However, to date, all members of the Department of Applied Mathematics have been found to be sound of mind, non-anomalous, and generally empathetic to humanity.

      2.3. Interview Logs

      3. Regarding the Neural Interface Computational Engines (NICE)

      3.1. The NICE consist of [INFOHAZARD EXPUNGED].

      3.2. [INFOHAZARD EXPUNGED] Hence, along with an approximate event time, the neural networking may associate terms to the event as well. A number of notable caveats surround the term-linking feature, mainly, the terms associated with the event may not be clearly linked to one another. Furthermore, the terms associated with the event may not be causally linked to the event, nor may the terms associated with the event offer meaningful interpretation. As such, the term-association function must be considered as a prototype feature.

      3.3. There has yet to be a failure in event prediction, albeit, the small sample size of thirteen cases is insufficient for estimating a true success rate. Nevertheless, a vague estimation of the time-to-event accuracy has shown that events always occur within an hour of the predicted time, which, for all practical purposes thus far, is sufficiently precise. Due to these predictions, four containment breaches were swiftly resolved with minimal casualties. Another three anomalies were identified, secured, and contained with predictive assistance. However, the last three events predicted by the NICE have earned the most notoriety.

      3.4. The first event predicted the death of Senior Researcher O’Tana. Without express consent of the Foundation, Husik evaluated this event from 17:21, 11/26/1959 to 6:58, 11/27/1959. No intervention was made on account of the holiday, during which all other members of the Department of Applied Mathematics chose to take the days off. The death was predicted for 7:24, 11/27/1959, with terms most associated with the event being ‘snow’, ‘leather’, ‘light’, ‘tree’, and ‘lavender’. It is unknown why O'Tana was chosen for prediction, as is the reason for the event of death being chosen for evaluation, since there are no significant instances of disease, injury, trauma, or personal animosity in her record. The researcher’s only known relation to Husik was a brief period of coworking in June 1956, prior to Husik's promotion to Head of the department. The two have not had direct relations or correspondence since then. Regardless, O’Tana died on the morning of 11/27/1959. when a driver found her car crashed into a tree on the side of a road. It is assumed she slid across the ice and lost control of her vehicle.

      3.5. The second event predicted the death of Site Director Kelly. This computation was initiated immediately after the prior computation, and was completed at 23:34, 11/27/1959. The death was predicted for 7:25, 11/29/1959. The terms most associated with the event were ‘blood’, ‘soldier’, ‘teeth’, ‘white’, and ‘concrete’. Similar to Senior Researcher O’Tana, Kelly was healthy and lacked personal adversaries. The director considered himself a close friend of Husik's and the two regularly convened to discuss shared interests. Husik contacted Director Kelly at 23:35, calling his home phone from site CONRAD, reporting his own unauthorized usage of the NICE. As awareness of the situation grew, Kelly was placed under protection with heavy surveillance in a standard onsite humanoid containment cell. Nevertheless, an unrelated containment breach resulted in his death at 7:13, 11/29/1959.

      3.6. The third and final event has still not occurred, as it is expected for 9:48, 12/06/1959. Its computation was programmed to automatically initiate at 00:01, 11/27/1959, and at 19:04 of the same day the computation was finished. It predicted the death of Overseer [REDACTED]. The most associated terms were ‘moon’, ‘quiet’, ‘howl’, ‘black’, and ‘water’.

      4. Conclusion

      4.1. It is recommended that all personnel found to be empathetic to Moshe Husik are to be secured, amnestied, and immediately reassigned to other departments.

      4.2. It is recommended that Husik be immediately registered as an anomalous entity and contained.

      4.2. It is recommended that the NICE be left sealed and monitored. They do not constitute a security risk as they are verifiably inoperable without personnel, and still possibly beneficial to the Foundation.

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