Where's Matthew
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Where's Matthew


Welcome valued staff member. The following flag is event 'Am-0447'.

Please read the flagged text carefully.

You have been drafted to work temporarily on the SCP-7858 project. Your previous supervisor and psychologist have already approved this transfer. You are required to classify an SCP-7858 'Flag' event. This is a potential SCP-7858 sighting. The nature of SCP-7858 remains unknown. You will review the relevant evidence and determine whether you believe it supports Theory A or Theory B. You have also been granted temporary access to a special message board to communicate with other SCP-7858 staff members.

To streamline the classification process, a digital poll has been provided. Staff considering complaining are advised that, as there are no experts in this field, this solution is the best available. Staff with an alternate method of classifying SCP-7858 should present this to their team leader.

Please be aware that multiple staff members are assigned to every event.

All relevant research has been collated below.

Please log in below to begin SCP-7858 Instance Classification


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